Christmas Vacation Life, 2016

Just like the weeks that lead up to the holidays, the holidays them self pass by so quickly. Russ has been home with us for an entire week now and we have been loving our time together. I am dreading the very thought of him heading back to work come Tuesday… so let’s not talk about that m’kay.

Things around here have been a little different too. Without much school, I haven’t sat at my desk for hours on end. It has been such a nice and refreshing change of pace for everyone. Today I planned to share our Christmas recap but instead I decided to share a bunch of photos from life lately, including our Christmas. 

December 23rd was spent being lazy, celebrating Christmas with my parents, and driving around town working on our Christmas light scavenger hunts. Marissa would have gladly kept looking until she found EVERY single thing. However the rest of us gave up a lot sooner.

I didn’t take many pictures that day, but I did snap this one. This, THIS is what happens when I ask Russ to take a selfie with me. I posted it on IG and I was so glad to hear so many of you can relate. 

December 24th the girls spent most of the morning playing with their new toys and I did lots of laundry, cleaning, and all kinds of other things. I wanted to make sure I could have a guilt free, lazy Christmas. Finally we got ourselves dressed and went to Russ’ parents for an early dinner. We attended Christmas Eve service together and went back to their home for presents. 

December 25th we spent at home, being lazy, all day. I did as little cooking as possible (or anything really). The girls are always so patient, we didn’t even get around to opening our presents until almost 11! We like to take things easy around here.

After breakfast and presents they built and played with Lego sets for the rest of the day. This Christmas we added 10 new sets to our ever-growing collection. It’s insane, but its pretty much all they ever want to play with. Sadly I sat around a little grumpy most of the day. I think the warm weather, and end of the holiday season was just getting to me. I wasn’t in the best of moods this Christmas, but that’s okay. There is always room to improve next year.

December 26th is the day I un-decked the halls, but not before running to Walmart and Target to look through all the Christmas clearance first #priorities. I actually didn’t end up buying any decor items this year, which was a bummer. The house was un-decorated and all packed away by lunch time. It amazes me that it takes about 14 hours to put it all up and only about 4 to take it all down. I did decide to leave some pine garland with lights in it up though. I wasn’t ready to give up all of the magical lighting at once. Maybe I’ll pack it away come February. The girls, once again, played with Legos ALL day.

December 27th is a blur. I honestly don’t remember much about this day other than running errands off and on. The girls have some gift cards to Toys R Us and they went to spy out some new Lego sets they could buy (SURPRISE). The girls and I also hit up Target (again) hoping to get first dibs on the Valentines Day Dollar Spot items.

December 28th was my 33rd birthday! The day started with a surprise guest joining me for my 3.3 mile birthday run and ended with friends. Everything from the start to the finish was absolutely perfect and so much more than I deserved. With a great start to #33 I am so excited to see how the next year goes. 

Christmas, check!
My birthday, check!

Now all that is left is the start of a new year… and that is just around the corner. 

How have your holidays been so far?

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  • Jessica

    I love this! You guys had a really great Christmas. Lazy days are the best, especially over a holiday. The girl’s love for Legos is awesome and I understand because Cam is the same way. Drew and I enjoy it because we like helping build the sets. I was kinda the same with my mood. I think it was partly because my MIL was driving us nuts and I was sad it was almost over. It is over in a blink and that stinks.

    • Oh many that made me smile. I wish I had known you were having a rough day too on that day. It would have made mine a little better just to know that I wasn’t alone.

  • Amy Smith

    Those sweet girls of yours looked so excited when opening their gifts! Cash received about 5 new Lego sets, which is all he wants to do, too. I love the creativity & imagination that comes to life.

    • Me too, me too! I have a feeling Lego will be the preferred toy for YEARS!

  • Were the gifts they were so excited about also legos? My kids used to be so into legos too, but they didn’t get any this year! Zachary said he may buy a set with the money he got from grandparents though!

    • Pretty much yes, that and skating Minnie.

  • Happy belated birthday! Looks like you had awesome holidays, and I totally get that grumpy mood. That happened to me too.

    • Thank you. It made me feel better to hear others battled the same mood. I felt so alone that day :(.

  • I just love your Christmas morning pictures! I love being lazy on Christmas Day. Such a fun week and I know you have enjoyed having Russ home. Keith has been slammed…his busiest time of the year…but that all ends today and we will head off on a road trip and I am most excited about down time with him! I’m feeling slightly anxious because I typically plan out our days and I’ve done zilch….so maybe it will be just what I need!

    • Oh man I hope y’all are having the best time on your trip. I feel so sure that you probably are!

  • I love that you opened gifts at 11 and we opened them at 5:45! Such a fun Christmas you had. Now can you come undecorate my house?

    • Baha ha! Such a difference eh? We have always been late gift openers. It helps that we do Christmas with Russ’ parents the night before. When the girls get anxious I tell them to play with the presents from Christmas eve.

  • Meghan Flinn

    While Noah didn’t wake up as early as I did as a child, we were opening gifts by 8 am. I don’t think I personally could wait til 11 ;). Sorry to hear you were in a little funk on Christmas. I always say I prefer the lead up to it way more than the actual day. Happy birthday again!!!

    • Baha ha! Such a difference eh? We have always been late gift openers. It helps that we do Christmas with Russ’ parents the night before. When the girls get anxious I tell them to play with the presents from Christmas Eve. I like that it really stretches out our day. Usually we open them around 9:30 though. I always like the time leading up too. The magic for me seems to end when I go to bed on Christmas Eve.

  • Jen

    Looks like a great Christmas vacation! I am totally dragging my feet on taking all of the decorations down, it’s not as much fun as it is putting them up!
    Happy Birthday and Happy New Year!!!

    • Thank you, thank you! It is SO hard to put them all away, but at least it goes much more quickly.

  • Sounds like y’all have enjoyed a great break! I was a little weepy on Christmas as well…two fussy toddlers on Christmas, not fun. :/ We just got home the other day and I’m really dreading taking everything down…maybe next weekend?? 😉

    • Haha! If it makes you feel more cheerful, leave it up I say! Sorry your Christmas was a bit rough. It sounds like we weren’t alone at all.

  • It looks like you had a great Christmas break together! I love the family picture on Christmas morning. Happy belated birthday to you! XOXO

  • What fun! I love Christmas vacation. Our pj’s have been getting some great almost epic-like, wearing days that just make me so happy! We have that same picture with Bullseye!

    • We have so many photos with that dog. Targets marketing is on point 😂.

  • What a week! You guys looked absolutely darling in your matching black sequins for Christmas Eve! That picture is so sweet! And girl, you just reminded me that I totally need to go to Target for VDay goodies. EEK! I hope I’m not too late already. Haha. And I’m glad to hear that you had such a great birthday! I was so excited to see your message that you got a birthday cake. It was much deserved, friend! Happy 2017!!

    • I went today and they had totally different stuff than last week. Oh Target, you are a tricky one.

  • chall1018

    Sounds like a great Christmas vacation week! There are so many things I love about this post. First, you and Russ are adorable. Second, you three in the matching black sparkles…SWOON! Where did you find matching tops for the three of you? Third, their reactions when opening gifts is priceless. So sweet and precious. I love seeing Christmas through a child’s eyes. I will never grow tired of that! Fourth, the family picture in front of the tree is so dang cute! We totally failed at a family picture this year. Ugh! I am horrible about that. Sorry you had the grumps. I kind of did too. I just didn’t want it to be all over. I love that you kept some garland up. As I was taking ours down yesterday I was thinking that I really enjoyed the garland where I had it. So, I decided that I’m going to take a strand of lights and make a burlap garland that I can leave up year round. Did you guys find any good Valentine’s stuff? I grabbed a few things, but there really wasn’t much out yet. I hope you had the best birthday my sweet friend!

    • The matching sparkles was honestly an accident. They had their dresses and I have had that tank for forever. It just worked out so we went with it :). I always struggle with Christmas day. It also makes me SO sad that it all comes to an end so fast. My birthday was amazing, thank you! And as for Valentines stuff every time I go I see new stuff. Why oh why can’t they put it all out at once?!