Spring Break Recap, 2017

Last week the girls and I took our very first spring break! It may have been a couple of weeks later than we expected it, but it definitely turned out for the best. If we hadn’t waited our break would have been cold, rainy, and gross. Instead we had sunshine, warm weather and best of all, it finally felt like spring. Before our break began the girls and I sat down together and I let them create a Spring Break Fun List and today I am happy to report that we were super close to crossing everything off!

Let’s take a look!

Monday morning was spent just chilling out. After our very busy girl weekend, we were more than ready for some chill time at home. After lunch we ran to Target. We spent the next hour shopping around, sadly not finding much that we had to have (what is wrong with me). As we walked out the door Anna sent me a text saying that they were receiving visitors so we spent the next couple of hours at their house hanging out. We picked up Russ at 3:20 and went out to our land. A spot for the house was recently “leveled” and cleared so we needed to check that out. Honestly, it was a bit overwhelming. Things looked like more of a mess than ever. I know it is a process, but good grief. The girls and I searched for some animal track. I knew we were likely to find some since it has been raining so much. We found  deer, turkey, and coyote tracks.  We headed home for a quick dinner and spent the rest of the at home.

We started day 2 with homemade banana pancakes. We had a really lazy morning with lots of coffee for mama, some TV time for the girls, and an art project that was inspired by Whitney. After lunch the girls played outside most of the afternoon. I joined them for an outside nap on the grass and quickly remembered just how much that makes my back hurt #oldpeopleproblems 😆 . For an afternoon snack the girls made Nutella crescents. Such a simple treat, but SO good. Later we grilled our dinner and went to the skating rink. The girls hadn’t gone skating in 2 months so they were super excited to make that a part of our week.

Wednesday started the way all really great days do… with donuts & friends. The rest of the morning we ran around like complete lunatics. We took photos of Emily for a sponsored IG post, purchased some ferns for our front porch, made a trip to Walmart for more storage totes (only to find out they don’t have any), and stopped by JCP so I could grab some new sandals with my $10 off coupon. Our afternoon was spent relaxing, watching TV, and getting the girls ready for Awana. While they were at Awana Russ and I met a lady at the property to have the soil tested for a septic system, exciting I know.

Thursday is when things started to getting boring around here. I spent Thursday morning working on new and old house stuff and I started purging the school room. I hated to make this a part of our spring break but since we weren’t using the space, it seemed like the perfect time to get the work done. A package from ON arrived in the mail but the tall dress I ordered didn’t turn out to be so tall and most of the other stuff was a bust too 😕 . We made a trip in the afternoon to Hobby Lobby for some supplies to change-up our gallery wall and I finally got that project finished. Our evening plans were grilling out with our home group. It was nice to be together after a few weeks of being apart. 

Friday morning we left the house early to take Marissa to play practice for co-op. While she was there Emily and I spent most of the morning running errands and looking for a plain red shirt for Marissa, which seems to be impossible. I was hoping to find her something cute that she would wear through the summer instead of a plain red t-shirt, but red just isn’t “in” right now apparently. We picked Marissa up from practice and ran to Sams before heading home. The rest of the day was spent finishing the schoolroom, playing outside, dreading Monday, and being egg-cited about Easter. See what I did there  😆 !

Our spring break wasn’t the most exciting fun-filled week ever, but it was exactly what we needed and perfectly balanced. We had down time & friend time, we played & we worked, we went & we stayed home. As I type this up, on our first morning back to school, I am so thankful we took a break from our work to just be. Now we can head back to school and finish these last 3 weeks with smiles on our faces. Okay, maybe not smiles, but we do feel refreshed.

How many days of school do you have left?

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  • Jessica

    Sounds like a great spring break to me! Lots of fun things to do plus productive. You go momma!

    • I really knew we needed to balance the work and the fun. I think we did just that.

  • What a refreshing week!! Can’t believe you only have three weeks left #jealous

    • Make that two now, ha ha ha! But y’all go back SO much later than we do. It all evens out I suppose.

  • Amy Smith

    You guys got so much accomplished! Just think a few more weeks til summer vacay!

  • Lizzie Simantz

    What an awesome Spring Break Beth!! I love those bunny crafts and how fun to go to a skating rink!!? I so need to do that with my kids, I use to do that all the time when I was younger.

    • We have what is called Kids Skate Free in our town and got often for absolutely nothing since we own our own skates. They LOVE it!

  • Heather Bramlett

    What an awesome spring break!!! We only have about 3 weeks left as well once we get back from spring break. We are so excited!!

    • Wahoo! Y’all must head back to school pretty early too. I hope you are having a great trip.

  • Looks like a fun and simple break. Today is our last day of break!

    • Womp, womp, womp. I hope you had a really great one!

  • So much fun. A day starting out with donuts sounds like a good day to me!

  • So much fun! You guys got a lot done and also had a lot of fun! I’m all for balancing fun and productivity. I still can’t believe that the tall dresses weren’t long enough for you. ON needs to do something about that!!

    • It is a VERY sad day. The swing dress was, this other one… that was a little too much leg to show for church. I am telling you girl, I have legs for days, a blessing and a curse. I did find a REALLY cute swing type dress at Sams recently!

  • It looks like you had such a fun Spring Break! I love the pictures, but my absolute favorite is the one of them on the blanket wearing their sunglasses. SO cute!

    • That photo did turn out super cute didn’t it?! I miss spring break already. Thank God summer is SO close!

  • What a great Sprin break. Perfect mix of relaxing and having fun. Funny while that dress was short I think it looked great on you and not too short for you! I love her dress. Stinks it didn’t work out.

    • If I was wearing it for a date I would be all for it but pretty much any dress I buy I want to be able to wear to church too and that one didn’t fit the bill. It doesn’t need to be past my knees, but within an inch or two is ideal :(.

  • I know this break was good for your soul!
    And you better watch out for those neighborhood pandas 😉

    • Lololololol! I love that your comments contain “inside jokes”.

  • Hey, I think it looks like you had an amazing break!! And I still love that dress Marissa wore, and your dress is super cute too! Even if it is short. 😉

    • Haha ha! Oh goodness curse these legs… kidding. I just wish it would have been like 2″ shorter. I miss spring break :(.

  • First of all, I can’t believe you guys have never taken a spring break before! My gosh. You need to plan that baby in there EVERY year from here on out!
    But seriously so awesome that your schedule is so flexible that you can do it whenever you want really. Most people are locked in to whenever the school schedules it and just have to deal with the weather so that’s nice you got to plan it for when the weather was good!

    • With only one kid in school full time we always chose to push through and finish sooner than later. But, every year gets more and more intense… and there were 2 this year. We definitely found ourselves NEEDING that break. The flexibility of home school is my favorite part. I do not take it for granted.

  • You had me at new baby visits!!! It’s been so long since I had one of those…
    yay for taking a spring break! those make school worth schooling… how about a fall break? do you do those?

    • Aaaaahhhh! I want to come visit you! See that beautiful new home, catch some sunshine.

      A fall break would be amazing. But with Christmas and we usually take Thanksgiving week off too. There just isn’t time without going back even earlier, or getting out in the middle of May.

  • Loving all the fun that you guys had- I especially love seeing the scenery on your property!

    • I need to get out there and take some more photos. The other day I could see the dogwoods blooming all over through the trees and it was SO pretty!

  • What a great week of togetherness you all had! You crushed that list, too! I hope that Spring Break was refreshing for you guys! The school year is almost over. Wahoo!

    • It was exactly what we needed… and now we are nearly done. We will start finishing books next week and in 2 weeks we will be totally done!

      • 2 weeks! That’s so awesome. We have 25 days.

  • Whitney Jordan

    So much Spring Break goodness!! Those animal tracks on your land are so much fun! You’re going to have the best time figuring out what creatures are out there. The bunny art project turned out so cute!! Glad your girls had fun with it.

    • We really did have so much fun with it. They named them Minnie and Judy, lol! Thanks for the inspiration to be creative friend.

  • I’m so glad that your spring break delay turned out for the best with beautiful spring weather and all! Sounds like it was wonderfully refreshing and just what you needed to get through to the end of this school year! Hooray for summer just around the corner! We’re wrapping things up here too and I can hardly wait to soak up those sweet summer days with my girls! Glad we’re in the home stretch, friend!
    xo – Brenda // ChattingOverChocolate.com

    • Amen, amen, amen!!! We should start finishing books this week and we are SO happy!!!

  • Tall girl problems! I seriously am too scared to order anything without trying it on! I love getting capris that were meant to be full length jeans….
    We are less than a month away from summer break. I cannot wait!!!

    • Bahaha! Yes. I was SO disappointed in ON and their “tall” length in that dress. Can you imagine how short the regular would be!!! Wahoo!