$10 at Target (January 2017)

I feel like this post has turned me into a liar and that is solely because I spent way more than $10 at Target this month.

I’m going to take a second to be honest with you. I haven’t always been that in love with Target. I know, you are gasping right now. Track with me for a minute I felt this weird pressure that I should be head over heels for Target. I mean, don’t “all” bloggers love Starbucks and Target?! I wasn’t fitting into the mold very well. The thing about me is I don’t really like molds. Actually molds kind of tick me off. There are a gillion molds out there and people spend far too much time trying to squeeze themselves into them so they will be “cool” You thought we left high school years ago, but I honestly think the mentality never goes away. 

Back to my point… I wanted to join this linkup for the “me time”, not because I was a Target fan. I knew the money was in the budget and I needed that once a month escape. I never expected or intended to become even more #basic by falling for Target. Fast forward 12 months later and I have actually discovered a love for the bulls-eye. My visits there are growing to be more frequent, expensive, and enjoyable. I wanted to fight against it at first, but I finally just gave in.

So I guess my point is if you really give something a chance, you might grow to love it and that molds are stupid. You do you and forget about what the majority says. Solid advice for a Monday morning, right? And just for the record I am more of a Dunkin girl but am forced into Starbucks by a lack of options.

With all of that out of the way, lets get down to business.
Here are a few things we found at Target this month…

  • Valentine Cards $1
  • Valentine Plates $1
  • Valentine Candle Holders $3

  • $3 Necklace Holder
  • $1 Airplane stickers
  • $1 To-do list
  • $3 To-do pad
  • $3 Paper straws

  • $3 Menu chalkboard
  • $1 Cactus stationary
  • $3 Hello love sign
  • $3 Hello love bag
  • $3 Cactus wall pendant

I could keep sharing. I actually took more photos than this! The dollar spot was loaded with new stationary, Valentines, and work out stuff (aka a few of my favorite things). Plus, almost half of the cosmetics were on clearance. It was CRAZY! 

So what did I pick?

Surprise! Since y’all have already seen my coffee mug, I couldn’t post a teaser photo of it! The Valentine plates seemed like a silly purchase to me since the girls are getting older, but they are just so cute and fun for lunch time. I also grabbed a necklace holder for the girls’ bathroom since they have more jewelry than I do. It ended up being way to short for a lot of their necklaces but that was nothing that a little DIY pedestal couldn’t fix! 

How did it add up?

Plates 2x $1.00
Coffee Mug $4.99
Necklace Holder $3.00
Total $9.99
Tax +8.0750
Grand Total $10.80

So on a technical note I am over budget. But, since I have been considerably under budget for the past 2 Target challenges I call this a win.

Mark your calendars now for next months linkup, February 20th! Since I took Marissa to do the $10 challenge around her birthday, I might just have to do the same thing for Miss Emily next month.

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What have you found at Target lately?

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  • Jessica

    I love that mug so much! It’s so cute! I have my stuff for this post, but need to get it published. I am determined to link up since I actually went to Target and remembered to take a photo of my goodies. 🙂

    • Haha! Yes, please do! I’d love to see what you got.

  • Super cute items! I adore target but just can’t do Starbucks too often- budget, health and caffeine intake just doesn’t permit!

    • Amen, amen! I am right there with you friend.

  • Amy Smith

    I just love your heart! So much yes to all that you said. Absolutely! Give me Dunkin’ Donuts all day, every day. However that is 20 minutes in a direction that we don’t usually go & Starbucks is inside Target, where we are at every other week for diapers & another one 3 minutes from Target. So, Starbucks wins. However, I’ve been starting to get my coffee from McDonald’s when we go somewhere. $1 for a large. Can’t go wrong there. Then some days I bring it home after drop off & use my own creamer. It’s a win!

    • My nearest Dunkin is like an hour :(. It’s a sad, sad life. I need to try Mc D’s coffee. I hear it is good and you just said so too!

  • Heather Bramlett

    Target is 2 miles from my house…it’s a blessing and a curse! I spend WAY to much money there! And that durn hotspot area! GETS ME EVERY TIME!!
    Love your finds! That mug! Love it!

    • I need to calculate how far it is for me when I go tomorrow but I am guessing I may have you beat by half a mile or so. It’s just not okay, lol.

  • I totally forgot to head to Target this month (for the challenge that is). I love the plates though! I wanted to do a fun Valentines Day thing, these would be great!

    • How could you forget Target :P. It has been a crazy month, right?!

      • I know! Total #momblogfail! 😉

        • That’s okay. I’m all about breaking stereotypes this month 😂

  • Lizzie Simantz

    I’m with you on the mold fitting – and wouldn’t you know, I don’t like Starbucks – Ah the horror! 🙂 I love your finds and you know I already love that mug! I need to head to our dollar spot this week because I’m sure all the cute V-day stuff is flying off the shelves!

    • Every time I have gone to mine they seem to have different stuff and yes, it is all SO cute! Fist bump for shattering molds friend.

  • So I wanted to snag the arrow bracelet/necklace holder so I could put my favorite to wear pieces on it for easy access but I’m not a fan of gold for our bedroom. I was bummed silver wasn’t an option.

    • Well it probably worked out for the best seeing it was too short to fit most necklaces. But ours is fixed now thanks to super Russ who built the perfect pedestal for it this weekend. Gosh I love that guy. And I agree, silver should have been an option.

  • There was so much cute stuff this month!

  • I do not care for Starbucks either – so I’m a mold breaker right there with you! 🙂 There are SO many beautiful things in the dollar spot right now! I’ve picked up all of the items you photographed and put them ALL back – I don’t have any pink and I’m trying to reduce the amount of red in my home. And I love those mugs, but I am too lazy to have any more hand wash only dishes. LOL. But they are all so beautiful! 🙂

    Whitney @ Come Home For Comfort

    • It seems I have great company :). They are and it says it is dishwasher safe, but I just don’t trust it. So hand-washing it is!

  • The Valentine’s stuff at Target is darling :). I will pick Dublin over Target any day, I feel ya girl!

    • Haha! I knew there was no way it was just me :).

  • chall1018

    I adore that picture of the girls at Target! They are precious. You got some cute stuff! I saw that mug at our Target on a recent visit and it made me smile because I thought about you. Can you use those plates for something other than eating? Like on the girls dressers for bows, jewelry, extra lego pieces, etc.?

    Confession – I am not a ‘have-to-have-Starbucks’ kind of gal. I’ve never used Stitch Fix, either. Take away my blogger card right now! haha

    • That is a great idea friend! I may have to do that when they are over them.

      Lololol! You and I have both been revoked, together :).

  • Whitney Jordan

    Such great finds!! I LOVE those pictures of your cute girls shopping with you. Such a sweet girl mom thing to do. Also, I’d say going a tiny bit over budget with all of that adorable stuff this month is amazing. Love your arrow necklace holder, that coffee cup is perfect for you and those plates are going to be so much fun this month. Great deals and welcome to the Target fan club 🙂

    • Thanks Whitney. I am hoping to sneak in our weekly trip to Target today so maybe I’ll have another photo to share later :).

  • Desiree @ Macke Monologues

    The Dollar Spot is on point with the Valentine’s decor right now! I’m kind of a bum when it comes to this particular holiday, so the only thing I’ve purchased (so far) are the gel window clings. But, I’ve always got my eye out.
    I was hoping you’d snatch up that necklace holder. It is so cute!

    • I know, I am a bit of a bum too, which is why I’ve only really bought the plates as for as strictly Valentines stuff. I want to buy it all. I’m just keeping control.

  • Meghan Flinn

    Cute plates! The dollar spot always has the best holiday stuff!

    • Oh man they sure do. Can’t wait for Easter already!

  • I want to go back to find that mug! So cute!! I had to giggle that you’re forced to drink Starbucks. Our nearest Starbucks is 15 min drive… 🙁 The only thing I can run to is Caribou and I”m not a Caribou fan…

    • It was with the kitchen stuff!!! I think we maybe have one Caribou at a truck stop 15 minutes away. So needless to say, I haven’t tried it ;).

  • Justine Y

    I saw that jewelry holder too and was thhhiiiisss close to buying it!

    • It is so cute but it is too short. So, the hubby being awesome built a little stand for it and now it is even better than before. LOVE it.

  • Jen Stimbert Pabst

    Love that mug! I totally agree with you Dunkin > Starbucks. We have both really close, and while Starbucks is always packed, Dunkin is usually empty. Win. Win.

    • PLUS Dunkin has donuts! How is this even a competition :P?!

  • Your mug is the cutest!!!!

  • shootingstarsmag

    I do really love Target – and you got some awesome things! I keep meaning to do this challenge. Maybe next month! I don’t mind Starbucks but I’m not that in love with it either, it’s okay. 😉


    • I would be 100% behind your it’s okay remark. I hope you join the fun next month!

  • Target has the best stuff right now! I was there today and it was so tough not to fill my whole cart up! Their Valentine’s decorations are adorable!

    • I keep telling myself I need more Valentines Day stuff too. They never make it easy on me.

  • I need those plates, so cute! I haven’t hit the Target Valentine’s offerings yet, but now I can’t wait!

    • You better go soon friend otherwise they’ll already have all the easter out, lol!

  • I love that “Hello Love” bag!

    • Isn’t it so cute. I would have bought it if only I had a reason too :).

  • That hello love I saw that and really wanted it!! My kids still live the plates. I bought some, not from Target, gasp, and as soon as they saw them they wanted to use them. Great picks!!!

    • See it’s good to really want something and pass it up. Way to have self control friend! Baha ha! Love that *gasp*

  • Excellent choice! And also excellent advice! I have never been the type of person who has tried to fit any kind of mold… I’ve always just kind of done my own thing. However, now that I’ve gotten really involved in the blogging community, I realized that I really am #basic because there are SO many other people out there who are just like me! Haha. I think that’s why I love blogging so much because I’ve found so many ladies that have SUCH similar common interests as me. It really sucks that y’all all don’t live closer to me so we could be real life hang out friends!

    • Wouldn’t that be the best, like for reals. Some day we all need to meet somewhere centrally located and have a weekend together. I just wish that was easier said than done. I know time and $ are precious.

  • I have had a love affair with Target since 10th grade. But also know fitting into molds is dumb 😉 That arrow necklace holder is so cute! It can double as a hand towel holder.

    • That, that is awesome friend. You are one of the originals then which makes it that much cooler. It is really pretty. Glad I snagged it fast because I have yet to see it again.

  • I love that mug! Super cute!