Tall Girl Problems

One thing that you may not realize about me is that I am tall, a little over 5’10” to be exact. I’ve always been tall. When I made my debut on this earth I was 23″ long so being taller than normal has kinda always been my thing. Oh if I only had a dollar from every time I was asked if I played basketball or told I should be a model when I was growing up. I could at least go buy some new shoes (big ones 😳 ). 

From being called the jolly green giant on the play ground as a kid, to the boys being mean to me in middle school (only to suddenly change their tune years later). Lets not forget the stares and looks thrown my way any time I wear heels. Being tall has certainly come with its fair share of challenges, perks, and comedic moments. Today I wanted to share a few of the awkward ones with you. 

Finding a tall guy is tough work. I am not sure what it is about the really tall ones, but they always seem to marry the really short girls. Why is that?! I mean don’t they want to start a new generation of gigantic children?

You get asked to reach things off the top shelf at the store. “Excuse me, but could you reach that for me?” I actually kind of like this one.

The stares you get when you wear heels. I like to trick myself into thinking the must just be thinking how pretty I am. With a good pair of high heels on I am in the 6 foot zone and honestly that just makes people uncomfortable. Once in a store while trying on heels a lady looked at me and said “Aren’t you tall enough already?!” The younger me cringed in shame but now days I might shank her 😆 !

Finding pants that are long enough feels impossible. When talls aren’t long enough and you have to special order everything in 3 sizes because you never know what will fit. And let’s not forget to mention that your pant selection is less than half of everyone elses. I know short girls have this problem too, but at least cuffing or hemming is an option. Adding length, not so much.

Hugs can be super awkward with shorter friends… Enough said there.

When you see another girl across the store, think WHOA she’s tall, then realize you are actually taller. It completely changes my ideas on how other people must look at me… especially when I have heels on. It is also kind of disheartening on those rare moments that the other person actually is indeed taller than you. When you are used to being “the tallest” your whole life, you don’t like to give that up.

Looking in a bathroom mirror can be bad on your back. I mean I didn’t need to see my face anyways. You can always tell when a short person (or a clueless man) was in charge of hanging things. When we had our house built we put counter height vanities in our bathroom… it is AMAZING!

Keeping your modesty is difficult, especially in the summer. Shirts are too short, dresses are too short, and people call you Daisy Duke if you wear anything other than Bermuda shorts. Finding clothes that are cute and socially appropriate is easier said than done. God bless Old Navy and their online tall department. 

The awkward knee bend. When you go to take a photo with friends and you realize your face isn’t going to be anywhere close to their faces so you awkwardly bend your knees and pray that it goes quickly. Otherwise, you count it as a mini workout for the day and eat extra dessert. 

Relaxing is easier said than done. I can’t tell you the last time I relaxed in the bath… because I don’t comfortably fit in one. There is also the issue of sitting in the back seat of cars, crossing your legs under desks, small hotel beds, and pool chairs that leave your feet dangling off the edge. Being comfortable isn’t always easy.

All in all, even though being tall can kind of be a pain in the neck, knees, back, or anything else that hurts from poor posture, I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

So now inquiring minds want to know…
How tall are you?

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  • Jessica

    The memes are so funny! I especially love the shorty one. Ha ha! I think I’m average height, but have always wanted to be taller. My sister is really tall and hates it because of many reasons you shared. We keep telling her she’ll eventually love it.

    • That was the one that made me laugh the most too. Eventually she will. At least she certainly won’t hate it…. unless she wants to wear a pair of heels :P. Haha ha!

  • So funny!! You own that height, doll!! And I agree, you totally should have been a model!

    • You are so sweet friend. Thanks for making me smile.

  • Awww, I loved this post, sorry people are rude about your height! I have the opposite problem. I don’t realize how short I am until I take pictures with my friends.

    • It was mostly just hard during those awkward teenage years. Jerks :P. Isn’t that funny. You forget about it and then see a photo and think, Oh!

  • Katie Mitchell

    Love this! The awkward knee bend…booo!! I am on the shorter side 5’3 but I don’t mind it! But I’m also, for the most part uncomfortable in the tub…lol. Have a great day Beth…go out there and strut your stuff…tall and proud!! 🙂

    • Haha! Thank you so much for making me smile Katie. I hope you have an amazing day.

  • Lizzie Simantz

    This was hilarious! I am on the opposite of your tall girl problems as I’m only 5’2″ – but my hubby is 6’1″ so I guess your comment about tall guys marrying short girls is right LOL. How tall is Russ?

    • Baha ha ha! See!!!!

      Russ is the same height as you hubby is. So in the right (or wrong :P) pair of heels I am taller than he is. Yeah, he doesn’t love that.

  • Well, we can’t stand next to each other! I’m only 5’2.

  • I had to chuckle while reading this only because I have #shortgirlproblems Is there a happy medium somewhere that we all could be?!?! I’m 5’1″. Finding pants or jeans that are the right length for me is horrible I hate when my jeans hang on the floor, absolutely hate it. Sometimes in mirrors I look like I only have a head! haha
    Thanks for posting this =)

    • You are the same height as Stephanie is! I can’t blame you for hating that. I would hate that too. One time I found a pair of talls that were long enough that they hung in the floor. I’ve never had that happen before, lol. So funny. Thanks for laughing and relating with me.

  • Haha, this is too funny. The rapper meme – lol. One of my best friends is 5’11” and I’ve heard lots of tall girl woes from her over the years. Funny thing is, she always ended up with short guys. I mean shorter than me short (and I’m 5’6″). Just curious – are your girls tall as well?

    • The rapper meme had me laughing SO hard. I saw another one that read you know what a guy is that is 5′ something… a friend. Baha ha ha! Yeah, I just couldn’t date anyone shorter than me, never have been able to do that one, but some girls don’t mind one bit.

      My girls are tall! Marissa is a little over 8.5 and is nearly 5′ tall already and Emily is turning 6 in a few days and was already over the 48″ mark as of a couple months ago.

  • Karla Cook

    LOL! I’m the same height as you are and I can SO relate! I found myself nodding along with every one of these. I have a pair of very cute super-comfortable platform wedges in my closet that I’ve only worn a couple of times. I would love to wear them more but I always feel like I’ll get those “How tall ARE you?” questions. And yes, I would love to have a dollar for every time someone asked if I played basketball.

    • Girl I say come spring you rock those wedges for all of us tall girls :). And if anyone gives you a second glance, shank them…. Kidding of course ;).

  • I’m 5’2″ so for me it’s just the opposite. Haha, I AM the lady at the grocery store who will ask if you could please reach the item that I need that is always, always, always on the top shelf out of my reach!

    • Haha! Well I don’t mind one bit. It is nice to feel useful! So keep on asking.

  • This is me as well. So glad someone can commiserate with me. I’m almost 5’10”. I had so much troubles finding pants that were long enough in high school. And I always get asked to grab things off shelves.

    • Isn’t it nice to know that we aren’t alone. I feel like there are a lot more girls on the short end struggling than girls on the tall end.

  • I’m only 5’2″ so I can’t sympathize much. My husband is 6’1″ so you might be on to something about tall guys and short girls…I’ve noticed it, too!

    • It is TOTALLY true. My dad is 6’4″ my mom is 5’3″ I ended up right in the middle.

  • Hahahaha. That T-rex meme made me die laughing! I’m only 5’5″ so I have no clue what it’s like to be tall. Fun fact, though, everyone has always thought I was tall. I can’t even tell you how many times someone has said, “Well you’re tall, though.” And I’m like WHAT?! I think I give off a tall illusion because I’ve always been so skinny. And I married a 6’2″ dude so he makes me feel super short.

    • That T-Rex meme might just be my favorite EVER. I think when you are pretty skinny it really adds to the illusion of more height. Which is probably why I get even more stares :P. At least you can wear big ol’ heels and he’s still taller, winning!

  • Haha! The memes! So cute! Tall guys do seem to go with short girls. Not sure why!

    • Those memes were cracking me up, so funny. They really do, it must be some kind of rule :P.

  • I am on the total opposite side of the spectrum! I am somewhere between 5’2 and 5’3. BUT I am not letting that awkward hug get in the way if I ever get to meet you in person. Sorry, not sorry! 🙂 Every time I go pants shopping I think it might be the death of me. I am short and have a big butt and big legs which makes it impossible to find anything that fits well in all areas.

    • Neither will I friend. I would love nothing more than to squeeze you. Oh man the struggle is real to find perfectly fitting pants. And then when you finally find a brand you love, they change something!!!

  • So we can hug and be awkward but we gotta sit down to take photos, okay? My 5′ 1″ frame photographs best when sitting… HA!

    • Noted. Because someday, someday it is going to happen.

  • Whitney Jordan

    I love this!! You’re so funny – I was cracking up throughout this whole post… shanking haha!! I’m 5’5″ and have always felt like that was a good eight. My mom was 5′ and my dad 6′ so my mom always said she prayed we’d all be taller than her. I’m the shortest of my siblings so I guess her prayers were answers. I never even thought about low hanging mirrors, asking a tall person to reach something for you in the store or that it would be tricky to find comfy spots to relax. Good job to you for finding your groove and being comfortable in your own skin! You’re a great role model for your girls.

    • Hehe he! This post was a lot of fun to write. That last part is my favorite. I grew up with a 5’3″ mama and she never understood the struggles I really had with my height. I love knowing that if my girls ever struggle, I am here to listen with ears that have walked in their shoes.

  • Oh my goodness friend! I can relate to the reverse of almost ALL of these, since I’m 4’10”!! I married a tall guy (oops!), often ask people for help getting things off the shelves, wear heels so people don’t COMPLETELY tower over me, order from Old Navy’s petite line and STILL have to hem my pants (although I totally get that it’s easier to take off than add on), hate the awkward hugs from tall people, have to stand on my toes to use public bathroom sinks and Target’s debit card readers, and often think people are just staring at my great hair to be reminded that they’re trying to figure out if I’m a really mature child or a very short adult. LOL. I hate going to the movies or salons because the chairs are SO huge that my head never makes it to the neck rest. 🙂 It’s a good thing we are fearfully and wonderfully made, because the struggle is real! <3

    Whitney @ Come Home For Comfort

    • Winner of the best comment totally goes to you. Russ and I were laughing so hard friend. You should totally write your very own post on the topic. So many people would love it…. also my HUGE 8 year old is the same height as you. Haha ha! Love the way you ended your comment friend. SO true.

  • Im not nearly as tall (5’7) but am always the tallest of my friends and acquaintances (not sure why lol) but yes to the awkward knee bend in pictures and the hugs where you get choked out because your neck is always squished by the persons head :p

    • 5’7″ is a pretty great height. Tall, but not to tall and yes, I can totally see still needing to do the knee bend. At least when we hug some day it won’t be too awkward!!!

      • Gah!!! Yes! And I look forward to that day!! 😀

  • I love this!! I am short 5’4. I have to double check the Petite length sizes bc some are too short though, although you’re right, I can take length off!

    • I hate finding a really cute pair of pants and having to let them go. I think we all do have our fair share of problems.

  • Oh my gosh yes!! Tall girl problems. The mirror, the heels, the shirt/dresses. Ugh, thanks for sharing your/ our pain.

  • bahaha- I totally picture you as tall….I’m the complete opposite.

  • I’m short so all my problems are exact opposite! All my kids are tall and I’m the shortest person in my home and my youngest is only 11 years old.

  • So I’ve fully embraced ankle pants because now it looks like everything fits!hahaha My issue is more length or torso than length of legs, though. And when we finally got a big soaker tub when we bought the new house a couple of years ago, I was soooo excited!

    • I don’t think my torso is too much longer than normal but I have legs for days. Isn’t it funny how even tall people have different “problem areas”, lol. I bet that soaker tub is fantastic!

  • Justine Y

    Oh my gosh, amen! I am not quite as tall as you (I’m about 5’9″) but can relate to pretty much all of these! And yeah, what’s the deal with pants, dresses, and shorts never being long enough?!

    • First of all I smiled when I read you were tall. I honestly had no clue. Finding a cute dress and having to put it back because it is too short is so stinking heart breaking for me.

  • Totally cracking up! I can relate to so many of these even though I’m only 5’7″. I am super short waisted which makes my legs seem even longer and skirts/dresses always appear too short so I’m always doing the finger tip test to prove to others that it’s truly long enough!! My moms best friend is like 5’2″ and one time we were at a funeral and I went to hug her and her head was right at my boobs and she just died. Too funny! Great post.

    • 5’7″ is a respectable and taller than average height for a girl. I do the fingertip test too and can totally relate. It feels like I have legs for days. Such a blessing and a curse. That is SO funny. At least you were able to laugh about it.

  • Oh my gosh, you are too funny! Love that so much of your personality came through in this! Well we are going to have an awesomely awkward hug/picture then, you are 7 inches taller than me! I love it. And LOL at the gigantic children one, so funny!

    • It was a super fun post for me to write, one I have been wanting to do for a long time. Glad you enjoyed it. Marissa is nearly 5′ and she isn’t even 9 yet. Gigantic children for sure!

  • Meghan Flinn

    While I’m “only 5’6″” I too love that old navy has tall for dresses!

    • Old Navy’s dresses can be REALLY short so yeah, I am hoping the tall one I just ordered is long enough!

  • Love this so much! I’m 5’9 and have been this tall since 6th grade. The boys used to call me TTFU (for too tall, flat and ugly) in middle school. I’m always sinking down for selfies with my friends! So nice to find your blog today!

    • YES!!! Me too! I grew tall and fast to.Those stupid boys. They were ruthless for sure. So glad you found me too!