What’s Up Wednesday, April 2017

Even though some parts of me feel like our life has revolved around cleaning and organizing the house lately, I know we have been up to so much more. Today I want to share what’s up with the Newman’s giving you a little peek into our life currently.

What we are eating this week…

Rice and beans? Honestly I don’t know yet… I do know that it won’t be sugary and I do know that grilling season is upon us. However since I barely did any shopping in March I had a lot to buy in April. You’d think it would all even out… nope #fail. I am definitely getting creative with our meal planning this week and shopping my own pantry like crazy.

The amount of money we can spend on food never ceases to amaze me… and we have girls.

What I’m reminiscing about…

All the memories we have made over 5 year in this house. I stumbled across this video last week of our first year and I cried #allthetears  😥 ! It is so hard to believe that today, 5 years from the day that we moved into our home, we are putting the for sale sign in the yard. 

What I’m loving…

Living with less. We purged like crazy and I am definitely loving the results. Would you believe that the less stuff you have, the easier it is to keep things cleaned and organized?! Who would have ever thought 😆 ! 

What we’ve been up to…

Wrapping up our school year. Kindergarten graduation, end of the year programs, the end of Awana. Things are really coming to an end around her which will result in A LOT more free time. Hello summer vacation!

What I’m dreading…

I want to say nothing but I am kind of dreading keeping the house in tip-top shape all the time. No more ignoring the shower for days weeks again. And the top of the stove is going to need a thorough cleaning every day. As soon as school wraps up I am putting the girls into cleaning boot camp. I will not do all of this on my own. 

What I’m working on… 

Lesson plans for next year! Our school year is wrapping up and that means it is time to get things for the next one planned. I usually like to get this done during the month of May so when our summer fun really begins, the work for next year is already finished.

What I’m excited about…
Summer!!! I love summer with every fiber of my being. Long days at the pool and late nights. It is the best time of the year… except for Christmas. 
What I’m watching/reading…
I am currently halfway through season 7 of Gilmore girls. I was making really steady progress at finishing the series up. Then we started doing yard work and really cramming for the end of the school year and I slowed WAY down. I hope to wrap it up in the next couple of weeks though. 
What I’m listening to…
Birds, thunder, the wind. I love the time of year that the windows can be left open. We have also been head over heels for the Moana soundtrack. 
What I’m wearing…
My Teva’s. I broke down and bought them and I am in love. I also grabbed a super cute swing dress at Sam’s club for under $15. I wish I had bought one in every pattern so soft, so comfy. I always find the cutest clothes there and it constantly surprises me. I’ll be sure to share some photos of my dress soon.
What I’m doing this weekend…
The girls have a fun run event and outside of that, NOTHING! Our weekends have been so packed it is nice to not have a to-do list that fills a whole sheet of paper up for the first time in over 6 weeks.
What I’m looking forward to next month…
Selling our house? #wishfulthinking
If you know me well you know the real answer is the opening of the pool. We are also planning a little overnight trip that I am pretty excited for too.
What else is new…
I have been thinking a lot lately about blogger life. Yesterday I poured out my heart and your support and kind words were overwhelming.
What’s up with you lately?
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  • I feel you on the food. Every time I hear the totally, I look at my stuff and wonder “how on Earth”…. And you should def. put the girls to work. No need to keep things looking awesome on your own!

    • I KNOW!!!! It is completely bizzaro world out there. I will definitely be doing just that.

  • for some reason, your posts haven’t been showing up on my feed. I feel like i’m missing out. Yes to high grocery bills and yes let the girls help with the cleaning. I did and mine were 3 and 6 at the time. and yes to gilmore girls! It’s a stressful time but you’re strong. You’ve got this, doll!!

    • What?! Do you read from Bloglovin’. Fun fact I actually subscribe to my own account just to make sure my posts are posting, lol. I wonder if you unfollowed and followed again if that would fix that? Thank you so much for all of your encouragement!

  • Jessica

    Yay for finishing up the school year. We have about a month left of preschool and cant’ wait for all the fun summer has to bring. You can do all of the stuff momma. I know you are stressed with getting the house on the market, etc, but you can do it!! The outcome will be great!

    • About a month seems more normal to me. I know we are getting out super early but the public schools here get out on the 17th and they went back more than a week after us so I guess we are about on Target with them really.

      Thanks so much for your belief in me!

  • LOL about purging and then having less things to keep neat. I love it! I love summer to but it seems like the transition season when school is ending and preparing for summer always stresses me out. Sigh.

    • It has been SO much easier. I am sure you can relate with all the hard work you have done. The transition is really awkward and generally SUPER busy too.

  • WOOHOO for finishing up the school year soon and planning for next year. I LOVE having things ready to go for that first month before school gets out (I just make copies throughout the summer) and we plan all of our themes in May as well and map out our year. I am just like you, I feel like I can leave school at school then and enjoy the summer. I feel your exact sentiments and love for summer and Christmas. Fall is a close second, but I LOVE summer 🙂 Give me all the sunshine. Have a happy Wednesday my friend!

    • Haha! Your comment made me smile because it was so fun to relate so much to each other. I just can’t relax come June if I know I still need to lesson plan and get our work in order. We always go back in really early August so I just have to buckle down and do it. I never loved summer as much as I do now that we homeschool. I actually despised it when my girls were babies, lol.

  • Yay for summer! We have 4.5 weeks and I cannot wait!! Fingers crossed and hands praying for the house sale!

    • 4.5 weeks will pass before you know it. The public schools here have about 3 weeks left. Our last day is technically May 4th but we are slowly wrapping it up so every day we have less and less work.

  • I’m so glad that you were able to find a swing dress that works for you! You definitely need to share!

    • It is SO cute! I can’t believe how many cute things I find at Sams. I always make sure I look through the clothing every time I go.

  • Lizzie Simantz

    You’re doing great on binging Gilmore Girls!! Ughh I’m sure it’s alot of work to keep up with the house on the daily! I hope you get a contract soon!!!

    • Thank you so much! I am going to work on a cleaning schedule today!!!

  • I just saw your house listing- it looks so good! Praying it sells quickly!

    • Thank you SO much friend. We are wishing and praying too!

  • You are such a devoted home school mom! I am impressed you’re already planning for next year, but really come summer, even though it might suck now, you will be SO happy!

    • EXACTLY! I want to enjoy my break and I can’t do that with lesson planning looming over my head. Totally worth the work now to relax once the pool is open, lol.

  • The video you shared… girlfriend, you got me in tears. Baby girls galore!

    • Baby girls for sure. They were so stinking tiny back them.

  • Heather Bramlett

    We can’t wait for summer.
    I’m stressed for you having to keep your house in tip top shape! Eek!

    • Oh my goodness I do LOVE a clean house but it is hard work. I keep thinking thank God I don’t have itty bitty kiddos.

  • That video made me want to cry! That song combined with photographs gets me every time. The girls were so tiny! Oh friend, thinking about you and sending hugs!!! I stopped watching Gilmore Girls, too…because…busy. But, I miss it. Can’t wait to see the dress. I always find cute things at Costco!

    • They WERE so tiny. Emily had just turned 1 when we moved in. CRAZY! I have heard Costco is a lot like Sams, but better!

  • t sure it has to be so bittersweet, though. Every time I think about selling our home, it makes me sad, but it’s definitely time to move on. I hope you are able to finish Gilmore Girls. I’m almost through season 7, too…but it’s my 6th time watching the entire series. I still love the show, but let me just say that it gets more annoying every time I watch it. I’ll definitely be taking a break for a few years now!

    • Haha ha! I haven’t even made it through once and I already feel that way. Goodness gracious I am not sure if I could keep watching it over and over. It is a GREAT show though.

  • I hope your house sells fast so that the packing and not cleaning every day can begin! What a sweet video. All the tears for sure.

    • Oh goodness me too friend. I am so ready to move on to the next chapter.

  • Whitney Jordan

    Yay for Gilmore Girls. I kind of want to start watching the whole series again. Good luck with wrapping up one school year and working on the next. A teacher’s job is never done 🙂 Glad you’ve got a cute girl crew to help you keep your house show ready!

    • I can totally see how addicting it is and may want to do that some day too… but right now I am just so frustrated with everything, lol. I sure hope we get some more showings soon. We really want to FSBO but this is super slow going :(.