Copy Cat Fashion, Recreating Outfits You Love

For this Tuesday morning I have something out of the ordinary for you, a fashion post. Over the past 6 months I have been throwing one of these in every once in a while and it has made for a fun change of pace. Today I teamed up with Becky, Meghan and Whitney to talk about recreating outfits.

It doesn’t matter if you see it on TV, a magazine, a blog, or your best friend. Odds are at some point in life you’ve probably seen an outfit, loved it, and wondered how you could recreate it, right? That is exactly what we did for you today. We swapped partners and chose one outfit of theirs to recreate.

I picked Meghan…

I love Meghan and her sense of practical, simple, & elegant style. Every single time she shares an outfit I find myself thinking, “I would wear that!”. She has quite a few fashion posts which left me with LOTS of options to pick from. While I was searching through her posts (getting all kinds of inspired), this was the outfit that caught my eye.

I knew that I had everything in my closet to recreate this look. A look that I can totally see myself frequently wearing in the coming spring months.

The base of this outfit is my striped swing dress from Old Navy. I picked this dress up for $10 a couple of weeks ago and it is perfect. Just barely long enough, even in a tall length πŸ™„ , but it works. I was a bit worried about pairing the dark blue dress with the black converse but I told myself not to worry about it and decided to go for it anyways. 

I added my favorite bracelets, (I really need to grab some more bracelets) layered with the vest, (y’all know how much I love this vest) and put my hair in a fishtail braid to mix things up a bit. Normal braids always fall out of my hair within an hour. Fish tail braids usually last around 2  πŸ˜› .

Cute, comfy, and striped. 3 of my favorite things when it comes to getting dressed. 

To show versatile a dress and sneakers can be, I swapped my vest for a denim jacket and a scarf and created a whole new look in seconds.

3 Tips for recreating outfits:
#1 Be realistic. Look for outfits that you already own some of the pieces to.
#2 Know the why. What about the outfit sparked your interest?
#3 You don’t need exact pieces. You can successfully recreate an outfit simply based on replicating shape or color.

Find out which outfit of mine Meghan recreated and take at look at Becky and Whitney’s posts too!

Where do you find your outfit inspiration?

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  • Heather Bramlett

    What a fun post!! I love my vest like that from Sam’s! I have the green and grey! I never thought to pair them with a dress! How fun!!
    Thanks for the inspiration!

    • I totally should have bought the gray too. You are so welcome.

  • Jessica

    Very cute dress! I love the stripes. Gotta love ON! I still want one of those vests and am so sad I haven’t found one yet. Converse are always the way to go. πŸ™‚

    • It took me forever to find one I loved. I’ll keep my eyes open for you.

  • This is so much fun! I need to get more casual dresses like that. Although, I’m always on the floor with my girls, so that may not be the best choice. πŸ˜‰ Also, I clearly need a pair of Converses…

    • Yes! I already want to get a few more to add to my wardrobe. Haha ha! Cross your legs young lady.

  • Amy Smith

    I missed this dress at ON this weekend. I guess I just have to go back. πŸ˜‰ You’re adorable!

    • If all else fails, check online! Thanks girl.

  • Two things: 1. You look like you’re 18 and that’s just unfair. 2. Skater girl cool was the first thing to come to mind seeing this look!

    • I will totally take both of those, thank you!

  • Oh super cute! I have a very similar dress from ON too! Love swing dresses

    • I always think of you when I see swing dresses :).

  • Seriously how cute!!! I love how you recreated this outfit, and it looks really great on you!!

    • Thank you so much. I can’t wait til I actually get to where this outfit!

  • Meghan Flinn

    I love it! And yes, you will totally wear it a lot this spring! And it’s so funny that not only did we copy each other’s outfits, but we also mixed blue and blacks! And without even discussing beforehand!!!

    • That is true! I didn’t even think about us doing that, haha ha! This was a really fun post idea that Whitney came up with.

  • Such a fun spin on it with the stripes and perfect for spring! I love how you recreated it!

    • Thanks so much Becky! I am stripe obsessed.

  • Amanda Crain Nall

    This outfit is so cute! I really need to hit up Old Navy! They have the best stuff for the BEST prices! And I’m pretty sure I have that exact vest! (Stitch Fix?)

    • Actually I grabbed this one at Sams for like $20?! Can you believe that! I am loving this dress too. I need to grab another.

  • This outfit (and Meg’s) is perfection! Anything that pairs well with our beloved vest is a winner in my book.

    • Amen. You know how I feel about the beloved vest.

  • Beth, I could not love this outfit more!!!! You completely NAILED IT! And you look awesome in the ON swing dress. We can be twins now! Also, this was a great idea for a post… so creative!

    • I think I will just start buying whatever you buy. I wish I could take the credit but @disqus_AwZMFPVSvv:disqus is the brains of the bunch.

  • Looks great! I have been meaning to try the Old Navy swing dresses, so maybe I’ll copy you next!

  • Lizzie Simantz

    What a fun idea for a post!! I love re-creating outfits that I see others wear. You totally rocked your copy cat look!! I would have thought twice about blue and black too but I’m glad you went with it, it works!

    • I wish I could take the credit but @disqus_AwZMFPVSvv:disqus came up with this theme. I am really glad I went for it too. The navy is so dark it almost looks black anyways.

  • This is such a fun idea! I love your version. Super cute and casual!

    • That is the best way to go in my opinion. Thank you!

  • I LOVE that you guys did this – so fun! Love that swing dress (and the vest of course!)!

    • Thank you so much. We have been having a lot of fun with these posts.

  • Your graphic is so cute!! I didnt even realize your shoes were not the same color as your dress, they totally work together!

    • Thank you! If I had came up with a graphic sooner I would have made a version we could’ve all used. I thought they really worked together too!

  • You have been killing it on the graphics lately! Maybe a post on how you’ve been doing them? Love this outfit, I have yet to get an olive vest…I need to. I have a very similar dress, and do the jean jacket look often.

    • Aaaawwwww!!!! Thank you so much! How in the world do you not have a vest yet? I wear mine WAY too much. So maybe you are better off without one, lol.

  • This is so cute! And I couldn’t even tell the dress was blue and the shoes were black until you said something πŸ˜‰ I’d totally wear that outfit too!

    • It was a super dark navy, I actually thought it was black when I bought it, lol.

  • Thank you for creating an outfit for me! I have a striped dress, black chucks, and a utility vest. So wearing this sometime. Also, I love what y’all did this month with recreating an outfit. So fun!

    • It was a super fun idea, Whitney is a genius. You’ll have to snap me a photo when you wear the outfit friend. I can’t wait to see it on you!

  • Cute lady! I need a pair of Sketchers for myself, somehow the teen keeps taking off with mine! Beware that whole mess as your girls get older…..

    • Lololol! Well, I just bough the 8 year old size 7.5 women’s shoes… so I think that world is coming for me sooner than later.

  • ADA

    I love the athleisure appeal of this outfit. An utility vest and a striped dress can take you everywhere!

    I’d love for you to stop by and linkup with me for Thursday Moda. Share your great style with my readers. =)

    Enjoy the weekend! Ada. =)

    • Athleisure, YES! I had never thought of it that way but it is. Thanks for the invite!

  • Whitney Jordan

    Love these outfits!! I really love when it’s warm enough for dresses. They’re so easy to throw on and accessorize. I’ve yet to try the dress + converse option so I can’t wait to try that this Spring πŸ™‚

    • Totally try that combo and YES! We were almost there, then it turned cold again. So glad we aren’t taking our spring break now.