Monthly Goals, April 2017


Let’s take a look at what I completed…

*Celebrate my 3rd ‘blogiversary’ (March 5th)
*Host a box swap.
* Have 1 family game night.
* Average 4 workouts a week or 18 for the month
* Go on one “adventure” together.
* Start training Marissa for her 2nd 5K (April 1st)
* Stay on top of our schoolwork.
* Have Emily read more.
* Have Marissa work on multiplication facts more.
* Get bids on having part of our land cleared.
* Purge more items and participate in consignment sale.
* Buy something floral to wear.
* Care less about stupid things that have no eternal value. 

And what I didn’t …

* Have 1 family movie night.
* ENJOY spring break!!!
* Try 1 new recipe.
* Run 5 miles twice… maybe once will do.
* Read Extreme Prayer. (Take 2)

March started off great and ended with some unexpected rough patches in the health department, really putting a damper on all sorts of fun plans that we had made. It’s honestly almost like there is a whole entire week of the month that is just a big blur to me. I haven’t been that sick in YEARS! I still feel like that in-spite of that, we accomplished a lot. Our land is cleared, our home is purged and since I took Marissa on some runs I actually met my work out goal. However, I definitely find myself hoping and praying that April is a healthier month for our family.

Looking towards April…

My April goals really show some of the change that is happening around here. I’ll be spending less time at a computer and really changing up our schedule to move with the flow of life. Family fun will look like working on our spring bucket list during our free days. But we also have some pretty ambitious goals to get our home listed by the end of the month and see more progress done on the land too.

*Cut back on my weekly posts starting with changing to 4 days a week.
*Host an Instagram photo challenge.

*Work on our Spring bucket list

* Average 4 workouts a week or 16 for the month.
* Start working out with Anna again.
* Complete a 5K with Marissa.

* Read Extreme Prayer. (Take 3)

Home School-
* Survive placement testing week.
* ENJOY spring break!!!
* Begin wrapping up our school work for the year
* Start ordering next years curriculum.

* Try 1 new recipe.
* Deep clean the house.
* Officially put our house for sale.
* Get the driveway done on the property.
* Do some summer shopping for the girls.

What do you have planned for April?

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  • Jessica

    I’d say you had big success in march on your goals. You accomplished so much. Love the goals for April too. Yay for spring break!

    • Yay indeed! Just a few more days and we will FINALLY get to have ours.

  • I think you did great on your goals, especially since you were sick for a week, I am loving your April goals as well! Also love the slightly new look with the flowers. 🙂

    • Thank you! I really thought I did an okay job too. You noticed the new design! I love being able to change things just a little bit. I think of all the designs I have had, this is my favorite.

  • Way to go on March aside from the illness – yuck!

    • Yes indeed. May there be none of that in April!

  • Lizzie Simantz

    Despite being so sick you rocked March!! I know April will be the same for you.

    • Thank you so much Lizzie. I really hope so!

  • Wow. March was so,productive for you! And I totally get cutting back on the blog when you have so much on your plate. You’re sooo committed 😁

    • It is just going to have to happen. I am long over due to scale things back a bit and I am glad that I am finally realizing and embracing that! Thanks for the support!

  • You had such a productive month! You rocked March! Sorry again that you were so sick. I hope April is better in the sickness department. I am so excited for you all and your goals this month. It means things are moving on the new house! I hope you have a great week ahead Beth!

    • Thank you so much! I am REALLY hoping that April does not disappoint. Things at the new house have slowed down a bit due to so much rain. But getting this place sold is still a huge priority, especially seeing we have no idea how long it will take to sale it.

  • Lots of great goals. I’ve been doing 4 posts a week, sometimes three, and it’s really freeing!

    • Yes! I think three will come when construction gets crazy, but we will see. Glad to hear you love it.

  • You got so much done in March, despite being sick! I will miss you when you start posting less, but that’s great for you and everything else you are doing!

    • There are just too many fish to fry right now and realizing something has to give is going to be a huge help. Thanks Dara.

  • Look at you go! My goal for today is to sit at the computer for 30 minutes. So how about you keep going for both of us 🙂 Not too much pressure right?! JK

    • Hahaha! I sat in front of the computer for HOURS playing catch up yesterday. It was no fun, at all! Hope you are recovering well. So happy to hear your good news.

  • I’m thinking that I’m going to eventually move away from five posts to four posts per week, too. It’s just TOO MUCH doing it every day of the week. I hate not having new content during the week, though. If only I could just clone myself! Haha.

    • It IS too much. I’d love to consistently take the same day off to but that doesn’t seem to work. I think I’ll float between Wednesdays and Thursdays. I MAY even switch to 3 days a week come summer and construction craziness but time will tell.

  • Whitney Jordan

    You can do it!! That sounds like a big to do list, but I know you’ll do great 🙂 Can’t believe it’s time to put your house on the market. Bake chocolate chip cookies before your showings so your home smells nice and inviting. I also put some cookies out on the counter. Our house sold quick and I credit the cookies haha! You and Marissa are the cutest running buddies. I bet it’s more fun to run when you’ve got a sweet partner. Hope April is full of healthy days and fun spring break memories.

    • I can’t believe it is either. We are planning to attempt for sale by owner and if that doesn’t go so well we’ll list it with a realtor after a few months. Which is why the depersonalizing is so important. I will also always be gone with the kids too. So Russ will be playing realtor. I’ll remember your cookie tip :). It is SO fun to run with that girl. She is nothing short of impressive. We are really excited over all this month has in store.

  • Love looking at other people’s to-dos….I need to start thinking about this month before it ends

    • Oh man I feel that way all the time. I try to write up these posts before the month technically ends giving me time to pull a hail Mary and ensuring my lists are made.

  • Despite getting really sick you tackled a ton last month! Go Beth! Wishing you all the best at checking off these April goals, and enjoying them as you go!
    xo – Brenda //

    • Thank you so much. I had no idea that March was going to give me “so many problems” but we made it and it is all behind us now.

  • Heather Bramlett

    You rocked April’s goals even though you got sick 🙁 You know my heart goes pitter patter to monthly goals!!
    I’m loving the photo challenge! And I think I need to cut back to 4 days a week blogging too!

    • Yay for loving the photo challenge. I really had hopes of having photos taken in advance and that didn’t happen, oooppps. I need to look and see what today’s prompt is. 4 Days a week is going to be a huge help. I MIGHT even go to 3 days during the summer.

  • You killed it in April. I know there were a few things you missed but overall, you nailed it!

    • I really felt like I did alright, especially with the plague I had.

  • You did great on your March goals considering you spent some of it sick! I love when people post these, yet I never do them myself…probably because I don’t need the pressure, hehe 🙂

    • Oh man sick or dealing with sick. It was a rough month. Oh c’mon, the pressure is half the fun #kiddingnotkidding. You are probably wise to go with your gut.

  • Friend, you did so well with your goals. I am amazed at how much you got done even with that horrible sickness!! I am praying that April is healthier with you! I know you will crush these April goals. I can’t wait to follow along with all of the updates on the homefront!

    • A healthier April, AMEN! We are only 2 days away from actually taking our spring break and all is well here so far. Thanks for being supportive an excited.