14 Days of Love, A Photo Challenge Recap

First off I want to say a huge thank you to those of you who participated in this photo challenge. Whether it was all 14 days, some of them, or encouraging others to join, I really appreciate all of you and your support. I am also thrilled to say we had 739 photos use our hashtag as of the morning of February 15th! Not to bad for a photo challenge that was announced only 36 hours before it started. With one successful challenge under my belt, I really hope to host more photo challenges in 2017.

Since planning and executing photo prompts requires a lot of planning, creativity and work I thought it would be fun to recap and share my photos with you today. You may have already seen them over on Instagram, but you very likely may have missed some of them too. 

Day 1 – Selfie

Day 2 – Heart

Day 3 – Red

Day 4 – Little Moment

Day 5 – Bundled Up

Day 6 – My Favorite…

Day 7 – Smile

Day 8 – Pretty In Pink

Day 9 – Create

Day 10 – From Where I Stand

Day 11 – Love Is…

Day 12 – Floral

Day 13 – Sweet

Day 14 – Valentine

Did you complete or participate in the challenge?
What was your favorite prompt?

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  • Jessica

    Thanks for hosting girl! I loved participating. Photo challenges are so much fun. I’ll host with you. 😉 I love your selfie photo! You have the best smile. And the photo of Russ as favorite cracks me up. He’s such a character.

    • Oh my goodness he IS a character. Thank you so much for joining the shenanigans. You always rock the photo challenges.

  • Oh what a lovely challenge. And such amazing pics. My fave is bundled up!

    • So funny that on the bundled up day it was nearly 80 degrees. The weather has been insane this year.

  • Lizzie Simantz

    I’m so mad I didn’t get my act together for this! It was right up my alley, only 14 days LOL! I loved all your pictures!

    • 14 days was perfect. I really should have announced it much sooner than I did but it was totally a spur of the moment thing.

  • I loved all of your posts. I think I got all but two days.. pretty good for me! I request you do a recap of Russ’s…. they made me laugh.

    • I totally wanted to but his grandma gets my blog posts to her email and I am not so sure she would have approved of them…. HA!

  • I missed 3 days of the challenge, I think, but I just kept going when I skipped one! I really like these challenges because they inspire me to post and help me find other people to interact with! I loved all of your photos as well.

    • You did great. I totally need to do that too. So many times if I missed a day it was all down hill and I never caught back up. Thank you!

  • Heather Bramlett

    I loved this photo challenge! So much fun!! You should host another one for St. Patricks day…hint hint! 🙂
    Love all your pictures~

    • I was thinking about that but man we don’t even really celebrate that holiday, lololol. I think I have a spring one planned to start on April 1st!

  • Dang, that is a ton of pictures!! I would say that was a pretty successful photo challenge! You should totally do another one soon… I really enjoyed having different prompts for each day… even though I did miss a few. ;o)

    • It went over super well for such a short challenge. I am really thinking about a spring one, so look for that in a few weeks.

  • I loved your photos! I had fun participating… thank you for hosting!

    • Thank you so much. I was so excited that so many jumped on board. Thank you!

  • I hope you host more challenges! Then I can be motivated to do it 🙂

    • I think I will! Look for something come spring.

  • I am eager to see what Spring brings 😉
    Thanks for putting this together. It was a blast.

    • 😉 Me too! Hehe he he! You bet thanks for encouraging me.

  • I love that you did this! I need to try and do this, but I’m so bad at IG, I need to be better at planning and actually intentionally do stuff, instead of picking the first picture on my phone…haha! I’m going to try and participate in the next one for sure!

    • I can be so bad at it too. I have really discovered that I have to focus on one thing I just can’t do it all. So IG or Facebook, or Pinterest, or Twitter. Never all or even multiple. I think there will be another come April!

  • BEEEEutiful pictures!

  • Love them all sweet friend! You take amazing photos of your precious family.

    • Right back at you dear! I hope your week was just what you needed.