Little Letters, February 2017

Last month I linked up for ‘Little Letters’ for the very first time. I wasn’t sure how much I would like the link-up, but I wanted to give it a fair shot. It only took one post for me to realize that I loved it. It was the perfect opportunity to toss in a little bit of wit and sarcasm on the blog. Those emotions are ones that don’t easily come across when writing so having a post where I get to cut loose was a blast. I was also VERY relieved when several of my blogging friends also hopped on the little letter bus and were equally as snarky and sarcastic as I was. 

So, I think it is safe to say that I will keep these posts coming.

Dear Instagram,

I hate you and your stupid algorithms. I miss the old you, why did you have to change.

Dear Winter,

Where are you? Seriously?! I was completely convinced it was spring all earlier this week and it is supposed to be nearly 80 degrees tomorrow. It is February, right? I’m not sure I understand exactly what is going on. I really want snow and I am starting to think you are going to let me down…again.

Dear Emily,

As much as it would make your daddy cringe, I almost hope you pick that pumpkin birthday cake you have been talking about. I miss pumpkin spice season. Otherwise I might just be a rebel and make something else pumpkin flavored, just because I can. 

Dear Abi Mae,

I miss you so much sweet girl. I can’t wait until I can see you again and hold you and squeeze you and eat your precious little baby face all up.
P.S. The snap chats that your mommy sends me are my favorites, EVER! 

Dear Mail Man, 

Sometimes I think you need reading glasses. The amount of times I get other people’s mail is nothing short of terrifying. 

Dear Water Company,

Thank you for not shutting off our water when our bill went unpaid for 3, yes THREE months. I am also glad that your late fee policy is fractions of a cent. I have no idea what happened and I swear I wasn’t trying to stiff you. The problem is we weren’t getting our bill!

Oh wait…. the mail man! I wonder what other bills aren’t getting paid. 

Dear Winter Bucket List,

I think you may have been my worst idea ever. I am pretty sure of the 20+ items on our list we have only crossed off like 1…. maybe. It seemed like a good idea at the time. Then life happened.

Dear Punks,

Why in the world did you feel the need to graffiti up my favorite brick wall AND the beautiful barn doors that were right beside it. It was a photographers dream photo spot. Now I have to find another photo spot in an alley that is hidden and not trafficked (yeah right). It was bad enough that it was literally falling apart more and more everyday (I am pretty sure the building needs condemned), but that just wasn’t nice. 

Dear Valentines Boxes,

How is it that something I loved so dearly to make as an adult is now a huge pain in the bottom. I mean, can’t we just use a Wal-Mart Target sack and a sharpie. Kidding… kind of.

Dear Carbs,

Why are you so stinking good. I have yet to meet a carb I didn’t like. If only I could learn to love protein half as much as I love you. 


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Have a great weekend friends!
We’ll see you back here on Monday.

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  • Jessica

    I love these type of posts and finally got my act together to participate today. 🙂 I need to see more pictures of that sweet baby girl. I hope all is going well.

    • Oooohhh! I cant wait to read it. I need to catch up with your blog this afternoon! She is still in KC healing ever so slowly. Hopefully she’ll come home within the next week.

  • Amy Smith

    Three months?! Girl, that’s crazy. You can call & complain to your Post Office. We had to do that once at our old house.

    Hope you get to visit that sweet babe this weekend! XO!

    • I wish we did. But its almost a 5 hour round trip and we already have to head up there on Thursday for an eye appt for Emily. If she is still there we will make our visit then.

  • I’ve jumped on the letter bandwagon today too lol. And oh I hear you about the carbs!! I made pumpkin stuff twice this week already— just because!

    • Can’t wait to read it. Haha Oh girl, you are awesome.

  • Lizzie Simantz

    OMG the water bill!! LOL!! Almost 80 degrees!? Girl that is just crazy!! Have a great weekend!

    • Isn’t that the worst. You would have thought that they would have sent a shut off notice! It was CRAZY and awesome and now the high is 50 today :(.

  • Oh my goodness, Beth! This was such a fun and relatable read! I’m so with you on the old instagram – 100000x better! Also, winter, either be winter or go away. lol. It thought we were done with the snow here but some fell this week – so pretty! I loved everything about it, except the shoveling in the freezing cold part. Let’s be real, if I could have a heated driveway to avoid that, I’d be all in! 😉 I featured some carbs in my loves post today. Why are they sooo good?! (Whatever, I’m getting cheese fries.) Rooting for that pumpkin cake too! Yum! 🙂 Oh, and I can’t wrap up this rambly comment without telling you that I feel your pain on the postal service too! We once had 3 boxes (Christmas gifts and curriculum) delivered to the completely wrong address, blocks away. Praise God the sweet strangers actually brought it to our door! It happens all too often. I’ve had my husband call in complaints. My phone is only for texting. 😉 Have a fab Friday, my fun and sassy friend! Loved your outlet for wit and sarcasm — you rocked it! 🙂 xo – Brenda //

    • Haha! You are such a bright spot in my day. Instagram is such a struggle. One photo gets LOTS of likes, the next half as much it makes me so mad. We aren’t getting any snow this year, the weather man said it the other day and my heart just broke into pieces. I bet you were SO relieved when the kind strangers delivered them. I had a few boxes never show up and I have no clue what happened them :(. Happy Sunday. We are off to church!

  • Bwahaha. I joined up this time too!! I have the same feelings about the weather. I’m so sorry to hear about the graffiti! Not cool, not cool. And, our mail man isn’t so great at times either… in fact sometimes the mail just doesn’t come…

    • Yay! I need to catch up on blogs later! We have those days too. One week we didn’t get mail for like 4 days!!!

  • The weather here is like that too – well obviously, since we live so close to each other! I hope Abi is doing well. Also – I get the wrong people’s mail all the time! My neighbor brought me my mail a few times too. So annoying!

    • It IS so annoying. She is doing okay. Slowly healing and will hopefully be sent home by next week!

  • Heather Bramlett

    I wish it was 80 here in GA! I’m freezing today!!
    I get the wrong persons mail all the time! HA so annoying!
    We are making Ella’s Valentine box tonight! Wish us luck! HAHAHA
    Happy Friday!

    • That seems so backwards, right? 80 yesterday, 50 today. It is nuts around here.

      I hope it turned out perfectly! I feel pretty certain that it did.

  • I love this link-up so much! It’s fun to not be so serious for a moment! And I love reading sarcasm of my favorite bloggers! Mason’s teacher sent home a note that they will be making Valentine boxes in class! Woo! Dodged a bullet there. Otherwise I probably would have just grabbed a kit from Target and called it done! ha.

    • YES! It totally is. WHAT, that is AWESOME! We took a couple of coffee containers, made a panda and a Minnie face and called them done. Shwooo!

  • I am SO with you on Instagram and Valentine’s Day boxes. Two of my biggest pet peeves right now. Haha!

    • Baha ha ha! I knew I couldn’t be alone on either of those.

  • Is it bad that writing sarcastically is what DOES come natural to me?! Haha. But seriously.

    And girl, I totally feel you on the IG thing. I have been in the WORST position with IG for the last week. I can’t gain followers to save my life. I’ve seriously been hovering at 3300 for DAYS and it’s so frustrating! I’ll get 10 new followers only to have 15 unfollow me. Sigh… You are just rocking and rolling with yours!

    • This is my exact sentiment regarding IG right now. My follower count will not move and when it does, twice as many people unfollow on the exact same day?!

    • Lol! Not bad at all!

      Oh man it STINKS right. I have been stuck all weekend too. I get more angry about the likes though. One photo gets TONS the next tanks. I feel like it is a struggle to get anything seen now days.

  • Whitney Jordan

    Carbs are my favorite, too! IG is being so weird lately. I hope things settle down and get back to growing, promoting and encouraging instagrammers. Winter has been weird for sure – 60s and snow all in the same week here. Looking like the ground hog was wrong 🙂 Hope you have a great weekend!

    • Which is just another reason why I love you. Oh man it has been the worst. My photos were doing so well and then they must have changed algorithms and it feels like nothing is being seen. SO frustrating for sure. Happy Sunday!

  • Thank you so much for linking up each month — I am so excited to see this linky grow and I laughed out loud when I read that were a little unsure about writing the letters. Honesty is my fave. YES to Instagram. What in the fresh heck?! I feel like my account is so stagnant right now and I feel sure it’s because NOBODY is actually seeing it. Not cool, Instagram.

    • You bet! Honesty is the only way sister, that’s my motto at least. What the fresh heck, baha ha! It’s so true. I have no idea what happened, but I don’t like it one bit. And I totally agree I did nothing differently and my likes have tanked.

  • Meghan Flinn

    Omg I’m so sad to hear about your perfect brick wall and barn doors!!! And you have me laughing about a pumpkin cake. I had a pumpkin bread mix left so noah and I just made some muffins and chris said we must be confused what month it is!

    • Russ would have said the same exact thing. I nearly cried when I saw the graiti. It is probably for the best though really. That building has fallen down a little more every time I go by there.

  • No, how dare those punks! That is horrible. Good luck finding a new photo spot and glad the Water Company was so forgiving. Once when we moved and there was a little snafu, the water was turned off mid shower on me one morning. That was a beautiful day….. NOT 🙂

    • Baha ha! Oh man they sometime randomly just shut ours off for construction purposes. It makes me SO mad. Shouldn’t you knock on a few doors first. Jerks :P.

  • You go girl! Make that pumpkin cake! I miss pumpkin spice just as much as you! Why can’t it be a year round thing?

    • We should just totally go for it. Celebrate the 4th with a PSL. I think it’s in our veins… probably because we have consumed so much.

  • As I read blogs this morning, I am waiting for my oven to beep so I can remove a batch of pumpkin muffins. I am making mini ones with no chocolate chips and I can have them for pretty low points. My goal is to grab them with a banana on MWF when I need to eat on the go.

    • This made my heart so happy. Now I need to go make something pumpkin too!

  • I SO feel snarky haha!!! But Im not surprised we both feel that way 😀

  • i love me some protein…wrapped up in carbs. haha

    • Glory hallelujah. A girl after my own heart for sure!