My Loves, The People That Have Stolen My Heart

I feel like y’all know so much about me and not so much about the people who mean the most to me, my family. Today I want to highlight those who are the nearest and dearest to me and share a little more about them. What they like, dislike, and a few reasons that I love them. 

AKA “The Mr.”. Russ and I have been married for nearly 10 years now and  have been great friends for 11 years. He is a quiet and shy guy but once you really get to know him, watch out, he can be quite a handful. He loves cars, NASCAR, and history. He dislikes almost all social media, having his picture taken, and has had the same phone for years now because “it still works doesn’t it”. He is truly a simple kind of man (I can’t hear that song without thinking about him). I love him because of his amazing hugs, his hard work ethic, and that he keeps me grounded and smiling all at the same time. 

This girl is my mini me. We both fight a battle that says our greatest strengths can also be our greatest weakness’ too. She is organized like no 8-year-old should be and is an excellent planner as well. She is a bit of an old soul and often needs reminded that it is okay to just be a kid. She loves to read. If you don’t watch her closely she would read until 10:00 at night because “It is just so hard to put a good book down”. She also loves to cook and create things. Her dislikes are math, snakes and spiders. I love her obedience that makes parenting her easy, her huge dimples, and her heart to serve others. 

Emily keeps me on my toes. She is our class clown and goofy girl. She is a free spirit and we never know what to expect from her, but we aren’t exactly surprised by anything she does or says either. She keeps our family laughing and has a huge heart full of compassion. She loves Minnie Mouse something fierce, is the pickiest eater I have ever met, and never gives herself enough credit. She dislikes trying new foods, bugs, and the dark. I love her curly hair, her amazing hugs, and that she just does her. You do you Em.

There are so many other people I could add to the list of those that have stolen my heart, but if I really got started down that road I may never be able to stop. However if they happen to read this (and I feel certain that they are) I think they probably know who they are ;).

Other things that have stolen my heart are…

Coffee, Longmire, carbs, summer, chalk art, donuts, farm-house style, tacos, my planner, scones, Gilmore Girls, Instagram, pasta, my camera, cookies, exercise, all things pumpkin, Target, and snail mail. Wouldn’t you know half of those items are food… did I mention carbs?

Tell me one thing or one person that has stolen your heart?

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  • Heather Bramlett

    Love this! Love getting to know more about your people! I have a similar post coning tomorrow!! πŸ™‚
    Happy Monday!

    • Yay! Can’t wait to read it here in a few! Thanks Heather.

  • Jessica

    This is awesome! So fun to learn new things about your people. You are a lucky lady!

  • Your oldest and my oldest are very similar! My coffee is letting me down this morning…not good for a Monday.

    • Oh man when I read this yesterday morning I seriously lol’d. I hope your coffee is treating you better today.

  • Amy Smith

    Well, this was fun to read! Such a great idea for a post. Marissa sounds a lot like me, too. And I can already tell that Wyatt will be very similar to Emily. Have a great Monday!

    • Something about that youngest child. They are just so different from the first born. Thanks Amy. Monday wasn’t to terrible to me.

  • Awww I love this! Matt is very similar to Russ.. esp. the social media thing. And, I’m with Marissa on the spiders! My girls have stolen my heart (when they are playing nicely that is) πŸ˜‰ The other day Annabelle sang “you are my sunshine” to Autumn, and my heart just burst.

    • Oh man Russ HATES it. Which is why I am so surprised he joined the IG challenge. He is rarely ever on Facebook and he never checks his email either. That is just the sweetest!

  • Such a sweet family! Love reading about your loves!

  • Lizzie Simantz

    I loved learning more about your favorite people! I bet Marissa could teach me a think or two about organization πŸ™‚

    • Haha! I think she could teach me a thing or two, too!

  • Very sweet post!

  • So sweet! I love how God gives us just the personalities we need in a husband and that no two kids are ever the same (in their likes/dislikes/strengths/weakness..even from the same family. My husband has stolen my heart for forever, He is the opposite of me in so many ways and my perfect compliment. We keep each other balanced.

    • Aaaawwwww that was just the sweetest. It is so cool how successful relationships all seem to have a sense of balance in common.

  • Love this so much! I have the exact same post planned for tomorrow!

  • Erin

    Such a sweet post πŸ™‚ I love dreaming of what kind of personality my little guy will have one day. I’m totally counting him as my valentine this yr!!

    • You totally should call him just that, a little heart breaker :). Oh how they grow up so quickly. I can totally remember both of my girls’ first Valentines Days.

  • So sweet! I love to learn more about them!

  • I love this post! Marissa sounds like me as well and Emily sounds a lot like Mila! And your girls have the best smiles. And, yes, give me all the carbs as well!!

    • Oh that Emily keeps me on my toes, I bet Mila does the same to you! Thank you so much and yes, all the bread, pasta, cookies and anything else!!!

  • Awe, adore you and your family! Im an old soul too, I totally get Marissa. Not that we’ve started watching it yet but I added Longmire on Netflix because I know how much you like it πŸ™‚

    • Oh my goodness that gave me the biggest grin. I have NEVER binge watched a series that hard before and I would have watched it faster had Russ not slowed me down :P. He will always and forever be my “old man” crush.

  • I love your family!! You all mean the world to me! Happy Valentine’s Day, Newman Clan.

    • And my family loves you too :*! Happy Valentines Day to you!

  • Meghan Flinn

    What a sweet post! Pasta, cheese, and ice cream would have to make my list… what is it about food that always comes to mind???

    • Yes, yes, and yes. Guess what, that is totally what we are having for dinner tonight. Cheese sticks, lasagna, and Ice cream sundaes! Want to join us ;).

  • I love how similar yet different the girls are. I see the both aren’t fond of bugs πŸ™‚ Neither am I, girls!

    • They come by it honestly :P. I have gotten better about not screaming my head off though.

  • I can so relate to your greatest strengths being your greatest weakness!!! Such a sweet family with personality! Hope you have a beautiful day together.

    • Oh man I think it can be that way for everyone really but ours feel like such a noose most days. Thank you so much, you too!

  • What a super fun read, Beth!! I loved getting to know that beautiful family of yours better through it! I can see a lot of similarities in our families. My husband is also quiet until you get to know him, and not a fan of social media or having his picture taken either (but us wives snap away anyway, don’t we? lol) It sounds like our daughters are a lot a like! My oldest is a mature, organized, planner and my youngest fits into that “never know what to expect from her” club too. Hehe πŸ™‚ Thanks so much for taking time to share about those dearest to you! I’m enjoying getting to know you and your cute crew more and more! Wishing you all the happiest Valentine’s Day!! xo – Brenda //

    • It was so much fun to read about your family and YES, I noticed so many similarities too. I really think there is something to the birth order affecting a kids personality and such. I hope you had a great time celebrating yesterday.

  • Katy King

    Marissa and Emily have similar traits to my 1st and 2nd – loving them is easy! Loved this post; hope you have a great day!

    • Isn’t that fun! There really is something to be said about birth order. Thank you so much Katy!

  • I love this post so much! Russ is very much like my mother in law. She keeps phones (and many other things) for years upon years because it β€˜works’. She hates learning new technology. I love that Marissa is an old soul. I think that is such a good foundation for when they move into their teen years! They seem more β€˜grounded’ than some teenagers can be. If that makes any kind of sense! I think I am trying to say that she would be way too mature to do the immature things teens sometimes do. She and I share the same exact likes and dislikes! Oh Emily! I love her free spirit. Her smile and joy is just contagious. I can’t help but think how much alike your sweet Emily and my sweet Mason are! And I found myself nodding in agreement to all of the things that have stolen your heart! And friend, you must know that you have stolen my heart. You are such a kind soul and I just adore you! Thank you for the sweetest card you sent me the other day! It made my entire week and I have read it more than half a dozen times!

    • Let’s certainly hope she doesn’t, lol. I think about Mason and Emily being so similar all the time too. I bet they would have so much fun playing together. And now I am crying. Thank you so much friend. I am so glad to have brought a little bit of joy to your life.

  • Your cute family! Isn’t it funny how our children can be just like us? I have a couple mini me’s and sometimes I just shake my head. I like your loves! Love makes the world go round πŸ™‚

    • I am convinced it is Gods way of showing his sense of humor.

  • Russell sounds like my dan—anti-social media and makes accounts just to bug me.

    • Baha ha! They would get along oh so well.

  • Whitney Jordan

    What a sweet family you have!! I love that Marissa is so grown up that you have to remind her to be a kid sometimes. And I always think of Emily when I see Minnie Mouse πŸ™‚

    • That makes me smile friend. I was just hiding a Minnie scooter Emily is getting for her birthday! Sometimes I am glad she can be so mature others it makes me worry a bit.