Christmas Ornament Show & Tell Announcement

One of my favorite parts of Christmas are the ornaments that hang on the tree. I love how ornaments tell the story of a family. They celebrate beginnings and remind us of the past. You can tell so much about a family just by looking at the ornaments that hang on their tree. 


Last year I shared a story about 4 of my favorite ornaments. 4 ornaments that I found among the rubble several houses away after our home was destroyed by a tornado. I look at these ornaments, 5 & 1/2 years later, and I am still filled with emotions and thankfulness.


When Johannah asked me to co-host this years 2016 Christmas Ornament Show & Tell, I couldn’t say yes fast enough. The idea is simple, choose a few ornaments that you love and tell us why they are special to you. The link-up opens on December 20th  and will stay open all the way through Christmas.

Meet the hosts:
Johannah from The Sirois Family
Beth from Our Pretty Little Girls
Justine from Full Hands Full Heart
Stephanie from Wife Mommy Me
Heather from My Glittery Heart

We would love to have you join us and share about some of your favorite ornaments. 


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  • Jessica

    Yippee!! I’m so excited about this. I love Christmas ornaments and have so many I can’t put them all up. Ha ha! I can’t wait to link up.

    • I think it is pretty clear that you need more trees :P.

  • Such an awesome link up! I’m in for sure!!

  • Meghan Flinn

    Oh yes, those 4 ornaments will always bring back a flood of emotions! I definitely have some favorites! Our tree is basically filled with sentimental ornaments!

    • Me too. I could never do only themed trees. I’m too much of a sucker for the sentimental ones.

  • I was telling my mom about your ornaments and how you found them, and couldn’t do it without tearing up (in fact tearing up right now). I will have to join this link up!

    • Oh friend. That makes me want to hug you. Those ornaments mean the world to me. Can’t wait to see what you share.

  • So glad you are hosting!! =)

  • chall1018

    The story of your ornaments still brings me to tears.

    • Me too friend. I went back and read one of my tornado posts and watched the video today and I just sat here crying. God was so good to us.

  • Oh Beth. I had no idea that you had been through any of that. I just went back to your post from last year and I am sitting here crying at my desk. How terrifying to have lived through that… and with a three month old? My goodness, God was watching over all of you that day, wasn’t He? And how unbelievable that your most treasured ornaments were the ones that were unharmed. It’s stuff like this that truly makes me believe in miracles.

    And I will definitely be joining the link-up this year!

    • It’s crazy right? That’s the kind of stuff that happens to “people on the news”, not you. And then your whole world is turned upside down in a matter of minutes. We are better for it though. God taught us so much through that trial.

      Can’t wait to see what you share!

  • I love that you have those sweet ornaments to forever cherish. I still can’t believe that you went through all that. It makes me sad for you but also reminds me of how tough you are.

    • Tough as nails, HA! The tornado and the couple of years that followed it were such transforming years for me. I feel like it all helped me to find myself.

  • Whitney Jordan

    What a story! Still gives me goosebumps to think about this journey these little ornaments went on. I’m excited to link up and read all about the favorite ornaments people have. I am already trying to narrow mine down ๐Ÿ™‚

    • It still completely blows my mind. I can’t wait to pick out some new ones to share this year!

  • Desiree @ Macke Monologues

    It’s still so incredible to hear that you found those ornaments after the tornado.
    Picking favorites is SO hard! I love every one that’s on our tree!

    • Isn’t it so crazy?! I will always be in awe thinking back on that day and the complete raw emotion I felt. I have no idea how I am going to make this years picks.

  • You are the Queen of awesome link-ups! I don’t know which of mine is my favorite. I love the story you shared of finding 4 of your ornaments in the rubble. Wow! There is good in even hard situations isn’t there?

    • HA! You are so kind. I think I just have some fun friends. There really, really is.