Christmas PJ Party, 2016

My girls have been rocking Christmas pj’s every year since they were babies, but it wasn’t until recently that I started having a yearly photo-shoot with them. This year I decided that the living room tree being in front of the window wasn’t conducive to photo taking… so I started to move it. Before I began the voice of logic, aka Marissa, told me that was a bad idea. “Mom, what if you dump it over?!?!” Thankfully we live in a house that has 6 Christmas trees so finding another option wasn’t hard.

Our photos didn’t turn out quite as “magical” as I hoped they would. But, I am much happier with the end results compared to what I took last year.

I still feel like I have a lot of room for improvement, but I am happy with the progress I have made so far. Maybe I’ll figure it out by the time I have grand kids  :P.

This years pajamas were bought weeks ago at Kohls. With coupons and sales I ended up paying less that $7 a pair for them. I love that they are traditional button ups with just the right amount of Christmas to them. Sometimes I wish we gave the girls their pajamas as a present on Christmas eve, but I wouldn’t be able to capture these photos before Christmas. Maybe I should do two pairs next year?!

Do you buy your kids Christmas pajamas? 
When do you give them to them?

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  • Jessica

    I love their pajamas!! They are adorable and look so comfy. You got some great shots of them. I think they turned out great. Course you have a pretty pair to photograph too. 🙂

    • Haha! Thank you so much Jess. I am so glad to hear others saying they think the photos turned out good. Especially Amy :).

  • Amy Smith

    Darling girls! I’d love a pair of those jammies for myself! Were you able to pick yourself up a pair? I think your photos turned out great, Beth!

    • Me too! Nope, I didn’t. Pj’s are always weird for me because I am so tall. The pants are rarely ever long enough so usually I buy separates. Thank you!

  • I haven’t done Christmas jammies yet, but I hope to in the future. 🙂 The girls pjs are super cute!

    • Yes, you totally should! I usually just plan to buy them in the fall when I am evaluating our pj situation. Once they start wearing them. They wear them until they don’t fit anymore :).

  • Meghan Flinn

    These photos are great! You’re not giving yourself enough credit! And the girls sitting on the bed together is so cute!

    • Coming from you, that means a lot. Thank you so much for the encouragement friend.

  • Ummm if these aren’t beautiful pics– I dunno…. And love that you scored these for $7. Totally bust them out for Feb 14th too!

    • Aaawww, gee, thanks! We will keep wearing them long past Christmas, lol. In the dreary winter we need any cheer we can get!

  • Lizzie Simantz

    Oh your girls are just precious!!! Great job on the photos!!

  • Heather Bramlett

    You did a great job on the photos! The girls are precious!
    The Elves gave my kids pj’s yesterday! 🙂

  • Love their jammies; and what a great deal! I just love Kohl’s!
    I’ve always liked the thought of opening new Christmas jammies on Christmas Eve, but I really want the kids of have them to wear all December. I usually try to find some right after Halloween.

    • Kohls is the best! We keep wearing them long after Christmas is over… and the following fall too. Gotta get our moneys worth for sure!

  • I love the pictures!

  • I love these pictures! And their PJs are so adorable! I can’t believe you got them for less than $7! You really can’t go wrong shopping at Kohl’s… I love that place!

    • Kohls is a great place to stack those coupons and rewards and sales at. I am amazed at just how much I can save there.

  • Love these pictures! I think they’re perfect and the PJs are so fun!

  • Desiree @ Macke Monologues

    The photos of the girls turned out so great! Love the series of them on the bed. So sweet!

    We buy very Christmas-y pajamas well before the holiday so the kids can wear them pretty much through the month of December. On Christmas Eve the kids open a gift with pjs in them, but they’re much less Christmas and a lot more winter-y. This year’s Christmas Eve jams are red and gray striped for Marcus and red and pink striped for Julia. They’ll be perfect for the rest of the holidays and Valentine’s Day, too!

    • Thank you so much!

      That is a really great idea friend. I may have to go that route next year myself!

  • Whitney Jordan

    That picture of them hugging in front of the tree is DARLING! Frame it 🙂

    • Hehe! I was JUST thinking that I needed to frame one of these for my Christmas gallery wall next year!

  • These pictures are seriously the CUTEST! You should print one from each year and frame it and put them out as decorations every year during Christmas!
    I love that the pjs are Christmas-y while not being too “little kid” like some can be. They’re ok for Mason, since he’s four, but the girls look festive and cute while still looking age appropriate (if that makes sense, I feel like I can’t find the right word to explain what I’m trying to say lol)

    • I go have a Christmas gallery wall and adding these photos would be fun, even if some of the photos are less than amazing. I TOTALLY understood your comment. It makes perfect sense to me and I completely agree!

  • chall1018

    The sweetest sisters! Their smiles melt me. These jams are adorable. I wish we had a Kohl’s close to us.

    • Oh man it’s a bummer that you don’t. Although I shop online from them a lot. I just wish they offered free shipping more often.

  • These pictures are so sweet! I love the look of button down pj tops, if only my girls would wear pants 😉

    • Baha ha! Mine used to be the same exact way. Its so stinking cold around here, you NEED pants!

  • I totally sucked at finding cute pj’s this year!! We were a hot Christmas morning mess over here. 🙂

    • Oh friend I highly doubt that :). Hope it was a great one!

  • Oh these cute girls! I could not imagine the chaos that would ensue if I tried to get my 4 all lined up in their pj’s in front of the tree 🙂