Long Live the Beard

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From short stubble to a full-grown beard, for the entire length of our relationship ‘The Mr.’ has always had some kind of facial hair. In fact in our 11+ years together, I have only seen him with a smooth face once!  The day our oldest was born he left the hospital to run home for a few things and you can only imagine the surprise on my face to see a bare faced husband walk back in the door. For a brief second I thought a teenage boy had walked in my room by mistake, but really. After the initial shock, I convinced him to never shave again and I am happy to report that nearly 9 years later, the beard lives on.

While I happen to be a huge fan of the husbands facial hair, I am also a huge fan of a well-groomed man too. Over the years I have learned that I don’t have to sacrifice one to have the other as long as we keep the right tools on hand. Russ was recently given the chance to try out the Remington Beard Boss Perfecter Stubble and Detail Kit available at Walmart and on Walmart.com and it has been a total “beard changer”, pun fully intended. 

That the Remington Beard Boss is 100% waterproof – easy to clean and use wet or dry with non-slip grip. He also loves that it has a Turbo Mode Power boost for thick beards and fast trimming. From quick shaves in the shower to having the extra power he needs to get through his thicker beard, the Beard Boss has worked perfectly.  

The Beard Boss’ powerhouse lithium battery that gives you 5 hours of cordless run-time, for months of trimming between charges. This razor is almost always ready to go which. It also has a really detailed battery gauge so you know exactly when it is time to recharge it. I am also a huge fan of the versatility this razor has. It goes way beyond beard trimming. One of my favorite ways to use it is to quickly freshen up his hair cuts. 

So how do I see the next 11 years looking?

Long live the beard!

With the help of the Remington Beard Boss, I see many, MANY more years of  well groomed facial hair in our future.

He’s a Dad Boss, a Man Boss, a Fix Anything Boss, My boss, and a Beard Boss. Ready to take on the world, or take his daughter out for a date, and looking almost kissable while he does.

Be sure to check out Remington’s Beard Boss for your favorite guy at Walmart and Walmart.com.

So tell me your thoughts on your guys facial hair?

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  • Three boys and a girl blog

    Def getting this for my husband! His beard is getting out of control

    • We have definitely had a few of those times around here too.

  • Lizzie Simantz

    Russ looks so handsome with that pic of him and Marissa! I’m ok with a little facial hair but not a full blown beard, thankfully I don’t think that will ever be a problem with Rick, he seems to have the inability to grow real facial hair anyway LOL

    • Lol! Isn’t is funny how some guys, try as hard as they may, just can’t grow a beard.

  • I am not a beard person. LOL I don’t mind if my man keeps the whole goatee thing but a beard I just cannot stand. I know I know save the tomato throwing for later LOL!

    • Lol! To each their own friend. No tomatoes to throw over here.

  • I love that it can be used in the shower! That’s so cool. Is it also a razor or just a beard trimmer?

    • Yes! You name it, it can do it. Super versatile for sure.

  • OH the beard! That’s awesome that this can be used in the shower. Hubs only shaves in the shower (which I find so weird since my dad always shaved over the bathroom sink), so this would be perfect for him!

    • I could see the shaving in the shower making sense, but I am a girl so it should make sense right :P. It is a really great razor.

  • My Russ grew out his beard for a few months. Now it’s gone, but this would be nice for the next time he grows it out!

    • It totally would. He might even decide to keep it around even longer. I remember seeing photos of him and noticing the beard.

  • Whitney Jordan

    Awesome! Love the title and that this has so many features. It’s been forever since my husband got a new razor so I’ll have to recommend this one to him.

    • Definitely keep this one in mind when you are in the market for a new one. It has so many really great features.

  • That looks like a good tool! Matt can’t grow a beard, but if he ever did, I would use this! 😉

    • Haha! It makes me laugh that some people just can’t grow a beard, my dad and my brother never have been able to. I bet there is some kind of hair growing aid for guys who really want beards but can’t grow them, lol.

      • We should come up with something, and take it to Shark Tank… like a Beard Rogaine.. Beargaine…. Brogaine…. 😉

        • Brogaine! Bahaha ha ha! Oh my goodness you just made me smile on a Monday morning. That’s virtually impossible. Job well done.

  • What a great way for a guy to keep up his beard from the comfort of his own home. James has someone trim it when he gets his hair cut but that’s because when he tried to trim it once himself, he ended up having to shave it off completely.

    • Lol! That is hilarious and awesome. I could totally see that happening too. It’s like giving yourself a haircut.

  • OK, now you are making me rethink the whole beard trimming off thing Jen’s Guy did a few month’s ago! That last picture is priceless!

    • Lolololol! I can’t remember the details of that post, but I do remember it being hilarious. You two always leave me laughing.