My Month In Numbers, February 2017

So as much as I have made it totally clear that I wasn’t a fan of February, there were still a lot of pretty amazing moments too. Birthdays, a sweet baby girl, time spent with friend, and donuts… SO many donuts. In case you were unaware, donuts are my love language. I guess that might also explain why we are only a few weeks days away from spring and I am terrified to try on my shorts 😕 … Moving on!

971 – Photos in my January folder.
1 – Sweet baby girl born.
6 – Valentines mailed to friends.
6 – How old Emily turned on her birthday.
18 – School days.
0 – Inches of snow.
9 – Number of cautions in the 2017 Daytona 500.
28 – Hearts left for my girls.
4 – The current season of Gilmore Girls I am watching.
2 – Trips to Kansas City.
1000 – Times I thought about spring break.
32 –  Photos shared on Instagram.
14 – Trips to the gym.
20 – Blog posts wrote.
1 – Photo challenge hosted.
736 – Times the photo challenge hashtag was used.
1 Year – Emily’s next eye dr. appointment hallelujah!
3 – Courses served at Valentines Dinner.
14 – Days it was above 60 degrees.
6 – Acres of land purchased.

Two months of 2017 down and our spring break is finally in sight. Even if it rained the whole month of March I am pretty certain that nothing could get me down. Spring is coming soon and before we know it summer will be here. Summer, summer, glorious summer 😀 !!! Can you tell I might be just a teensy bit excited?

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  • Jessica

    What a month! Yippee for Emily not having another eye appointment for a year. And for a baby girl being born. Such a happy month.

    • It was pretty hectic, but a lot of happy stuff happened too.

  • So glad to hear Emily doesn’t have another eye appointment for a year! That’s good news =)
    And I bet you are excited for Spring Break!! I sooo wish I could put a “0” next to inches of snow! ha!
    Have a great day!

    • Lol I think I must have been extra nice and “gave” you all of our snow this year. Aren’t you getting more too?!

  • YAY for summer!!! We’re getting snow this weekend, not happy. My husband is though – he wants the bugs gone. Awesome on the eye dr appointments. Bad eyes run in my side of the family (just horrible vision with astigmatism) my daughter picked that trait up and unfortunately she has to get stronger glasses every six months. This week I am surprising her with contacts. XO!

    • OMG the bugs! SO many stinking bugs and it is frustrating for sure. We REALLY need a good freeze to kill them off. That sounds all too familiar girl. Emily is severely far sighted with astigmatism too. I’ve often wondered when she’ll make the contact switch. Leme know how she does!

  • Amy Smith

    Can you believe the weather you’ve been having? It is crazy! We’ve had snow, warm, crazy wind storms, thunder. February was wild. I’m so happy that I was included in the Valentine list. Thank you, friend!

    • It IS crazy and I am not so sure I like it, lol. It was SO much fun to send those cards. I need to send snail mail more often.

  • Yay for warmer weather. Sorry to hear Feb wasn’t the best! 6 acres of land—- huge!!!!!

    • It actually isn’t that big, but since it is wooded it really feels huge. It has taken me weeks of walking around out there to finally grasp where I am. It’s just so easy to loose track of it, and that makes it feel even larger, lol.

  • Meghan Flinn

    14 days above 60… i would gladly take that!!! And I’m impressed with your number of gym visits too!!!

    • It has made fighting off the winter blues MUCH easier. Thank you, thank you!

  • 0 – Inches of snow …. this is perfection in my book! I have loved having a warmer winter. However, they are forecasting snow this weekend.

    • … except for all of the bugs that didn’t die. We are supposed to get a teensy bit tomorrow too. It was almost 80 yesterday…

  • 14 days above 60 degrees and 0 days of snow?! I’d say that was a pretty good February!

    • Pretty good except for all of the bugs that need to die, lol.

  • Great numbers, yay for 0 inches of snow and 14 days with temps above 60°!! And pretty awesome number of times to gym, mine was like 4…oops!

    • 4 happens sometimes, lol. I don’t mind the warm weather, but I know the bugs are bound to be terrible this summer.

  • I love this!!! 🙂 Yay for doctor’s appointments a year later, and 6 acres of land bought.

  • 1000 times thought about spring break haha! I can totally relate! It’s crazy how warm of weather we’ve had this “winter.”

    • I figured that you could, lol! It IS crazy and the bugs are going to be TERRIBLE this summer.

  • Heather Bramlett

    Oh I can’t stop thinking about spring and spring break!!
    We hit a day last week to almost 80! CRAZY!

    • Yup, we have had a few of those too. I was sweating outside yesterday… that just seems wrong.

  • That’s so cool that the photo hashtag was used 736 times! What a success for your first photo challenge!

    • I thought so too! Especially since it was only a 14 day challenge and we were super last minute about announcing it.

  • You got farther on Gilmore Girls than I did. I couldn’t handle Jess. I wanted to kill him and being so near to the whole teenager thing, I had to step away. If my daughter brought a boy like that home I think the door would be permanently locked!! Or my husband might be inclined towards violence….:)

    • Lol! The mom in me hated Jess too. And yes, #cleanalltheguns. HA!

  • Lots of numbers! Gabbie went to the eye doctor today. She has slight nearsightedness so she’ll be getting glasses!

  • 0 inches of snow. HA. Sigh.

    • Yup, the bugs are gonna be the worst. I am pretty certain Missouri must be the new Florida by these two very mild winters we have had.

  • Lizzie Simantz

    You rocked the gym this month in my opinion!! Woohoo you are working your way nicely though the GG seasons!

    • I am tracking along pretty well. I loose steam and then binge watch 4-5 episodes in a season too :).

  • What a BIG month — a fun birthday, a “love”ly holiday, acres purchased (making it a month you’ll remember for the rest of your life!), 2 road trips, and a whopping 14 trips to the gym (seriously impressed over here!)!!! Hooray for Emily not having to go back to the doctor for a year!! That is definitely donut worthy! (I look for any and every excuse for a donut party! They are totally my love language too! We were sooo meant to be friends! ;)) xo – Brenda //

    • Haha! Donut party it is. I woke up this morning wanting to make a donut run SO badly. Good thing it was cold outside and I didn’t want to leave the house.