My Month In Numbers: October 2016

I swear y’all, no matter how hard I try to get these posts up sooner, I just can’t seem to do it. But I love them so much I keep on posting them anyways. Eventually I’ll figure out a way to get these posts published within the first week of the month. Really, I promise I will.

Let’s take a look at how October added up.


15 – Trips to the gym
23  Blog posts wrote
17 – School days completed
1677  Files in my October picture file
120 Pound reps on the pec fly
7  Pieces of Cuddl Duds added to my wardrobe
100+ – Times I’ve thought about Christmas
1 – Homemade smoke bomb
28 – Dinners cooked
6 AWANA badges & pins earned by the girls
2 – Hayrides, trips to the corn maze & barrel train rides
1 – Costume ordered from Amazon
7 – Baby pumpkins bought from the pumpkin patch
31 Photos posted on Instagram
99 – Times Marissa groaned over her math
20’ish  Houses trick or treated at
250’ish – Pieces of candy collected from said houses
 Pumpkins carved
4 – Pumpkin recipes posted
45 – Fancy Christmas cards ordered
43 – Rocks skipped
10 – Chemistry experiments

1 Apple successfully retrieved while bobbing
– Car events attended
40 – Days until Christmas…. just had to throw that in.

October was so full of everything I love about fall… except the weather. Mother Nature really messed that up this year. Thankfully things finally cooled down and November is adding up to be a pretty great month too.  

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  • Amy Smith

    Oh what a month! That is a ton of candy for only 20 or so houses! Wow!

    We are all about Christmas over here. We are slowly packing away our fall stuff & will have our Christmas bins up by the weekend. Can’t wait!

    • It is a ton of candy. A ton of candy I wish was gone!

      Eeeeekkk! I am busting mine out this weekend. Can’t wait!

  • Jessica

    Holy crap, only 40 days? I’m so excited!!!!! 🙂 I’m so ready to decorate for Christmas! Bring it on! I cracked up at the amount of groans Marissa had over math. I hear ya girl!

    • Baha ha! I KNOW!

      Poor kid. Her math is crazy. Home school standards are just insane.

  • That so much candy for twenty houses! Another good month! Go,you!

    • It is and I HATE having it around. Thank God they are older and notice when I eat some of it. Keeps me accountable ;).

  • I love this post too! Maybe one day I’ll get my act together and get it done. Maybe….

    • Lol! They are so fun and so easy to write. I love those.

  • Lizzie Simantz

    Such a fun post and a great way to look back at what you did! I laughed out loud at your number of times thinking about Christmas! I’m getting there now, but with our weather being so nice it’s making it hard to think the holidays are coming! Usually we have snow by this time, LOL

    • These posts have became one of my favorite ways to document our months. The weather this year has been CRAZY. I guess I shouldn’t complain though. We finally aren’t sweating so that is nice.

  • So funny you got so much candy from not so many (comparatively) houses!

    • It is crazy and so not cool. The candy is haunting me.

  • I always love reading these posts!! I looked at Cuddl Duds (who came up with the spelling of that?) while at Kohls this weekend!! They look so comfy & I made sure to let my husband know that those would be perfect bday presents for me!! I hope he took note! 🙂

    • SO true. Every time I went to type that I said a “huh” and had to double check myself. They are so stinking comfy. I love wearing mine.

  • I’m with you on the Christmas thinking numbers! I made my link an always opened one, just for you 🙂

    • You are so good to me! I plan to do Thanksgiving in numbers next month… I think it is scheduled for the 8th #progress.

  • Whitney Jordan

    Fun! I love the photo count (my husband just teased me about taking so many pictures so I’m glad I’m not alone!!), good job on all of those home cooked meals, 40 days until Christmas means I need to get busy and finish up my shopping!! and I’m intrigued about your 1 smoke bomb!

    • Haha it was AWESOME! We made it out of sugar, water, foil, a wick, a toilet paper roll, and stump remover. I love teaching chemistry to the girls :D! I need to finish my Christmas shopping soon too!

  • Love this count and I love that you wrote 99 times Marissa grown over math, too funny. I can’t believe Christmas is so soon! Like what?! I feel so behind now!

    • Her math is insane. 8 year olds shouldn’t be doing 5 digit long, long division problems… or should they?

      I know, me too!

  • I SO agree with you about the weather… I feel like we really got jipped out of fall because the weather was constantly screaming SUMMER! I can hardly believe that Thanksgiving is next week… it feels like we should be somewhere at the beginning of October!

    • We totally go jipped friend, sucks right? I am 1000% behind you. It definitely feels like October.

  • Desiree @ Macke Monologues

    Your Fall sounds like us every. single. year. Whomp whomp.
    I’m afraid to even look at all the photos I take each month. They just get lumped into one file (which probably means I should organize them).
    Woohoo for gym trips and pec fly reps! Killing it!!

    • Lol, YES! It totally does. I’ll zip my mouth and stop complaining. Thanks friend I did 130 lb’s on the pec fly today and couldn’t even believe it I remember when 80lb’s was tough, HA! I recently got a new computer and I have been MAKING myself organize photos multiple times a week. We’ll see how long that lasts ;).

  • I loved all your pumpkin recipes but lazy over here hasnt made a one yet, sigh. Ill get my act together just in time for Christmas lol.

  • All the fun! 99 times Marissa groaned. I love it! I’m so ready for Christmas!

    • Oh my goodness Becky I don’t know what is normal and we don’t do common core math so… but she is doing like 5 digit long division and solving for the unknown. It’s crazy, she’s only 8. Please tell me this is normal :P.

      Me too. Hope you’re feeling better today.

      • Ya know, it’s been 4 years since I taught math… so I’m not sure 🙂 I’m sure you’re doing the best for her though!

  • Meghan Flinn

    Homemade smoke bomb???

    • Isn’t that awesome? We made it out of sugar, water, foil, a wick, a toilet paper roll, and stump remover. I love teaching chemistry to the girls :D!

  • I’ve even groaned over Marissa’s math. Poor girl. I’m with you M, I’m with you!

    • HA! It’s totally true. I think I’ve cried over it, but I won’t tell her that.

  • That is quite the haul with just 25 houses! Way to go girls! Good luck editing all of those pictures 🙂

    • It was terrible. I DO NOT need that much candy in my house :P. HA! I rarely ever edit photos. Mostly just for sponsored posts… because ain’t nobody got time for that.

  • chall1018

    What a great month it was…minus the math! We are groaning over that one, too!

    • Oh man, it’s awful. She is doing HUGE long division problems and solving for unknowns.. she’s only 8!!!