5 Things To Do Before You Sale Your Home

Over the past few weeks there has been one thing weighing heavy on our minds, selling our home. We have been talking about it, worrying about it, wondering about it, and dreading the process. But most importantly, we have been preparing. Work, work, work, work, work… my life feels like a Rhianna song. As we wrap our last few tasks, we are hoping and praying that all of the planning and preparing we have done will give us an edge on the competition.

Today I wanted to share with you a few of the things we have been doing to get our home market ready.

5 Things to do to get your home market ready

Purge all the things.

When people come to look at your home, they don’t want to be overwhelmed by your stuff. Reduce, reduce, reduce! If you don’t need it, use it, wear it, play with it, or read it. Get it out. We did this by purchasing several storage totes and purging every single space in our house. After the totes were full, they left our home and went into storage. On a positive note this should make packing that much easier when we do sell our home πŸ˜† . 
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Clean like your life depends on it.
Once your home is decluttered you can start the process of getting it sparkling clean. From the baseboards to the ceiling fans, clean it all. My favorite way to do this was to take it one room at a time. I love being able to see results and this method keeps me rewarded.
Things to check while cleaning:
Ceiling fans & light fixtures.
Walls, door frames, & trim.
Windows and curtains.
Carpet for stains.
Cabinets, inside and out.
Walls and ceilings for cob webs.
Once your home is spotlessly cleaning, keeping it that way is more important than ever. Finding a cleaning schedule that works for you can be a huge help.
Here are a few weekly cleaning plans that may come in handy.

De-Personalize the space.

One of the hardest parts for me was making my home feel less like me. From family photos to my license plate back splash. We wanted our home to be as much of a blank canvas as possible… but not to blank. Achieving this was no easy task. We started by removing all photos of people, any holiday decorations, and put our decor down to a minimalistic style. With less of our stuff in view we are hoping that potential buyers will better imagine how they could make the space their own.

Don’t ignore the exterior.
Before anyone wants to see the inside of your home, they are likely going to see and inspect the outside. Creating a welcoming home starts at the front door. Thankfully our home already has so much character with its craftsman style and over-sized front porch. But I am scheming ways to make it seem even more inviting. We have also been busy doing regular maintenance and cleaning the outside of our home too.
Things to check on the exterior:
Clean gutters.
Clean windows.
Manicure flower beds.
Prune bushes and trees.
Power wash exterior.
Spray for weeds.
Keep the grass cut.

Make simple repairs and updates.
The steps that you have been meaning to cover, the paint that is a little chipped, a light fixture that needs updates. Now is the time to look through your home and do all of the little jobs that people are going to notice and make a list of. The idea is to minimize the potential work that they see. You may not mind odd jobs but a lot of people want something to be “move in ready”. By making the repairs or updates yourself, you hopefully make your home and your price seem more appealing. 
What would you add to my list?
 5 Things to do to get your home market ready

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  • I agree with all of these tips, Beth! It must feel so good to purge. I need to do it again soon

    • It feels good, and I know it will help me to keep things cleaner around here. But good Lord it was exhausting. Definitely don’t wait 5 years to purge again.

  • These are great tips! I can’t imagine all the purging that would need to be done here… Although I have never sold a house, all the shows say “stage the house”. I feel like I need to use some of the tips to step up my spring cleaning…ps, thanks for the mention friend!

    • You could totally use these tips to spring clean, why not do a really thorough job. If you ever did decide to sell, you would save yourself SO much work. You are welcome,

  • Jessica

    Yes yes yes! When we put our house on the market I always set the table for showings and had chocolate chip cookies frozen that I could bake quick and put on the table for potential buyers to grab, but mostly because it made the house smell yummy. We worked our tails off to get our house ready and it sold in 4 days, so it paid off!

    • Oh my goodness Whitney from Polka Dotty Place said the same thing about the cookies. I’ll have to look into setting the table. I have a runner and some pretties on it, but setting it might look nice too. I guess I need to try the cookie trick because it has been recommended twice now! I can’t believe y’all sold your house that quick. Russ’ sister once sold a town house in FL in 2.5 hours. Baha ha ha!

  • Heather Bramlett

    Great tips, Beth. But I think my heart broken a little for you when you said you had to depersonalize your home. I know you have to to sell it, that would be the hardest part for me too!

    • It is weird living in a home with no family photos :(, But I really feel it is best this way. I want the potential buyers to know as little as possible about our family. Especially the girls.

  • Hi Beth: love your tips you’ve shared here and boy, did I need to hear them. I would really struggle the depersonalize the space tip. I’m so attached to my decor and I’ve poured my heart into every nook and cranny of the decor. Oh well! I certainly hope you and your family had a blessed Resurrection Day.

    Thanks for hosting!

    • It is such a hard thing to pack that stuff away but I am hoping and praying that it helps our home to sell that much quicker. It really did make things feel so real though.

      Thanks for joining the fun.

  • Great tips! Selling a home can be so stressful. I remember how hard it was to depersonalize our house while it was on the market and also how hard it was to keep it “show ready” all the time with two little ones. These are all great tips! Happy Tuesday Beth!

    • THAT is the part that I am dreading. I am trying to start practicing now. I have been doing a much better job of keeping things picked up around here. Making the girls keep their rooms clean is going to be the hardest part.

    • THAT is the part that I am dreading. I am trying to start practicing now. I have been doing a much better job of keeping things picked up around here. Making the girls keep their rooms clean is going to be the hardest part.

  • These are such great tips, friend. I am saving this post in the event that we ever decide to sell our home. Was it hard to de-personalize your home?

    • It was, but it wasn’t. I just looked at it like something that had to be done. However I did get a bit emotional thinking about this house and all of the memories here and the whole building process with our baby girls. That had me more sad than anything. I want to move, I want to go on this adventure… but goodness…

  • These are all great tips!! I love that you included the little things that you might over look when putting your house up for sale. I’ll have to bookmark this for when we ever buy (and then potentially sell!) a house!

    • There are SO many little things Liz. It kind of blows my mind really. It’s a big process, but a really exciting one too.

  • All really great tips! Man I do not envy you, when we sold our condo we had to move half of the furniture out of our house…it was crazy, but oh so worth it!

    • Lololol! We really don’t have much furniture, but we did have A LOT of stuff Goodness, that part was EXHAUSTING. I think we should be putting the for sale sign in the yard within the week. Eeeeekkk!

  • Erin

    You nailed it, girl! We just sold our house and it is seriously HARD WORK lol! Even when you think you’re done there always seems to be something else. The exterior is a HUGE part of selling for sure… having that ‘curb appeal’ that makes someone even want to check out your house. We couldn’t believe the difference pressure washing our siding, driveway and deck made. Whew!

    • That is so exciting that you sold your home recently. We are at that exact point. So close to being ready but there is still a checklist half a mile long. I think with some team work we can have it all done by Monday!

  • Great tips! I definitely think removing the personal items was the hardest for me but would agree this makes a huge difference. You sure better find a place to live before you list that sucker because it’s going to go fast with all your prep!

    • It was hard and I teared up once. Mostly just because at that moment I realized this wasn’t going to be the forever home that I once thought it would be. Crazy. Well that is where it gets interesting… we are supposed to be moving in with the inlaws for a while. Pray for all of us, lol! They have PLENTY of space, but we don’t want to wear out our welcome.

  • Great ideas for getting the house on the market. I pray we never move again because that is hard work!

    • It is SO much work, right?! I said this was the last time we would move… guess I turned out to be a liar. But this next time, I mean it! We are DONE!

  • We (well pretty much I as I did all the work – haha) sold our house by owner back in 2009 and it is definitely a ton of work! Fortunately the market was great here back in 2009 and we sold ours in just two weeks! I couldn’t even believe it!

    • Two weeks is FANTASTIC! I would pinch myself with joy. I am hoping we sell ours within a month or two but I have no idea what to expect. Russ’ sister sold a condo in 2.5 hours once. She lived in Florida and the market was booming. Their minds were blown.

  • Great tips! I remember too well getting our previous home ready to sell.

    • Baha ha! Oh goodness. I don’ think I will ever forget the process.

  • Whitney Jordan

    Great advice!! I think having a clutter free space really helps people to envision their things in the house. I’ve always heard it’s great to take down personalized things, too. And your tips about touching up things outside and smaller projects is great. It’s nice to be able to present those things to potential buyers. I’d add take great house pictures to your list! The brighter and cleaner the better! So many people look at homes on-line these days.

    • YES! I sure hope it works. As far as the photos I am feeling SUPER thankful I purchased that wide angle camera lens. I have been working on taking photos for a few days now. I am trying to figure out how many to share. Balancing between too many and not enough is hard.

  • You go girl! You are very wise. The pre- elbow grease makes such a big difference. I hope the process goes smoothly for you guys πŸ™‚

    • Oh me too! Thank you so much Jen. We are pretty excited and nervous.

  • Lizzie Simantz

    Awesome tips girl! I’ve always heard to de-personalize your home when it goes on the market and I feel like that’s so sad! But obviously important and hopefully worth it, plus it’s just less stuff to pack πŸ™‚

    • Yes I have to focus on the positives and hope that it helps our home to sell that much faster! Thank you!

  • These are great tips! We’re starting the discussion about buying a new home and the thought of selling ours is stressing me out already. I have NO idea how we’re going to manage with four kids. Move out, perhaps?!? Wishing you lots of luck with the sale!

    • Honestly we really discussed that. But since we are moving in with Russ’ parents… we wanted to minimize the amount of time we would be staying there to make it less stressful on everyone. It is a HUGE process. Just give yourself lots of time to get it ready and lots of grace.

  • Your license plate backsplash is my favorite part of your kitchen, was that heartbreaking to take down?! I hope to see that resurrected in your new house!

    • Haha. Nope. I think because we did everything so slowly I had lots of time to adjust. I am sure you will see license plates somewhere, but I am thinking subway tile for sure next time.

  • I can not WAIT till the day we can put a for sale sign up in our yard. I am excited to see your new home.

  • Ugh, selling the house is always the most stressful thing.

    • NNNNoooooo!!!!!! Okay, I kind of saw that happen. But at least the worst is almost over with. We just have to find someone to buy it, HA!