The Girls’ Christmas Wishlists, 2016

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It’s the last day of November so the odds are if you haven’t started (or finished) your Christmas shopping yet, you probably will soon. Every Christmas I say the same thing, we don’t focus on presents around here. Never have, never will. But we do love buying a few presents for our girls. The older they have grown, the more appreciative they have become and that makes Christmas morning with them so special.

2016 Christmas WIshlists

Every year like to put together a little wishlist for our girls. Things they have been saying they want, things I think they’d want, and things I maybe even have already picked up for them too. Today I want to share their 2016 wishlists. 


Marissa’s list could probably be made entirely up of Legos and she would be thrilled. I love how selfless she is. When I asked her what she wanted for Christmas she told me one thing (the adventure camp Legos set). I had to poke and prod her to tell me more. She finally added a DS game to her list and called it good. I added a few more things that I think she would like.

Sew & Stuff Kit
Rug Checker Game
Girlz 4 Life Movie
Emma Legos Set
Pet Vet DS Game
Legos Adventure Camp
Little Girls Purse 



Emily is kind of in an awkward spot. She is STILL head over hills for Minnie Mouse, but she is starting to outgrow (or already owns) all the Minnie toys out there. She did request a Pluto stuffed animal to add to her collection. She is also Legos crazy too and has had her eye on Livis house for MONTHS. The rest of the things on her list are random things I added.

Monopoly Junior
Minnie Mouse Purse
Stuffed Pluto
Hotel Bruce Book
Minnie Mouse Jacket
Power Ball Kit
Livis House Lego Set

In the end I love knowing that we have two sweet girls who will have huge smiles on their faces Christmas morning, no matter what Santa brings them.

I also wanted to mention that Sarita from It’s My Girls World  was kind enough to do a little holiday Q&A with me. So if you want to read a little more about my thoughts on Christmas, you can head on over to her blog. While you’re there be sure to take a look around and say hello! Not only is she gorgeous, she has amazing fashion sense, two precious girls, and is always sharing recipes that I want to try. I know you’ll love her!

What’s on your kids’ Christmas list?


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  • Jessica

    Those are great wish lists. Legos are a constant form of entertainment and love in our house, so they are on Cam’s list. I love that Marissa really had no ideas. Sweet girl! Tell Emily to just send her Minnie stuff our way when she’s done. Emmy is a huge fan!

    • Haha! I wish I could convince her to do that, but she won’t part with any of it… not even clothes that she has outgrown. She starts sobbing uncontrollably at the thought of letting them go. I ended up just keeping them, maybe I’ll have a quilt made one day. My BFF makes those t shirt quilts.

  • Great post girlie!! Lego friends are awesome. Have your tried the Alex craft sets? To me they have more variety than the American girl selection and go on super sale sometimes. I stockpile them for birthday presents for friends! And it was super fun reading your answers to my totally random questions!

    • I have never even heard of them but you can bet I will check them out soon, thanks! Thanks for having me!

  • Amy Smith

    I’m sharing our wishlists soon, too! Cash is Lego obsessed. He has ALL of Luke’s old Lego’s, but Santa & Wyatt will be bringing him a few more Star Wars sets.

    • The girls have some of Russ’ old legos too! So funny to see them play with them, along with the new girlie ones all at the same time.

  • Meghan Flinn

    I love that they didn’t really have a super long Wishlist. Noah has asked for 4 things… Not bad in my opinion. It’s Chris and I that have the problem and we definitely picked up more than that!

    • Haha! It is hard to figure out what is the perfect number, I am definitely struggling with that this year.

  • I love seeing what’s on other kids’ Cmas lists!

  • I always like looking at lists for ideas! I’m almost done shopping for Hanukkah but somehow I am way behind for Zachary and I need more ideas!

    • Isn’t that funny. I can shop for Emily way easier than I can for Marissa too.

  • Lizzie Simantz

    Brayden is the same way as Marissa, he only asked for legos at first then we had to push to get some more ideas. We have that giant checkers and it’s so fun! Those lego sets look awesome!

    • Just you wait friend. Some day your girls will be into the girlie Lego sets and you will LOVE them. I think the giant checkers are a must.

  • I am going to get a bookmark for Connor too. I hope to start reading chapter books with him in the new year and we will need to mark our progress.

    • It would also be really great for the summer too. Our library wants you to track your reading and this would be awesome.

  • Minnie Mouse?! Shocking!!! hahaha 🙂

  • Such fun goodies! We’re going to be adding some family games to our closets this year and I’m super excited!

    • Aaahhhh that is so much fun. I remember when we started doing that too. Goodness, time flies.

  • Love the list! I always think of Emily whenever I see any Minnie Mouse stuff. 😉

  • Do they have that purse in my size!! love it

  • Desiree @ Macke Monologues

    That little girls purse… Does it come in “mom size?” Because it’s SO cute!

  • Have you guys read Hotel Bruce yet? I saw it on Amazon the other day and thought it looked super cute!

    • I may or may not have taken a sneak peek at it :P. I really do like it but I think I like the original (Mother Bruce) a little bit more.

  • Hotel Bruce is on your list! I love that one 🙂 Oh, yeah and so do the kids…. Great lists, well done girls!

    • Emily loves Mothet Bruce so much. I had to get it for her! Thank you!

  • chall1018

    Their lists are perfect and so them! Love it. Mason has told us one thing. ONE. Can you believe that? I sure hope he thinks of something soon.

    • That is awesome friend. I bet even if he doesn’t, you’ll think of some things he would love.