InstaLife Lately, January 2017

When I shared my goals for 2017 I told you I was focusing all blog related group towards one platform this year, Instagram. Since I am investing so much time and growth in that direction I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite photos on the blog too. Because you never know what people are seeing or aren’t seeing on IG now days. So if you’ve seen them all, my deepest apologies. I hope you like them even more this second time around.

The first day of the New Year we took the girls kite flying. They had so much fun flying an old kite that Russ’ parents had. It was so much better than the cheapo plastic ones we usually fly. I need to look into getting another good one.

I shared this as part of my Christmas-birthday wishlist and I am so glad I bought it! She confirms exactly what I preach all the time. Just because you have the handwriting of a serial killer, it doesn’t mean you can’t do chalk lettering. I think it has more to do with your artistic abilities than your writing skills.

Earlier this week I talked about how I have learned to embrace a love for Target. It took me longer than most and I may have fought it a little but alas, I finally gave in and am now swept away. I think my IG feed clearly shows it too.

In fact, if you’ll allow me to gloat just a little bit more, Target shared this photo in their AwesomeShop this week… and they also followed me on Instagram. I promise, I’ll quit going on and on about it. Mums the word from here on out. But when a HUGE company like Target follows you, it is pretty stinking flattering. I know they’ll probably unfollow me eventually but goodness gracious. I will happily live in the glory that we had a brief fling.

Remember that donut shop I mentioned opening up a short walk away… Yeah, this is no good friends.

When Emily saw this jacket she proclaimed it to be “the prettiest jacket she’s ever seen”. Since it was on clearance (at Target might I add) I happily opened up the wallet to get it for her. After all, she has grown out of her other Minnie jackets.

When I posted this photo I had SO many comments on this wreath. Does anyone else remember when this wreath was ALL the rage on Pinterest about 4 years ago? It seems people have forgotten all about it.

This photo is my life in a nutshell. Emily being silly, Marissa laughing. Ever since Emily was old enough to be the family comedian, she has been rocking her roll. 

I shared this photo for one reason, I wanted to show off my favorite new coffee mug. I have been using it on repeat ever since.

We’ve been having the best time photographing our weekly Target adventures and finds. I happened to take one photo a couple of weeks ago, then another the next week and now a weekly sister photo at Target seems to be my thing. I plan to keep it up for as long as I can, especially seeing that people are loving the photos. I mean you have to give the people what they want, right?

So there’s a peek into some of the photos that may have never made their way onto this space. 

Happy Friday Eve friends!

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  • Heather Bramlett

    Love it! Your girls are precious! and those donuts- oh my!!
    I have got to get better at taking better quality pictures for IG and my blog!!
    I hope to get new chalkboards signs made this weekend from using that book! I love it!

    • Yeah I almost always use my DSLR. It may be cheating, but my camera phone isn’t that impressive under certain lighting conditions… like my house. Can’t wait to see what you create.

  • Jessica

    I made that valentine wreath last year. Ha ha! Guess I was a bit behind the times. πŸ™‚ I can’t wait to see your chalkboard signs from using that book. Donuts are my downfall, so having them within walking distance would be bad.

    • Lol! Twins, how fun is that! I think I am going to try and share my chalkboard photos quarterly on the blog, but I put them on IG weekly…. not that that matters. Seeing anything over there feels impossible most days.

  • Meghan Flinn

    Your girls are the cutest… and so silly! I love how they go along with your ideas and pose for you! Or was the book idea theirs??

    • Nailed it, right there. So silly. The idea was totally mine but it took zero effort to get them to join my shenanigans.

  • You keep going on about Target all you want! I will live vicariously through you. πŸ˜‰ And I need (ok, no, I probably don’t need) donuts like that in my life.

    • Baha ha :*. Thank you so much friend. Supportive friends are priceless. Those donuts are amazing. Maybe I’ll bring you one someday :).

  • Yay for the follow from target!! Such awesome, funny pics! Love the girls’ pics

    • Thank you so much Sarita. Happy almost Friday.

  • Lizzie Simantz

    I’m so sad that coffee mug was out at my Target! And seriously girl, that is SO awesome about Target!! I must have missed your IG post with that wreath – so pretty! Did you make it? I really don’t remember seeing it floating around Pinterest which is shocking because I’m on that site way, way too much πŸ™‚

    • You have a Red Card, right?! Could you order it online?! Totally worth a try! I DID make the wreath I wrapped a plastic covered straw wreath and cut the hearts out with as template. You made me lololol too.

  • Yup, i still haven’t made a better effort at taking kickass instapictures like you. I will have to table that one til Feb.

    • Kickass instapictures?! Best compliment ever!

  • That’s crazy that Target followed you! In a good way, I mean! I bet they’ll keep following you as long as you keep sharing awesome Target pics. When I was in FL I ate at my fave east coast ice cream place, Carvel, and they followed me. I don’t know how to tell if they are still though!

    • Just kidding, I figured it out and they are still following me!

    • So crazy, right! I just checked and they haven’t unfollowed yet either!

  • You’ve always had an eye for great photos and I think your efforts to bring that to IG has really been received well.

    • Oh friend that is the best compliment. I have always LOVED taking photos, even before kids, lol!

  • Desiree @ Macke Monologues

    Super cute photos!
    I’m all for organic β€˜gram growth! I feel it’s the most genuine approach, with the most/best interaction with followers. There have been some really shady characters following me lately, and they’re being sent from ‘grammers who are looking to grow quickly, no matter the follower, which is often at the expense of the rest of us who don’t necessarily want those kind of creepy people following our feeds. I hope you hit your 2017 goal!!

    • I have seen your threads on Facebook so I’m aware of what’s up. I’m also aware of the desire to grow. When people use their blogs as a source of income to help support their families, social media stats are important and helpful. I think if that is a persons motivation to grow, it’s pretty hard to argue against. But everyone is entitled to do what they think is best (God bless America). I don’t think people are out to cause problems, nor are those individuals responsible for every creep who follows others. I wish I had more time to comb through my IG followers but I don’t, so I do it on the weekends. If this was a big concern of mine I’d set my account to private, at least overnight. As far as interaction goes I have made more positive connections than ever since putting forth effort to grow. I have met some really amazing like minded moms / bloggers and have noticed WAY less bot comments too. There definitely has been a lot of good which is exactly what I hoped for.

      • Desiree @ Macke Monologues

        Oh, I fully support organic growth. It’s a lot more genuine, a lot less shady, and a lot less risky in regards to actively allowing the creeps full access.

  • I’ve noticed your growth on Instagram! You are definitely kicking butt at that goal! I’ve been trying to grow my Instagram organically as well, but it hasn’t been going as well as yours! I’ve started using hashtags sometimes (when I remember lol) and always use my Instagram in any giveaways but you’ll have to share your secrets because you’re doing amazing!

    • Hashtags are a huge part to growth and people assume the best way to grow is to use really popular hashtags, not true, at all. The best way to grow is to use smaller ones that are still popular but don’t have millions of people using them (this makes your photos become white noise). So go for ones with under 100,000 photos.

  • I LOVE instagram and find it much harder to actually blog now that I use it more! I also love these Instagram blog posts; I do them as well! <3

    • It has kind of been eating my brain lately. For example I am already thinking, what should I post later today. UGH, that gets to be a little annoying. But I have been posting everyday for almost two months now and I don’t want to give that up :P.

  • I love this so much, Beth! And girl, your Insta game is STRONG! You have been kicking major butt on there since January started. You need to do a post on how to grow your following! Teach me your ways, master!

    • Haha! Well apparently my means to growth are somewhat offensive to some people so I don’t know if that would be a great idea. Once I get a month into this I promise to send you an email or a Facebook message.

  • SO flattering about Target following you- you know how I feel about Target πŸ˜€

    • It WAS so flattering. I wonder if they unfollowed me yet :P.

  • I love all of your IG pictures, keeps them coming. Sometimes I miss them, so it’s nice to see them somewhere else πŸ™‚

    • I know! Like yours, I NEVER see yours. That’s it. I am going to stalk you IG feed today. Prepare for like a million likes from me!

  • Whitney Jordan

    Handwriting of a serial killer… you crack me up! Your chalkboard are always lovely so I’m sure they’re just going to get better and better. Congrats on the Target love. It’s always nice to get recognized for great content. Those donuts still look amazing and I love that you found a perfect jacket for Emily. It was made for her!

    • Like you and Hobby Lobby. That was SO cool friend. And my handwriting is SO terrible. I am almost embarrassed by it. I hope you have an amazing weekend with that sweet family of yours.

  • You totally should go on and on about the whole Target thing. Huge! Now I can say I knew her when πŸ™‚

    • Lololol! You are hilarious and SO sweet. Happy Sunday!

  • Still so excited that I know a “star” and Target shared your photo! Too funny about that wreath…I actually made that one too. It’s just too cute and it was so easy.

    • Lol! Last I checked they hadn’t unfollowed me. I am scared to look :P.

  • Friend, you are killing it on the gram lately. I love all of the pictures you have shared! I can’t get enough of your precious family.

    • Thank you so much sweet friend. The feeling is totally mutual.