$10 at Target, April 2017

I knew that our spring break wouldn’t be complete without a trip to one of our favorite stores, Target. What I didn’t plan on was being underwhelmed. I am not sure if it was the time we went, or the current purging mode I am in? When you are 6 weeks deep into purging and cleaning the least thing you want to do is buy more stuff! Am I right?! Come to think of it. I should have spent my allotted $10 on something useful like Magic Erasers or cleaning products.

But I had put a trip to the Target Dollar Spot on our Spring Break Fun List so I wanted to let the girls pick out something! So we searched and searched and searched and finally ended up finding a little treat for all of us.

Here are a few things we found…

Tassels for $1. I am sure we could find a cute way to use these!

Pineapple scarf for $3. This would be adorable for Marissa!

I adore this saying. It totally cracks me up and this T was only $4.48 but I told the girls as a married woman, I just couldn’t put fries before daddy.

We visited the girls’ favorite aisle in the whole store to see if there was anything new.

I really don’t need any new mugs but this one is adorable!

Clearance candles with hilarious names. I am not sure I love anyone more than vacays. 

I giggled at the leftover pumpkin spice pods. I was honestly super surprised that 1, they still had them and 2, they weren’t cheaper.

So what did we end up getting?

Marissa has been wanting one of these pens ever since we bought one for our girl mom box swap partner. Emily has had her eye on these Minnie sun-catchers for weeks now. I grabbed this really cute interchangeable necklace. I don’t have a lot of jewelry and  love the idea of this one necklace having 5 different looks to it. It was also on clearance for 4.48 marked down from 14.99!

How did it add up?

Pen $1.00
Sun Catcher $1.00
Necklace $4.48
Total $6.48
Red Card Discount $0.32
Tax +8.0750 $0.50
Grand Total $6.66

We ended up being WAY under budget. I just couldn’t bring myself to buy things that we didn’t need. Then I saw my total and I wished I had  😆 !

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What have you found at Target lately?

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  • Jessica

    Wow! You were way under budget. Not a bad thing. 🙂 Cute choices!

    • Yeah. I guess I could have bought something practical, lol. Thank you!

  • Great job being under budget! I totally need to get to Target to check out their necklaces. With the crazyness of Easter, I totally fell down on the challenge this month! Next month I will be back!

    • Yay! I was just thinking I should have hit up the Easter Clearance yesterday morning.

  • Lizzie Simantz

    Smart shopping Mama! Not just buying to buy. I love that mug but I also don’t need any more!

    • I really have to get better about that. Especially with all the crazy amounts of purging going on around here.

  • My last Target trip was a bust too. They just did not have anything that captivated me at all. However, I feel that is great since I don’t need to blow that money! LOL I hope your week is awesome!!!!

    • That makes me feel SO much better. I found lots of things that were okay, none I had to have though. Maybe next time.

  • Way to come in under budget. That “mom fuel” mug would have blown my budget so good job resisting that! Have a great Monday!

    • Isn’t it CUTE! I knew the hubby would give me like 1,000 eye rolls if I brought it home with me.

  • Karen Tucci

    I am loving that mug! I may need to pick one of those up. So glad you came in under budget, that is no easy task.

    • It was super cute and in kind of a weird end cap off the stationary section. You are totally right on it not being easy. I just didnt see much I needed this month.

  • Great finds on a small budget! Love that everyone got something!

    • Yes! Everyone getting something was the ultimate point so I am glad we made that happen.

  • Nailing that all time low! Wowzers.

    • I know! Crazy, right?! What is wrong with me, lololol!

  • I have been looking over all of God’s green Earth for that scarf. Someone shared in on IG (maybe?) but of course, none of my 6 locations had it.

    • I will try and stop by there today or tomorrow to see if they still have it. Last I checked there were TONS.

  • Heather Bramlett

    What awesome finds. And under $7. You Rock!!

    • Thanks Heather. I kind of wish we had found more, but at least I got a great deal on the necklace.

  • Erin

    I saw that mom fuel mug this weekend and was tempted to get it myself- but like you said, I already have too many mugs!! 🙂 I remember doing those sun catcher/paint things as a kid- so fun!

    • The too many mugs struggle is oh so real, right?! I do too.

      She was so happy to paint them and I was happy she was happy!

  • Whitney Jordan

    Awesome finds for each of you! Save that extra $3.34 to spend next month 🙂

  • Such cute stuff! I love those tassels! You had some great finds!

    • I kind of regret not grabbing them, lol! I am sure there is SOMETHING I could have done with them.

  • Those Minnie Mouse suncatchers are so cute! That necklace is genius and you cant beat the price.

    • My thoughts exactly. I mean it was $10 off it’s normal price. I would have never payed $15 for it. but $4.48 I can do!

  • Whoa! Totally under budget…more to spend next month! haha. That would be my justification, at least. I love that necklace and the interchangeable charms.

    • I was thinking the same thing, lol. I think all the purging I have done has made me less likely to want to buy things.

  • That necklace is awesome! Five different looks for only 4.48?? Can’t beat that!

    • Isn’t that a genius idea? I wish it was a teensy bit longer but I could get an extender if I really wanted to.

  • Fun picks 🙂 I need those scarves! My neck scar kind of looks like a train wreck. Here I come Target!

    • Oh sweet friend. I have a scar on my face so I know what that can be like. They just take so long to heal.

  • I wanted one of those candles so bad but none of mine were on sale and were all $9.99 and I thought it would put me over. I might need to keep checking to see if they put some on sale soon!

    • Isn’t that crazy?! It never makes any sense to me how and when things go on sale. I especially find it funny when one color is on sale, but another isn’t. I hope they mark them down for you soon!

  • The last time I looked in Target I didn’t find very much either! But I do like the things you found.

    • Well that makes me feel better. I was kinda like, what the heck is going on?!

  • How on earth did you manage to leave with spending less than $7? I could never… Haha! By the way, Lexie loves that pen. She uses it every day!

    • That is awesome! I think being in purge mode just has me thinking way differently, lol!