Our Thanksgiving in Numbers

By now I know we are all knee-deep in Christmas, but I have yet to recap our Thanksgiving #fail! Good thing my running motto around here seems to be better late than never. I’d hate to miss out on documenting a holiday spent with family. To recap this Thanksgiving I decided to think outside of the box and do things a little differently than I have in the past. I decided to document our Thanksgiving according to numbers. 


1 ~ Wild Kratt special watched
16 ~ Cinnamon rolls baked
3 ~ Walmart stores to find 1 Lego set
5 ~ Cousins
1 ~ Parade
14 ~ Family photos
70 ~ Years of Papa Glen celebrated
1 ~ Turkey & 1 Ham
8 ~ Presents purchased for the girls
4 ~ Stores shopped at on Black Friday
2 ~ Friends that I went shopping with
157.32 ~ Dollars saved at Kohls
4 ~ Desserts
37 ~ Leaves on the thankful tree
3 ~ Paper airplanes
161 ~ Photos taken
4000+ ~ Calories consumed, UGH!
42 ~ Minutes stood in line at Kohls
11 ~ People at 1 table
~ Episode of Longmire watched
1,000 ~ Reasons to be thankful

family-1 newman-family

It was another great Thanksgiving.


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  • Jessica

    Calories don’t count on holidays right? 🙂 Your holiday sounds like perfection!! Yay for family and quality time together.

    • That is what I am being told :P. It was pretty great.

  • An awesome thanksgiving! And you got all your shopping done for the girls almost, right!? Yay!!

    • I did! I just need to grab some stocking stuffers and I’ll be all done!

  • bhahahaha, all the calories!

  • Lizzie Simantz

    All of this was done in 1 day!?! Girl, you are super woman! Love the photos!

  • Don’t worry, I’m still going to post about Thanksgiving this week too!

  • Amy Smith

    Those photos are darling!! What a fun way to recap your holiday!

    • Thank you. I thought it was a pretty fun way to recap things too.

  • Whitney Jordan

    I agree – always document sweet times with family!! I love that you got so many family pictures this month! What a treasure. My other favorite numbers were the amount you saved at Kohls, the 70th birthday party and the cinnamon rolls 🙂 Hope December is just as sweet for you.

    • We really did get a lot of family pictures which is great because when the girls were little, that just didn’t happen very often. looking back it now makes me sad. So make sure you snag as many as you can friend! Thank you.

  • Jacob used to LOVE Wild Kratts!! He hasn’t asked to watch it in a while… I need to remind him that it’s still there! And yaaaassss Kohl’s!!!! You can always count on them to save you a bazillion dollars!

    • LOVE Kohls. My girls have been obsessed for a long time now. I’ve even thought of taking them to one of those live shows.

  • chall1018

    Oh this is great! I love what you did here. Sounds like a wonderful Thanksgiving was had. And I adore the pictures of your sweet family!

    • It was a great Thanksgiving. Thank you so much.

  • Holidays with family are the greatest. Heyyy great savings at Kohls! And what Lego set needed to be purchased? 😉 Adorable family picture.

    • Ummmm it was Livi’s House. Target had it on sale for 29.99 and I knew I could price match it at Walmart. Thank you!

  • Hannah Christensen

    Cute Family photos and sounds like you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    • Thanks Hannah. We really did have a great Thanksgiving.

  • Wait… I thought Thanksgiving (and Christmas) calories didn’t count…. 😉 Love the family picture!!!

    • You aren’t the first person to say that, so it MUST be true.

  • Such beautiful family pictures!

  • Desiree @ Macke Monologues

    Your thankful tree had more leaves than days, I love that!!
    And I’m super impressed you made it out on BF! The idea of stepping foot into any store terrifies me!

    • That was a special one full of things that we loved about Russ’ dad. It was such a fun way to celebrate him for the kids. I go for the thrill. Shopping with a girlfriend and very little agenda is always nice, even on Black Friday.

  • You had such a fabulous day and I’m glad that you got at least one Longmire episode in because well… you know… the Aussie 😉

  • Justine Y

    Ugh, all the calories and food! I feel like I’m still full from Thanksgiving!

    • Haha! I kinda wish I could go back to Thanksgiving. It feels like we’ve been sick ever since it was over :(.