Monthly Goals, March 2017

Let’s take a look at what I completed…

*Start a list of post ideas for the future. 
* Have 1 family game night.
* Work on our winter bucket list.
* Stay on top of our schoolwork.
* Have Emily read more.
* Have Marissa work on multiplication facts more.
* Celebrate Emily’s 6th birthday.
* Try 1 new recipe.
* Send snail mail.

And what I didn’t …

* Average 4 workouts a week, 16 for the month of January.
* Run 5 miles twice.
* Read Extreme Prayer.

I really felt like it was a stretch to cross a few of those things, but I did. February was the longest, shortest month ever friends. My workouts were pretty inconsistent, my running is WAY off from what it should be, and most of the reading I did this month was about Thermodynamics and light sources.

This month was one that I reminded myself that part of having goals is showing yourself grace. They are meant to encourage me, not to beat myself up with.

Hello March I am OH, SO glad to see you. I’m not going to lie, February left me feeling beat up and worn down. I have been looking forward to a new month for weeks now. I am praying that March brings sunshine, relaxed weekends, productiveness, and the most amazing spring break with my girls.

Here is hoping for awesome. 

*Celebrate my 3rd ‘blogiversary’ (March 5th)

*Host a box swap.

* Have 1 family game night.
* Have 1 family movie night.
* Go on one “adventure” together.

* Average 4 workouts a week or 18 for the month
* Run 5 miles twice… maybe once will do.
* Start training Marissa for her 2nd 5K (April 1st)

* Read Extreme Prayer. (Take 2)

Home School-
* Stay on top of our schoolwork.
* Have Emily read more.
* Have Marissa work on multiplication facts more.
* ENJOY spring break!!!

* Try 1 new recipe.
* Get bids on having part of our land cleared.
* Purge more items and participate in consignment sale.
* Buy something floral to wear.
* Care less about stupid things that have no eternal value. 

What do you have planned for March?

My goals for March are on the blog and #1 on my list is surviving until #springbreak. Click To Tweet


  • Thermodynamics?!?! Why on earth are you reading about thermodynamics?! Matt took that class in college after like 3 years of other engineering courses! Also, word to stupid things with no eternal value.

    • Baha ha ha! I know, right. I’m telling you those home schoolers are years ahead (kidding). The curriculum we use IS really intense, we just pick up what we can and are considering it an introduction to chemistry and physics.

      WORD fo’ sure sista!

  • Jessica

    You always do such a great job working on your goals. I’m always impressed each moth with how you stick with them. Great goals for March too. Yay for spring break. Ours is always the week after Easter, so we have some time until we can enjoy that. 🙂

    • WOW! That is SUPER late this year. Everyone here always takes them mid June. If we weren’t taking a spring break we’d get out of school on April 28th, lol. I guess that is what happens when you head back to school the first week of August. Thank you so much friend. I really love setting my goals.

  • Amy Smith

    I’ve been in a purging mood & it feels so good to sell, donate & toss things. Any plans for spring break?

    • YES all the purging we have too much junk. Nope! I am hoping to take the week off the blog so either post less or have everything done before we start. We’ll see.

  • Loving your goals girl! You have a full plate but you soooo got this! (I am not a February fan myself!)

    • It’s like the worst! Thank you so much I am really hoping this month is way more productive and way less eventful than the last.

  • Meghan Flinn

    Care less about stupid things! That’s what I need to do!

    • We all do friend, we all do. Happy Friday!

  • It’s so good to remember that goals are meant to encourage ourselves with, not to beat ourselves up with – well said. Wishing you such a fantastic month ahead with each check to your list bringing you joy! I’m so adding “care less about stupid things that have no eternal value” to my goals for this and every month! Such a great goal!! xo – Brenda //

    • Yes! I should really make it my motto or something. I can get off track so fast and I hate it.

  • Great goal plans for this month! You did great last month too. I think you have box swap host checked off, lol!

    • Thanks to you, lol! I am hoping this month is WAY less eventful.

  • Great March goals! Happy blog birthday!!

  • Heather Bramlett

    You rocked February! Love your March goals! Happy Blog birthday! way to go!

    • Thank you so much Heather! Happy Fri-Yay!

  • Lol care less about stupid things that have no eternal value. Isn’t that something we all could work on? Love it!

    • All day every day. I need to make it my motto.

  • Ugh, I feel the exact same way about February. It’s always my least favorite month of the whole year. It always leaves me feeling exhausted and uninspired, which I HATE because it’s Brian and Olivia’s birth month!

    On another note, our blogiversaries are only two days apart! Mine is 3/7! Although I’ll only be celebrating two years this year instead of three!

    • Really I feel that was about winter in general, lol. I don’t start coming out of my funk until sometime Mid March or April (depending on the weather).

      Dang it, we could have totally done something fun to celebrate together. Like a giveaway or something.

  • I have high hopes for March too…sadly my Feb wasn’t as productive as I had hoped.

    • YES! I know the feeling but March is off to a good start.

  • Last goal- care less, Im ALL over that!!
    Plus I have a floral number headed my way 🙂

    • Can not wait to see it friend.

      I mean really, I have got to get a grasp on that one. I spent a few weeks SUCKING at it and I am over it.

  • I am going to jump on the floral train with you!!!

    • Please do and if you find any great deals leme know!

      • Will do. always has cute sumtufd but so hesitant to order clothes because you can’t really return. I buy other stuff from there though.

  • You did really well in February and I know you’ll do well again this month. Am I the only one SHOCKED it’s already March?

    • Totally not the only one. This year is gonna fly by!

  • Whitney Jordan

    Great goals! I’m definitely on board with consigning, floral and exercising this month. I’m also hoping to read more like Emily 🙂

    • Lol! I wish I had more time to read but Gilmore Girls seems to be a bit of a distraction.

  • Grace…oh sweet grace! You are right my friend. You still did so great with your February goals. I just looked up Extreme Prayer and quickly added it to my list!

    • I really need to get on that one if I am going to get it read this month. Life has been nothing short of chaos lately.