$10 at Target (December 2016)

Last month I talked about all my Target dollar spot woes. I am happy to report that the Dollar Spot did end up coming through for me. I made several trips the last few days of November and I picked up several goodies that I was looking for. Although, I never did find the North-pole crate that Crystal shared last month. You can’t win them all I suppose.

This months Target trip was frustrating in an entirely different way. I went on a weekday thinking it wouldn’t be too busy… WRONG! That place was crazy. I should have done $10 online at Target instead (maybe that’s not such a bad idea?!?!) I honestly don’t mind getting out and about but the post Thanksgiving weeks leading up to Christmas are the worst. I think I’ll avoid shopping for anything until mid January (I wish).

Even in the chaos I still found a few things that sparked my interest and a few others I just couldn’t live without.

Let’s take a peek at what I found…

Decembers Target haul from the $10 @ Target link-up

  • North Pole Advent stickers – $1
  • Felt candy canes – $1
  • Bottle brush trees – $3
  • Cupcake ornaments – $1

  • Baby Lips – 5.99
  • Travel mug – 3.00
  • Polka dot mug – 3.00

  • Planner stickers – $3
  • Essie polish – $6.28
  • Make-up bag – $3
  • Pumpkin spice shirt – $3.88

  • Gift bag – 2.99
  • Gold measuring cups 5.99
  • Bath bombs 3.99
  • Grinch movie 3.99

So what did I pick?

Decembers Target haul from the $10 @ Target link-up

You honestly didn’t think there was any possible way I was going to pass up that pumpkin spice shirt, did you?! I have had my eyes on it for WEEKS now (Lindsay can confirm that)! The Grinch was bought as an attempt to bulk up our Christmas movie collection. The girls keep asking to watch Christmas shows and the selection on t.v. has really stunk this year. Besides, watching them without commercials saves so much time!

How did it add up?

Shirt $3.88 (Regularly $12.99)
Movie $3.99 (Regularly $9.99)
Total $7.87
Tax +8.0750
Grand Total $8.51

Under budget again! If I add my 1.49 under budget with last months 1.29, that gives me a running total of 2.78 to go over next month ;). I honestly tried to spend a dollar more but I couldn’t justify buying something solely to get $1 closer to $10. Maybe next time!

Next months link-up will be on January 16th.
I am hoping to score some Christmas clearance, the best clearance of all!

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What have you found at Target lately?

  • Meghan Flinn

    As soon as I saw the shirt I knew you HAD to get it!!! Those gold measuring cups are cute!!

    • I mean how in the heck could I not, right?! Aren’t they perfect? I really should go back for them.

  • You can always add chocolate! And I totally knew you were going to get that shirt, also 4 bucks for the Grinch!? Say what!?

  • Fantastic pick-ups! That tank top, I would have had to grab it too! The Grinch movie is a must own item for sure as well!

    • Would you believe my girls had never seen The Grinch before. Pretty sure I get a big fat F for that one.

  • chall1018

    Ahh, I was hoping you would find that cute North-pole crate! Maybe your Target will surprise you and put some out the next time you go. I bought those advent stickers, but then I forgot about them. I will save them for next year! Okay, I saw someone post on Instagram that they found a cute gift bag of the red truck with the Christmas tree and cut it out and framed it. It came out so cute and now I am on the hunt for a bag to do the same! That shirt just screams your name, friend! It’s perfect for you. And you can never go wrong with the Grinch!

    • So now you have to go looking for that gift bag at Target. It was crazy to me that when I first started going there was new stuff pretty much ever day. Next year I will stock it a little more closely :).

  • That Pumpkin Spice tee 🙂 love!
    Rachel xo

  • So many choices!

  • Whitney Jordan

    That shirt was made for you!! Glad you found it. Loved the dollar spot items and that you found something for you and something for your girls. I’m hoping to pick up some bottle brush trees after Christmas and maybe some fun Christmas crafts on clearance to save for next year. Great haul 🙂

    • Thanks Whitney. I think it is pretty perfect too. Here is hoping we both get some great clearance deals.

  • Girl I STILL can’t believe that you were able to get that shirt for only $3.88!!!! I was dying when I got your message that day! I can’t ever wait for stuff to go on sale at our Target, because there’s never any stock left to put on sale. Haha. Next year, we will have to twin in our shirts for sure!

    • Oh that would be so much fun :)! I can’t believe I snagged it that cheap too!

  • Glad you snagged that shirt!

    • Me too. It was fun to see it in your post too, but a bummer it wasn’t the right size.

  • You scored a big with that shirt. My Target (the one closest to me) never had it in stock, let alone at such a great price.

    • I may or may not have stocked that shirt for weeks. SInce there was lots in my size I waited to pounce :).

  • shootingstarsmag

    You did really well, even if you didn’t get quite to $10. I love the items you selected! I’m obsessed with Target Clearance Aisle. I feel like I’d have a hard time moving past that. haha I’ll have to try and take part next month!


    • That is my favorite part of this challenge, stocking the clearance. One month I went and there was hardly any to look at. I was SO sad :). We would love to have you join the fun!

  • Nice choices!

  • Jessica

    I knew you’d pick that shirt!! It’s so you! And who doesn’t love The Grinch? We got that one last year and Cam loves it.

    • Confession: my girls had never watched it before, #parentfail

  • I hoped you picked that shirt when I saw it! That shirt is perfect for you!!

    • How I could I not have, right?! I LOVE it.