Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, Our Weekend Recap

This past weekend was a weekend for the girls. The husband went to Arkansas on Friday morning for a work related fishing trip. That meant that the girls an I had nearly the entire weekend (and the start of our spring break) to ourselves. So what are the girls to do when left without a Mr. to keep them in line? PLAY! And that is exactly what we did. 

We officially kicked of Spring break at the end of co-op on Friday.

Went to see Beauty and the Beast with favorite boys + Anna and Abigail.

Stopped by Wal-Mart for essentials like toothpaste… and Bagel Bites. 

I let the girls stay up late watching T.V. 

I also started season 7 of Gilmore Girls and kept watching until midnight. 


We woke up early and participated in a fun run that started at 8:00.

Both girls were total champs. Marissa even finished in the top 10 kids!

We walked around the Healthy Kids Fair (a free event) and ate ice cream at 9:00. I am not sure how those two go hand in hand, but when the Hiland booth is passing out Oreo ice cream sandwiches for free, you take one! 😆 

We came back home to change and grab some coffee, for me 😉 .

I took the girls shoe shopping and we ended up buying more than just shoes. Thank goodness for some leftover Christmas gift cards!

We hit up the local park to play. It was 80 degrees and beautiful.

Dinner was Chinese takeout. I never get to eat Chinese since Russ isn’t a fan. Marissa LOVED it and I decided I need to grab Chinese with her more often. We ended up being able to share a meal so it wasn’t expensive at all!

The girls and I watched Trolls together. I have to admit, I didn’t really love it 😳 .

After the movie we went to Sonic for bed time half price shakes. Then I stayed up til 11:30 watching more Gilmore Girls, of course.

We had orange rolls for breakfast.

Went to church. Russ text mid-service saying he would be home at 12 which surprised me. I didn’t expect him home until 2 or 3! 

After church we rushed home to straighten up the house and greet Russ.

After he changed clothes we went to have lunch as a family. Russ was STARVING.

Then we came back home and I watched Russ unpack.

In the afternoon I did a little bit of blogging.

And we took the girls to fly their kites.

We had ravioli for dinner and I did some cleaning up around the house. Typically I get a little depressed on Sunday nights but not this week. Wahoo for spring break!

We put the girls to bed at 8 and spent the rest of the night vegging and thinking about all the things we need to do in the next 3 weeks to get the house on the market by the end of the month. 

This past weekend was really odd, but so much fun. The girls and I kept SUPER busy / distracted which didn’t really give us any time to miss our favorite guy. We are so happy to have him back home safely and to enjoy the rest of our spring break together!

How was your weekend?

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32 thoughts on “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, Our Weekend Recap

  1. What an awesome weekend!! I love a good girls weekend!! Plus shopping! Major win! Enjoy spring break! We are spring breakin’ starting Friday!!

  2. So much fun going on here!! You and the girls did so much together! How did you all like Beauty & The Beast? We’ve still yet to see it! I love your cold shoulder top!

    1. We really liked it. I kind of felt like Emily was a little young. I don’t know. It is dark and a little scary and she wiggled a lot during the more “boring” parts. But she loved other parts. Marissa however LOVED the whole thing. Thank you! It took me forever to find one I really loved. Glad I finally did.

  3. What a great weekend! What did you think of Beauty and the Beast? I also get the Sunday blues and last night was a little tough after having Spring Break. I hope you guys have the best spring break. I cannot wait to hear about it!

    1. I thought it was really great. My youngest wasn’t impressed, but Marissa and I loved it. That is TOTALLY going to be me on Sunday this week. At least we will only have 3 weeks left!

  4. What a fantastic weekend. I took the kids to see Beauty and the Beast too, mini fox pretty much talked through the entire movie, it was cute, but I hope she didn’t bother the people around us too much 🙂 We had Chinese for dinner on Saturday too…and Sunday cause left overs are awesome.

    1. Lol! Emilly wiggled through the whole movie. She wasn’t really a fan. I guess I should have just took Marissa. Love the similarities to our weekends.

  5. SUCH a perfect weekend! You guys squeezed a lot in! And girl, you are on a ROLL with GG! You’re going to be done soon! We just started season 5. I’M SO GLAD THAT LUKE AND LORELAI FINALLY KISSED!!!! It was about time! Oh, and your cold shoulder top? Love it, friend! You look great!

    1. Thank you SO much.

      I wanted to tell you about that kiss for like FOREVER. But I held it in and knew you would get there. I haven’t watched any since Saturday. I normally don’t have much time for it. But yeah I watched A LOT when I was sick.

  6. This weekend recap made me SMILE!! What fun times you’re having with your big girls!! Shopping, eating fun food, running, watching movies… sounds like an amazing way to kick off Spring Break. As always – you give me so many things to look forward to doing with big kids.

  7. Haha! I love that they handed out ice cream sandwiches at the health fair. Hey, I wouldn’t turn down a free ice cream either!
    Sounds like you guys had a great weekend!

  8. What a great weekend! I am giggling at that picture of Emily getting her face painted. It looks like she’s trying to get away and that facepainter is totally leaning into her. haha.

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