My Month In Numbers, January 2017

Last year I started sharing about our months according to numbers. It was a fun way to document all of the little and big things that make up our days and months. After all, life’s little moments are what really makes up life around here. There are way more ordinary days than exciting ones. Why not document the little things too?

13 – Trips to the gym.
23 – Blog posts wrote.
1506 – Photos in my January folder.
– Night out-of-town.
37 How old Russ turned on his birthday.
10 Family game nights playing the Wii.
19 – School days.
Inches of snow.
12 Episodes of Gilmore Girls watched.
Coffee mug added to my ever-growing collection.
15 Times that the girls creamed me in Monopoly Jr.
Trips to Target.
– Sick days.
100 Times I thought about spring break.
234 Awana bucks earned by the girls.
Desserts baked.
7.5 – The size in women’s shoes my 8-year-old now wears.
2,458’ish – Quiz questions practiced with Marissa.
Days that Russ was off work.
31 –  Photos shared on Instagram

One month down, 11 to go. 2017 definitely seems like it is going to fly by doesn’t it? With some out-of-town trips, more birthdays, and Valentines Day I have absolutely no doubts that February won’t give us lots of little moments to count too.

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  • Heather Bramlett

    I’m glad I’m not the only one that takes that many pictures! HA
    5 trips to Target! I wish I could say that….I was probably around 10-12. YIKES

    • Lol! That is awesome. Way too many photos is just my thing I guess. Glad it’s not just me :).

  • Jessica

    I love these posts! You guys had a great month! Marissa worked hard on studying…wow that’s a lot of questions. 🙂

    • Oh man. Can I be honest? I am not the least bit sad that, that is over with. It was taking up a lot of time and energy. But it was worth it.

  • I love these posts also! But I should probably not keep track of the number of Target trips…hubby might not be too happy with that haha

    • Bahaha ha ha! That is hilarious and so true. I was pretty good this month.

  • Lizzie Simantz

    Oh my gosh 7.5 size shoes!? Girlfriend passes me for sure, I’m only a 6 LOL!

    Yes to 12 episodes of GG! I kind of want to go back and watch it again

    • She does have huge feet but she is so stinking tall she has too, lol.

      Oh man I haven’t watched an episode since I was sick. That really stinks :(. I need my GG fix.

  • 7.5 shoe size? Wow! I have rather big feet as well (8.5) for being as short as I am (I’m 5.4). Well done with the 23 trips to the gym! 🙂

    • Haha! She is almost 5′ tall so she needs those big feet to stay grounded :P.

  • HOly games of Monopoly! Thanks for linking up- I love keeping track of the little moments too.

    • We got it for Christmas and they are obsessed!

  • Your child has big feet! Gabbie only wears a size 6 in adult shoes. LOL. Also…where do you keep your mug collection? I hate to buy more mugs because I don’t have a good way to display them and I don’t like shoving them into cabinets!

    • She does! I should probably also add that she is nearly 5 foot tall and only 8. I keep mine in the cupboard. But yeah, I have way too many.

  • Meghan Flinn

    Wow, what a busy and fun month! And now you have me thinking about spring break too 😉

    • WAHOO! I still need to figure out when we are going to take ours. HA!

  • These posts are so much fun! I am tracking some numbers for February. Do you play regular Monopoly or Jr? We play both and Dino-opoly…they take HOURS so we don’t play often.

    • We play Jr. regular would take forever and a day and I am not so sure I want to got there :P.

  • I LOVE that you guys have family game nights playing the Wii. We still have our old Wii and B can’t wait until the kids are old enough to play! So much fun!

    • That is EXACTLY what we did. We waited until everyone was old enough to love it and started playing. It has been SO much fun.

  • M and I can now share shoes… what the heck?!?
    When are you having Spring Break? I think maybe we need to figure out a chance to Skype.

    • It’s crazy, right? I honestly haven’t decided yet but I think since we will get out of school in VERY early May we will do it in late March.

  • 0 inches of snow makes me sad:(

    • I KNOW! To make it worse our local weather guy said no snow this winter. So not fair.

  • Whitney Jordan

    Busy month! I’m hoping next month you’ll be able to report on some snow! Yay for all of the trips to Target and episodes of Gilmore Girls. I love them both!

    • It’s looking like a big fat no. Our local weather guy said no snow for this year :(. My heart broke into itty bitty pieces.

  • Busy lady! You are watching the Gilmore Girls?! I am on episode 47. I think I know most of the characters and may just go head and jump ahead and watch the year in the life episodes.

    • I am on episode 30, you win 😆. I wish I could do that but I’m to much of a has to be done in order kind of gal 😂.