Friday Highlights 3.31.17

Hello Friday!

Hello weekend! This week was all about trying to get back into the normal swing of life and feeling better. I think we have finally moved on past the sickness and yuck and can put all of this behind us now, thank God. The other parts of this week felt like a whole lot of waiting. We are currently waiting on SO many phone calls to move forward with house stuff. I have a feeling we might as well get used to that though 😐 . 

This weekend we are hoping to have some fun and smile again. We have a movie night, a race, and some family and friend time planned. It should be a great way to kick off the month!

Spring Fling Photo Challenge

April 2017 Spring Fling Photo Challenge

Earlier this week I announced the Spring Fling Photo challenge that officially begins tomorrow on Instagram. Set your alarms now and plan to join us for the challenge! To find out more details you can check out the announcement post!

I See Me!

I was recently given the chance to try out I See Me! books and I thought it was the perfect opportunity to pick up a book so Abi Mae could start her very own collection. I chose to get her My Very Own Fairytale. It is just the sweetest book about all the fairies bringing letters one by one to spell her name. I am so excited to give it to her!

While I was busy checking out and swooning over all the adorable books that I See Me has, I noticed that they also have Lunchboxes / Puzzles /Coloring BooksPlacemats / Stickers  and Growth Charts too! Whatever you are looking for, you are sure to find. They are currently have an Easter Extravaganza sale where the more you buy, the more you save. You can still get orders in time for Easter too!

Right now I See Me has a Celebrate Reading Sweepstakes going on and today is the last day to enter to win $250 in I See Me books! Be sure to check it out!

Runner Girl

This girl is running 5K #2 tomorrow and she is so excited (and nervous).

My big plans to train her ended up being a lot different than I expected. We got in 1 whole run before I became sick and we didn’t run again for 8 days, oooopppps! But on our 2nd run she pulled off 1.68 miles in 16:32 and wasn’t even winded at the end so I decided maybe the lack of training wasn’t such a bad thing (for me 😆 ). Her natural knack for running is nothing short of impressive for an 8 year old kid. I can’t wait to take this girl to the race tomorrow and see how she ends up doing. I really feel like this might be our last technical race together and anything after this I am going to have to speed up, send her on her own way, or have her run with her dad. I know she loves running with her mama but I certainly don’t want to slow this girl down. 

Printable Love

As part of getting our house ready to sale I have been un-personalizing. things around here which has made our gallery wall quite the challenge. Not wanting to spend any money on the change I turned to Pinterest.

There are SO many great free printable options on Pinterest that I started a board for them. I personally have found that if you print them off onto card stock it is the best way to go to easily change up a gallery wall or find something new to put in a frame you have lying around. Be sure to follow my board and I’ll keep pinning the cute ones that I find. 

Blog Highlights!

This week on the blog I shared…

Our Spring Bucket List
Our Girl Mom Box Swap Reveal
About My Bearded Man

Have a great weekend friends!
We’ll see you back here on Monday!

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Friday Link-Ups

  • Jessica

    That book looks adorable. Abi will love listening to it read to her. Marissa is a rockstar. She’s quicker than me for sure. Ha ha! Have a great weeend.

    • Thanks Jess we had a really great weekend for sure. And it seems yours ended really well at least with another Penske win. Y’all are on fire this year.

  • Another thing you can do for the gallery wall is buy scrap booking paper at Michaels to cover existing photos. And c has that fairy tale book. It is magical!!

    • This idea is genius! Thank you so much for sharing it with me!

  • Way to Marissa! I still can’t get over this will be 5K #2!! And if we ever move out of our house, I do not look forward to the de-personalizing it. Getting free printables is a great idea!

    • De-persoanlizing and de-cluttering are NO fun. I have one box left that I just keep throwing all the leftover crud in and I am done.

  • Lizzie Simantz

    I love everything from I See Me! Great place to get personalized gifts! And Go Marissa!!! That’s so awesome! Happy Weekend friend!

    • They have some really great stuff for sure. I hope you had an awesome weekend too!

  • How fun is the 5K going to be?!?! I love that she loves running with you. Also, that book looks so cute. And un-personalizing your home is so hard. I remember feeling really weird about that when our house was on the market. Happy Friday Beth!

    • It was SO much fun. She did an amazing job. It is a super weird feeling, so glad it is not just me that feels it.

  • I would love to see your gallery wall when you have made all the changes. It think it would be a great spot because printables are so so fun and you say just about anything on them.

    • I will make sure I send you a photo friend :).

  • I love pinterest printables for wall art! Good luck to Marissa in the 5K! Yay!

  • Happy Friday! Hope the 5K goes well!!

  • Good luck to Marissa!! I’m sure she’ll do great!! So impressive that she wants to run one already at her young age!!

    • Yeah last year she was only 7 when she did her first one. She really loves running and has a lot of potential but I don’t want to burn her out too young.

  • shootingstarsmag

    I hope the 5k is a success! I applaud anyone that can run. I’ve always been really bad at it. haha


    • Haha! Thank you so much. She did really great.

  • My goodness that child cannot deny her daddy! She’s a spitting image isn’t she? Glad you are all feeling well and can have a great weekend!

    • Oh my word, yes. We used to call her Marussell because she looks so stinking much like him. Both of my girls favor him. NO FAIR!

  • Whew, you have a lot going on! Running and redecorating on top of all the other responsibilities…hang in there my friend! 🙂 I feel like I haven’t commented in a while, but I’ve been keeping up with your posts. Hope you have a great weekend and enjoy the race!!

    Whitney @ Come Home For Comfort

    • We have had SO much going on and it has been exhausting. Today I am hoping to get some groceries in the house and clean a few things up around here. We are ALMOST to our spring break and it would be nice to actually feel like we can relax. Thanks Whitney!

  • Glad you are better! Hope you two girls have an amazing race!

  • Onward and upward! Hope your weekend is going well.

    • I guess I can’t complain at the end. Although it is Monday now ;).