Girl Mom Box Swap, The Announcement

I never imagined myself as a girl mom but I have to admit it, I kind of love it. Like a love it to the moon and back kind of love.

The cliché phrase is constantly tossed around that God gives you what is a perfect fit for your family. We all nod in agreement, probably still secretly hoping that what God wants and what we want just happen to align. Sometimes that pans out and other times it doesn’t look how we imagined it would, it turns out better than you ever hoped.

For our family that looks like having two girls. We embraced pink as neutral color, learned to never allow glittered anything in our cars (after one fatal mistake), and realize that our clothing budget is just going to have to grow right along with our girls. It’s manners, pink legos, mood swings, and modesty. It’s constantly fighting against culture and wearing pink on Wednesdays.

It’s awesome. Everything I never knew I always wanted.

Whether you’re the mom to a houseful of girls, or a mom with one daughter in a home full of boys. Let’s celebrate all things girly with a girl mom box swap. Once you are matched with a partner you can exchange emails to help you create the perfect box for their family. Think activities, snacks, toys, candy, gifts for the daughter(s), and maybe a surprise for the mama. There are so many fun ideas out there and I can’t wait to see the boxes you create.

The details…

Sign-ups open March 1st.
Sign-ups due by March 8th.
Partners matched on March 10th.
Mail packages by March 17th.
Share your box on March 29th.

The box amount should be $20 BEFORE shipping. Once partners are matched be sure to communicate via email to create the perfect box for your partner. We will do our best to try to match partners with similar aged girls and preferences, but can’t make promises.

Sign up here!

Don’t forget to tag your social shares with #GirlMomBoxSwap17!

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  • Jessica

    This is so fun!! I’ve seen a boy mom swap, but not a girl swap. I love it!!

    • EXACTLY! I have actually seen more than one boy mom one. This should be a fun change of pace.

  • Heather Bramlett

    Just signed up and marked the dates on my calendar! Can’t wait! Thank you for hosting

  • How fun! I did one of these a few years ago and it was awesome!

    • That is so fun to hear. I have seen lots of boy mom swaps, but never a girl mom one.

  • I’m so excited for this!!

  • Lizzie Simantz

    What a fun idea!! I’m going to see how I’m feeling after my surgery and hopefully I can commit to doing this!

  • I hope we are getting lots of sign ups already! 🙂

    • I’ll take a look later tonight and send you a message :). I hope we get some too.

  • We’ve never had a girl mom swap, so fun!!

    • I know! There have been SO many boy swaps, but I don’t think I have ever seen a girl one.

  • Can’t wait for this! 🙂

  • This is such a cute idea! I’ll be signing up for sure!

  • Whitney Jordan

    What a fun idea 🙂 Girls are so sweet!

    • They certainly are. I haven’t ever done a box swap before so I am really looking forward to it!

  • This will definitely be a fun swap! Looking forward to shopping!!

  • Amen! God definitely gives you what you need 🙂 And what a little surprise to see my own face as a related post lol

    • Haha! Girl mom stardom. Are you so eager to find out who is in there? Please tell me you are going to find out?!

      • I already know!!! Ive been sitting in the news for a whole week! Just trying to think of a special way to share 🙂

  • I can’t wait! 🙂

  • Lordy mercy, girl. My daughter is in a stage of corruptions I swear and I’m like, Lord, this isn’t what I was going for! I guess he’s testing me with this new tweendom of bad choices. I think I’ll sign up and request that you note: This mom is stressed to her max and needs coffee and pineapples and love. Send her daughter how to’s on respect and kindness. LOL She’s a good kid but in that strange season. Breaks my heart. OK signing up LOL (as everyone says, no don’t give me that one!)

    • Best comment ever! I will make sure I forward this to your partner when matches are made. Hehe he he!

  • Nichole H

    Yay I signed up but is it ok I don’t have a blog?

    • It is totally okay that you don’t have a blog. You can always post something to Facebook or IG if you like (or not at all). Thanks for joining.

  • I love this idea! I’m going to sign Lexie up. I would sign up Lily, too, but she always gets free stuff in the mail, and Lexie often feels left out. Is that mean of me?!?

    • I don’t think it is mean at all! I actually think it is super thoughtful :).

  • Aww, this is so great! A girl’s world is so foreign to me!!