Weekend Recap: A Baby, Family, Friends

I find it funny that last week I planned to put together a weekend recap, but I couldn’t because we were too boring. Then this weekend I didn’t expect to write one up, but the weekend was so eventful that I felt like I had to.

If I had to pick three words to summarize this weekend they would be… a baby, friends, and family. I feel like those three things are what our weekend was completely wrapped around. And the way that those three words blurred together as one thing is nothing short of beautiful. I am so very thankful for the friends we have in our life and the friends that our friends have, that have become our friends too.

Friday was:
Lego Day at co-op.
Teaching a room full of Kindergartners about diligence.
Unexpected text messages.
Beaver puppets.
More Unexpected text messages.
Forgetting to eat lunch.
A trip to Target to distract myself.
News that a baby IS coming, 5 weeks early.
A fast dinner.
Going to the hospital to meet Abigail Marie.
Staying with Anna after they took baby and daddy to KC for a minor surgery.

Saturday was:
Waking up early.
Driving to Springfield, MO.
Watching Marissa participate in the AWANA Bible Challenge.
A 3rd place medal.
Driving back home.
Taking a quick rest.
Dropping the girls off with Russ’ parents.
Hopping in a car to take Anna to KC to be reunited. 
Seeing that precious baby girl.
Dinner at Wendy’s
A long car ride home.
Picking up the girls.
Sleep, finally some sleep.

Sunday was:
Sleeping in, hallelujah.
Playing hookie from church.
Praying for Abigail’s surgery.
More coffee.
Finding out Abigail’s surgery was postponed.
Playing outside.
Online shopping.
Kinda watching the Superbowl.
Watching Finding Dory.
Lesson planning for the next week.
Getting to bed at a decent hour.

It was a weekend full of tears and laughter, going non-stop and being lazy, the planned and unexpected. It was a weekend I will never forget.

If you could please keep Abigail in your prayers as she has surgery today and during her recovery it would be appreciated. 

What was the best part of your weekend?

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  • Heather Bramlett

    Praying for that sweet baby! She is precious!

    • Yes she is. I am totally in love. Thanks for the prayers her surgery went well.

  • Jessica

    Wow, what a weekend! Sending positive thoughts for Abigail. She is just precious!

    • Thank you so much Jess. I am happy to report everything today went well.

  • Amy Smith

    Congratulations to Anna & family! I will definitely be keeping that sweet baby in my prayers. She is darling!

    • Thank you Amy! I really appreciate the prayers. Everything today went perfectly.

  • Congratulations to the new mama! What a packed weekend! Prayers for baby and her surgery today!

    • Thank you so much! Her surgery went perfectly!

  • Lizzie Simantz

    Praying Abigail has a smooth surgery and quick recovery!! What a sweet little babe!

    Yay for Marissa getting 3rd place, that’s awesome! I’ve been doing the hearts for my kiddos everyday and they are loving it, thank you again for sharing that!

    • Thank you so much Lizzie. The surgery went perfectly!

      I am so glad you guys are loving the new tradition.

  • You are such a great friend! I hope Anna’s baby does well with her surgery. If they need anything while at the hospital here please let me know. And congrats to them on the little one!

    • Dara thank you so much for that sweet, sweet offer. If anything comes up it is nice to know someone close by.

  • 5 weeks early! Praying for little Abigail and Anna too!

    • Thanks Becky! Her surgery went perfectly.

  • Prayers for Abigail and her parents. What a fun and full weekend you had! I loved reading your recap. I spent my day yesterday much like yours. Have a wonderful Monday!

    • Thank you so much. After a super eventful start to the weekend we needed a couple of slow days to recover.

  • Your weekend wasn’t at all what you thought it would be thanks to the sweet little Abi Mae coming, right? I’ll be praying for her and Anna.

    • Um, no. I mean we all knew it was possible that she could come early for a while but yeah this weekend was not at all how I had imagined it in my head. Thanks for the prayers!

  • Saying so many prayers for Anna and Abigail. Little Abigail is so precious!

    Congrats again to Marissa!

    • Thank you friend. I am happy to report that the surgery was a huge success!

  • Prayers for sweet Abigail! I’ll be thinking of her!

    And congratulations to Marissa!! That’s awesome that she got third place! I know you’re a proud momma!

    • Thank you so much for both.

      Abigail’s surgery went perfectly!

  • Hope everything is okay with sweet baby Abigail! What a beautiful little girl she is! Congrats to Marissa on her 3rd place medal! That’s amazing! You guys certainly had a roller coaster of a weekend!

    • Thank you SO much. Everything went perfectly today! Boy it was a CRAZY one. Let’s hope next weekend is super boring.

  • I like your Sunday- sounds like exactly how I would want to spend a Sunday.

    • It was pretty perfect… and completely needed.

  • Ah, sounds like an exciting weekend!

    • Yes it was. I still can’t believe just how exciting it was.

  • Meghan Flinn

    Lego day, finding dory, and a new baby… great weekend indeed!

    • It was a pretty great weekend for sure!

    • Who wants me? I’m here

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  • Whitney Jordan

    Wow!! That was a lot to pack into a couple of days. Praying for sweet baby Abigail and her parents. An early delivery + surgery has to be stressful on them so I’m sure that they were extra thankful for your friendship this weekend.

    • I think they definitely were. I was just so happy we could be there for them. They are more like family than friends. Thanks for the prayers.

  • Wow what’s a packed weekend. Lego day sounds fun!!! Many prayers for your friend and her baby.

    • It was! Thank you so much for the prayers.

  • Congrats to Anna. Praying for sweet baby Abigail. I pray that the surgery goes well and that God works through the hands and the hearts of every nurse, doctor and surgeon that touches that baby girl. And congrats to Marissa in the Bible Challenge! That’s amazing. I wish I could have watched that.

    • And I totally just cried. See this is why I wished I had, had the chance to tell you more in that comment on Saturday. I knew you would be praying for them. They mean the world to us and I am so happy to say Miss Abigail is doing great.

  • Oh wow, praying. She is beautiful! What an eventful weekend indeed! You kind of need another weekend to recover from ones like these.

    • Isn’t she. I know I am totally partial… but… Only 3 more days and we will try again, lol!