Weekend Love, April 2017

Another very busy weekend comes to an end! This season of life has felt so busy! I know that has been greatly impacted by the house craziness we are in the midst of. But with the house going on the market THIS WEEK and all of our activities coming to  an end for the year. I am naively optimistic that we will soon have a little more free time to relax and just be. 

Let’s take a look at this weekends happenings. 

Friday was…
Our very last day of co-op for the 2016-2017 year.
A VERY rainy day. It practically rained the entire day.
Sheer chaos. I may or may not have lost my purse and my children. 
The day that Emily graduated Kindergarten!
Marissa’s first speaking role in a play. It was so awesome to see her on stage.

Saturday was…
A lazy morning that began with lots of coffee.
An early trip to Wal-Mart to beat the crowds. 
Watching everyone eat donuts while I ate egg whites.
The girls playing with one toy for over 6 hours
More rain.
Cleaning my friends salon room.
Cleaning and more cleaning and more cleaning. Just call me Cinderella.
Our last pot of Chili til fall.
Watching Roadkill with Russ and the girls.

Sunday was…
Accidentally sleeping in. 
Baby shower preparations.
Exciting news about the housing market in the paper. (Supposedly there is a real shortage on available houses on the market in our area right now.)
Hosting a baby shower for Miss Abigail. 
Coming home to do more, you guessed it, cleaning. This time it was every window in the house. 
A quick dinner.
A visit to the gym.

It was such a happy weekend full of so many special events and so many of my favorite people! It’s the weekends like these that I want to always remember.

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  • Heather Bramlett

    Whew what a weekend! It rained here ALL day yesterday! Emily is just precious as a Kinder Graduate!! And way to go Marissa on a speaking part!
    Sweet Abigail is precious and look like she enjoyed her shower!

    • She certainly did. Sorry I sent the rain your way. It is supposed to be nice her today and most of the day tomorrow then the rain starts again Tomorrow eve and will be here for DAYS! I can’t believe how much rain we have had.

  • Jessica

    That sounds like the best weekend! Love the photo of Emily with her diploma. You looked so beautiful at the baby shower. You have the best smile. The toy the girls were playing with looks awesome! It rained all day here yesterday and looks like it will today too. Boo!

    • Thank you so much sweet friend. That toy is THE coolest. I am totally sharing about it in my Friday post. Sorry for the rain. We are enjoying some sunshine before it starts in again this way.

  • Lizzie Simantz

    What an awesome weekend! So many fun things. How exciting for Emily to graduate kindergarten! And the baby shower looked like a lot of fun 🙂 Are the girls playing with snap circuits? Brayden got a set that looks just like that and we have yet to open it, ooops

    • YES! OMG friend you need to open that thing PRONTO. My girls are in love. I plan to share more about it in this weeks Friday post.

  • Such a fun weekend!! I love that dress that Emily has on. I would like that on in my size as well please. Abigail is just so precious! I’m so glad that she is home!!

    • I know, right?! It was her sisters and has been a LONG time favorite of mine. I wish I had one too. Oh me too friend. I just love her so much.

  • I know it’s not ideal to have the baby present at the shower but what a sweet girl you all got to love on.

    • Yes indeed! We actually had planned to wait anyways. Anna didn’t have anything that she HAD to have and having a baby to pass around is always so much fun.

  • Abigail is precious! So exciting…I know your house is going to fly. You have done such a great job preparing. Have a super week Beth!

    • Isn’t she?! I couldn’t possibly love her anymore.

      Oh friend I really hope so. We are trying to FSBO (for sale by owner) and the news about the market not having much was super exciting and it made me that much more optimistic that maybe we can make this work. The tentative plan is to put the sign in the yard on Wednesday. We have worked SO hard for 6 weeks now. It is exciting to think of that part being done.

  • What an exciting time for you all, and what a fun weekend! My fingers are crossed for you and your house selling quickly. Also, your girls are so sweet. I loved the pictures from the program. Happy Monday Beth!

    • Thank you so much friend. It has been such and exciting and busy season for us. But we are SO ready to bring on summer!

  • Whitney Jordan

    What a fun weekend! Glad you had your cute rain boots to make the gloomy weather a little better. I LOVE that family picture of your crew – your boots, Emily’s dress and all the smiles. Thinking of you and praying your home sells quickly. So glad you got to have a baby shower for little Abigail. She’s darling!

    • I just adore those rain boots #thankyoutarget. Thank you so much friend. I failed at a family photo on Easter but at least I got a graduation one. Even if it is under crumby lighting, lol!

  • What a sweet weekend! I loved all the pictures of your family – you are the cutest foursome! The last picture from Friday is my favorite. Your girls have on the cutest outfits!! Bless your heart friend, I pray for you every time I see one of your posts about moving. It can be a wonderful blessing, but it’s always SO much work. Hugs! 🙂

    Whitney @ Come Home For Comfort

    • Thank you so much Whitney. I just love our little family and being a girl mama. It makes my heart so happy. They do have some really cute outfits. Sometimes I think of it as motivation to stay thin. I want to share a closet with them here in a few more years, lol!

      IT has been SO much work. 6 weeks of “slave labor” to be exact. But I am super optimistic that it will all be worth it in the end.

  • Gotta love busy and fun weekends. Congrats on Emily’s graduation. Does that mean she’s done with homeschool this year too? I love her dress!

    • She is “done” we are still wrapping up one book and doing some math and reading… but we will keep doing that all summer long ;).

  • Snap Circuits? So fun! What a great weekend! Such great news about the house shortage! That will help you a ton!

    • YES!!! Best toy, EVER! I really hope it does, but it also has me nervous. If nobody wants our house now…!!!

  • Congratulations to sweet little Emily on her graduation!!!! Jacob’s is next month and I’m dreading it. I’m going to cry like a baby. I can’t even think about it right now!

    Your weekend sounded perfect! And accidentally sleeping in? Yes ma’am!!

    • Lol! Since I was her teacher I was too wrapped up in all the chaos to cry. I guess that distraction worked out for me, lol.

      I kinda felt a little bad about that. I just hate setting alarms on the weekend.

  • Yay for kinder graduation! So you in summer break mode then? Your weekend sounds busy but oh so fun! baby Fox doesn’t finish kinder till mid June!!

    • We are close. We are wrapping up our books this week and will finish next week. Then we’ll start some fun summer learning. Our school calendar is so different from yours! We start SO much earlier. I kind of hate that, but all the schools around here are that way. They (the public schools) will be out a week or two after us!

  • What a fun, busy weekend! Im loving your booties, lady 🙂 And how sweet are you girls holding baby Abigail?!

    • They LOVE to hold Abigail. You just wait I am sure your girls will adore holding their brother!

  • So, the house is going on the market this week? Squeee! I bet it doesn’t stay on the market long. It is a beautiful house that I know will make an amazing home for a sweet family! Congrats to Emily on her Kinder graduation and to Marissa for her speaking role! What an exciting day. Oh sweet Abigail…you are precious!! Glad you guys had a happy weekend! All weekends should be filled with that much happy!

    • The sign went in the yard before bed tonight!!! Eeeeekkkk!!!! We can only hope and pray friend. Thank you so much for your sweet words friend. You ALWAYS make me smile.

  • I had the same kind of weekend, only it involved lots of softball and plays at school. And there was no cute baby 🙁

    Good luck with the house!

    • Oh man cute babies make ALL the difference. Your play looked like SO much fun though.

  • That’s great news about the housing market— exactly at the right time. And I may or may not have misplaced my wallet only to realise it was where it should be in my purse! And that baby!!! Oh my heart– and my ovaries-lol

    • It is great news… but goodness it has me so nervous too. Baha ha ha! OH man that sounds exactly like something I would do too. Or even worse, I’d be holding it.