$10 at Target, Emily’s Birthday Edition

Typically once a month I head to Target, photograph a whole bunch of things I love, and share my finds with you, leaving the “big reveal” of what I actually bought for the very end. Not this month. This month I took one of my favorite sidekicks to Target with me for a little pre birthday shopping trip and what we had turned out to be more of an adventure

I explained the rules to her in the car on our 4 minute drive to Target (torture to be that close, I know). I told her she had $10 and could buy anything she wanted to buy. She immediately decided that she was going to buy Legos and didn’t have much interest in looking at anything else. However, when we arrived I did a pretty good job of distracting her… until the very end.

We looked at candy in the dollar spot.

Talked about how pretty this skirt is.

And this purse.

Posed with #Bullseye the Target dog.

Found every Minnie item in the whole store. These were just a few of our favorites.

Tried on sunglasses. 

Took selfies in the makeup aisle…. she leaned in for a smooch all on her own. My heart melted and I was so glad I caught this moment on camera.

Laughed about her “HUGE hands”.

Dreamed about the pool days in the somewhat near future.

Played in the toy aisle.

And ended our visit in the Lego aisle, picking out yet another set. 

How did it add up?

Lego Set $9.99
Total $9.99
Red Card -5%
Tax +8.0750
Grand Total $10.26

Over budget by a few cents, but she was totally worth it.

Mark your calendars now for next months linkup, March 20th! I am hoping to find items to decorate for Easter or to make spring break more fun!

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What have you found at Target lately?

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  • Jessica

    It does not surprise me at all that Emily picked a Lego set. I loved all the things you two looked at while at Target though. The huge hands is my favorite. Ha ha! I will say I’m slightly surprised she didn’t pick anything Minnie, but Lego love runds deep.

    • Now if only there were Minnie Mouse Lego sets. She would be in HEAVEN! Lololol. She had so much fun on our little adventure.

  • Amy Smith

    Cash received $10 for Valentine’s Day from Grandma & Grandpa & I know exactly where that money will be spent…the Lego aisle, too. It looks like the two of you had just a blast together! Glad you got some one on one time!

    • We had so much fun. Her personality really shines when her big sister isn’t bossing her around :P.

  • Awww, it looks like you guys had so much fun!! I totally thought she was going to buy one of those Minnie Mouse items.

    • I think she just has SO much Minnie stuff. Now if only they made Minnie Legos.

  • Lizzie Simantz

    How fun for Emily to go shop! That Minnie stuff is so cute! I am going to remember to do this in March!

    • It is one of my favorite link-ups of the month. I mean nobody has to tell me to go shopping at Target twice :P.

  • Heather Bramlett

    So fun that Em got to pick out a birthday gift!! Love her Lego set. But was surprised she didn’t got with something Minnie. HA

    • I thought it was a lot of fun for her too. She has SO much Minnie stuff girl. Just imagine 4.5 years worth of Minnie stuff. Baha ha!

  • We have that skirt! My 9 year old said it was fancy and we had to get it. So tell me how do you keep all of the LEGO items off of the floor and out of the path of maiming and destroying the feet of the inhabitants of your house?

    • That skirt is FANTASTIC! We really should have bought it too because I will be sad if they sell out before we pick one up.

      Marissa has shelves to store hers in her room and Emily has a book case. Other than that I just have a no Legos on the floor that aren’t being played with rule. That hurts to bad to risk it, lol.

  • She is oh so worth it! What a fun way to shop. I should have Connor shop again, I did once before around Halloween, but my boy is expensive 🙂

    • Lol. Did he not grasp the $10 budget part. Tehe he he! Em kept saying “Can I buy this?!”

  • This is SO cute! I love that you photographed your whole adventure – what a sweet memory!! <3

    Whitney @ Come Home For Comfort

    • It really was. I need to keep on doing this with my girls on their birthday months.

  • The flamingo bag and mini tassle purse are so cute! I love that she had her mind made up of what she wanted before she got there. I also love all the pictures!

    • Aren’t those little bags the sweetest. I was a teensy sad she didn’t venture out, but at least she got something she loved.

  • I can’t believe she didn’t get Minnie shoes!!

    • Well, for what it is worth they were one size to small. They went to a 12/13 and she is a 1.

  • Meghan Flinn

    Legos are sometimes hard with only $10! I’m glad they are making some smaller sets though so I can surprise Noah with random sets more often than just one big set on holidays.

    • Oh goodness are they. The girl kind always have a few $5 sets but once we have them all, we have them all for a year or so :P.

  • These pictures are so cute! I honestly couldn’t wait to see what she chose. Lego sets are always a hit with my kids, too. One thing, though…your sales tax is SO high!!! Ouch! I’m going to mark this on my calendar for next month. I always forget to link up. Staying under $10 is going to be a challenge. Haha!

    • Oh goodness those girls LOVE Lego sets. I think we have 30+ of those Lego Friends sets from HUGE to itty bitty. Is it? I never even pay attention. We have state and local tax but the cost of living around here is so cheap, we probably still come out ahead of most people. I think our neighbor to the south (Arkansas) is even higher than us!

  • What a fun Target trip with Emily! And you’re only 4 minutes away? My bank account would hate me, haha.

    • Yeah, I spend most of my time trying to forget I live so close :P.

  • Whitney Jordan

    So sweet! I love that you got her to look around, but she left with what she planned on getting. Girl knows what she wants. And I’m jealous of your 4 minute commute 🙂

    • She sure did. I was glad I got her to look around. What’s a trip to Target without browsing the aisles?!

  • Looks like a fun time! Yay for Legos!

  • Love the swing with her picking out something for 10$

  • So cute! I love that you caught her kissing you. I’m shocked that she didn’t pick Minnie Mouse!

    • Well, she has SO much Minnie stuff. Now if only they had Minnie Legos!

  • I love that you brought Emily along this month and let her pick something out. I’m actually SHOCKED that she didn’t pick anything Minnie! But I think she made a good choice in the end 🙂

    • Hehe! I think she just has so much Minnie stuff. 4.5 years worth and growing. She is pretty obsessed with Legos. Now, if only they had big kid Minnie Legos we’d be in trouble.

  • My daughter is all into those Lego sets as well. Yay for Cartwheel!!! I’m in the mood for Target but really when am I not? Maybe next month I can participate and lift this spending fast! xoxoxo

    • Oh man we have SO many of those stinking Lego sets, its CRAZY. They are super cute though. And SO true. Who doesn’t want to go spend $10… or $100? dollars at Target.

  • Oh my goodness what a special little trip for just the two of you. I bet she loved the one on one time with mommy!

    • She really did. Big sister can be kind of bossy so time away is always nice for her, lol!

  • Yup, its decided, Kinsey and Emily would be great friends.

  • It looks like you two had so much fun on this Target date! Legos for the win!!

    • We really did. Emily is just so much fun to hang out with 🙂

  • Cat @ MaryMarthaMama.com

    That’s so much fun! I think my guy would have picked legos too 🙂

    • It was probably my favorite $10 at Target trip ever. Legos for the win!