Curb Appeal

As the day grows closer and closer to putting a for sale sign in our front yard I have started noticing a few things. Like the siding that really needs power washed, our dirty windows that should probably be cleaned, and the landscaping that you might say I have slightly neglected. Lately the phrase curb-appeal has been going through my brain on repeat. I know we need to make every effort to set us apart and enhance the charm & character that our home has.

One of the biggest eye-sores in our front yard is a flower bed. About 4 years ago I built some beautiful, curvy, stone beds in the front of the yard. It was a labor of love that took an entire weekend but after I planted them… I let them go 😳 . A few of the plants didn’t survive the first couple of years and I never bothered to replace them. I knew a simple way to add more curb appeal to our home would be bringing new life to this very sad flower bed. 

Here is our before photo. A Hydrangea bush in desperate need of some pruning and an empty, neglected bed.

To successfully transform this space, I needed to make a trip to my local Lowe’s for supplies. We loaded up the kids and made the short drive. Lowe’s is by far my favorite place to go shopping for our home improvement projects. We always find exactly what we are looking for and on this particular day it was Monrovia Plants

I found so many options that would have been perfect but after some debating, I decided on a Highlights Arborvitae and some beautiful red Geraniums. I knew the space needed something that would grow into a decent size over the coming years and the Geraniums were the perfect addition to add a pop of color.

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With our plants purchased we headed home and got to work. I pruned, the girls handled clean up, and Russ did the hard work by digging our holes. This simple makeover turned into a family project and everyone pitched into to make the job easier.

I can’t believe the huge difference that 3 plants and a little bit of work made. It is nice to have things looking cared for and maintained. Small changes like this will be a huge help when we want to sell our home.

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Do you have a space in your yard that you have neglected?

Check out the great options that Monrovia has to get inspired to ‘Grow Beautifully’!
You can also check out their web-page and sign-up for the ‘Plant Savvy e-Newsletter’.

  • Love the before and after! My to-do list for the weekend includes many of those same “curb appeal” tasks, and you’ve inspired me that it does make such a difference!

    Whitney @ Come Home For Comfort

    • It certainly does! I hope you are having a productive weekend!

  • I love how it turned out! And I think it’s pretty amazing you built the flower bed! I totally want to change up our front yard, but #blackthumb.

    • I was given a bunch of stone so I had to think of some way to use it. It really suits the house the way I did the beds. My thumb is far from bright green too.

  • Great work, friend! The curb appeal is definitely more appealing now! 🙂

    • Yay! I will write that down as a job well done.

  • Jessica

    That looks so much better! Since last year was our first spring in our new house we didn’t do a ton because we needed to see what was already in place. In the fall we had the beds that touch the front of the house redone and I split plants and spread them through a bunch of the other beds out front. Now it’s doing something with the ones in the back of the house. I think I want to make them all about the kids.

    • Oh friend I just LOVE that idea and I know the kids would too! You were wise to wait and see what needed done before jumping in too.

  • Lizzie Simantz

    Crazy how you didn’t add so much stuff but it looks so different!! Our flower beds are totally neglected too – I’m thinking this spring we can finally have the time to work on them!

    • YES! That is exactly what I thought too. I really didn’t do that much but the transformation was pretty huge.

  • That looks amazing! My flower bed needs help. It’s still full of leaves from the fall!

    • Haha! Yup, I have totally been there. Thank you.

  • Heather Bramlett

    Sp pretty! I can’t wait to play in the dirt! I have several pots that I plant each year for pops of color!

    • That is a GREAT way to add some color. I have done that before too.

  • I love the after! It looks so great. Good job, friend. We have huge flower beds on 3/4 of our house and they are a pain! We do not have a green thumb what so ever, so we just throw fresh mulch down each summer.

    • Yeah I know exactly what you mean. Most of the things I plant in mine are just once and done and can survive neglected, lololol.

  • I love red geraniums!!!! Great picks.

    • Thanks Deena. It is great to have it looking more finished out there.

  • It looks great, Beth! We go to Lowe’s for all of our home improvement/outdoor stuff, too. I swear when we first built our house we were there five times a week! I love the plants/flowers combo that you chose, too!

    • Haha! YES! When the people in the store get to know you… I know exactly what you are talking about.

  • It looks great! Definitely adds some curb appeal!

  • I’m not just saying this to say it… BUT WOW! What a transformation!

    • Thank you, thank you. I will now take a bow.

  • Wow!!! You definitely added some curb appeal to your house! I love the pop of red in the flowers. It looks great!

    • Thanks Liz. I figured the unpruned flowers and empty bed weren’t going to get me very far. So this campaign was a perfect fit and perfect timing.

  • What color are your hydrangea blooms?! Im impressed you made the plater yourself, it looks great!

    • They vary. Thank you so much. That was SO much work.

  • I looove Monrovia plants! The flower bed turned out so lovely. Good luck my friend. I do not enjoy selling houses 🙂

    • I can’t say I ever have so the whole experience is new for me.

  • Justine Y

    I love that planter bed that you made and it looks great with those new plants that you picked out!

    • Thanks Justine. It is nice to have one more thing checked off our list.

  • I love the bed with the stones. Nothing beats adding some flowers and pretty bushes with new mulch.

    • It was such a simple thing, but it made a HUGE difference.

  • Whitney Jordan

    Looks great! I love your rock wall and the new plants really do add so much. I bet your house will sell fast 🙂

    • Oh friend I really hope it sales fast and for a good price. That would be the biggest blessing of all.