Girl Mom Swap Box, The Reveal.

I am so excited to say that the Girl Mom Box Swap was a huge success! We matched up 11 pairs of mammas and daughters and today is box reveal day! I can’t wait to see what was exchanged between partners. Thank you so much to those of you who joined the swap and made it a huge success! Don’t forget to link up your blog posts below. 

We were paired with Stefanie, Lexie & Lily from Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too. I have always felt like our girls have so many similarities and it turns out our girls aren’t the only ones. Stefanie and I share so many similar interests too. Shopping for them was completely effortless. It seemed like anything my girls and I would love, they would too. 

Unfortunately when Stefanie’s package arrived I was on day #1 of “The Great Plague of 2017” and held captive in bed with a 100 degree fever. The girls begged me to open the box but I just couldn’t. The next day, still running a fever, I managed to drag myself out of bed just long enough to take a few photos. So please keep that in mind while looking at my terrible photos 😳 .

Marissa received a color me journal and a bangles making kit. Both were absolutely perfect for her. 

Emily was given a Minnie Play-Doh set that she LOVES, hasn’t stopped playing with it yet. A Minnie Bottle and a necklace set that the girls made together.

I was given a lip-balm, hand cream and a notepad. Good thing, I have been going through lists like CRAZY lately. She also sent me a Fri-yay! Mug which will obviously be my permanent Friday coffee cup from here on out. 

They also included some super sweet notes which my girls and I loved reading. It took me about 3 days to really get excited over my stuff from the box when I finally came out of my fog from the sickness. 

We are so thankful to Stefanie, Lexie and Lily for their sweet gifts. We couldn’t have been matched with better partners!

To see what we sent them, make sure you check out Stefanie’s blog.

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  • Look at all the fun stuff!! Alyx has that same Minnie Mouse water bottle and it’s a favorite of hers! Stephanie did so good shopping for your girls and you as well!! =)

    • She did an amazing job of shopping for us! That water bottle has been so handy already. She had an old Minnie one that needed replaced so it was great timing.

  • Jessica

    Stefanie did such a great job. She picked perfect gifts for everyone. Emily’s face with her Minnie stuff is perfection!

    • A face you know all too well! She did do a great job!

  • How sweet!!! Great little treasures there!

  • Heather Bramlett

    What fun items! Perfect for each of you!!
    Glad you are feeling better!!

    • Yes indeed! Thank you so much. It is nice to be human again.

  • Oh super cute! I laughed at all the Minnie stuff for your Minnie lover 😁

    • I mean, what’s a Minnie lover without Minnie stuff?!

  • Lizzie Simantz

    What awesome stuff you guys got!!

  • Amy Smith

    Look at all those goodies! Just perfect for your girls & you!

  • How sweet, you guys got some great things!

  • How fun is your box? Stephanie nailed it. I love that mug and I have that list in my classroom and use it daily. You will love it. Have a great day Beth!

    • Haha! Love the matching lists. The mug is a new favorite for sure. I might just use it today!

  • I’m so glad you liked your gifts! It was so much fun (and SO easy) to shop for you three. I think my girls would have just kept adding to our cart if I hadn’t stopped them. Lily was on a mission to find every possible Minnie Mouse item for her “faraway friend.” I’m sorry you were sick when it arrived. I’m glad you’re feeling better and able to enjoy your gifts now!

    • Oh that is just the sweetest. It was kind of sad that I was so sick when the box came I remember opening it barely (and grumpily) taking photos then letting my stuff sit on my desk for a few days, before I got out of bed and thought, Oh Yay! Thanks again for being such a fun partner.

  • What a great box! I love that Stefanie included some goodies for you as well!

    • That was something fun that we decided to do to mix things up.

  • Perfect stuff for both girls! And I love that mug. <3

    • Oh me too! It is calling my name right now!

  • Jennifer Loving

    Wow! Stefanie did a great job!! Thanks for hosting! Hannah and I had a blast!

    • So glad that you joined us and had a great time!

  • What a great exchange! Stefanie totally spoiled you girls. Everything is perfect!!

    • She really did spoil us and picked the perfect stuff for us too.

  • Whitney Jordan

    Jackpot!! Stefanie picked out the perfect things for each of you!! Craft projects, play-doh and cute coffee mug are sure to brighten your day. Hope you’re feeling better!!

    • I am feeling better, thank God! She did a really great job shopping for us.

  • Such cute things your girls got! And that mug is awesome!

    • I think I just might use it today to be a rebel :P.

  • Y’all got some great stuff! And you can never go wrong with a notepad… I LOVE paper products! and I love how that pad has little check boxes… it’s always so satisfying checking things off when I complete them.

    • I am a huge fan of those check boxes too. I have already used it more than once! Happy almost Friday!

  • Nichole H

    Oh what great things! I love the coffee cup. Thank you for hosting this me and the girls had fun!

    • So glad that you joined us and had a good time. Thank you!

  • Your mug is perfect and I am so so shocked EE got something Minnie 😉

    • It IS shocking isn’t it. Can’t wait to use my mug tomorrow!