How I Styled It: Plaid

Today I’m teaming up with Becky, Meghan, and Whitney again. The last time we collaborated was for my first official fashion post that included me playing “the model”. I felt like I was in WAY over my head, but y’all were so encouraging and sweet. I instantly knew that more fashion posts would be in my future. Just typing those words still feels kind of weird and I am still wrapping my head around the whole idea, but that’s okay. This blog has turned into several things that I never imagined it would. 

This time around we chose to style plaid.

First of all, let me say I LOVE plaid. I love that it can be dressy or casual, It can be light or it can be really warm, It is the perfect pattern for fall or winter, and I am pretty much obsessed. #givemealltheplaidthings

I chose 4 of my favorite pieces to show you 4 very different ways to wear plaid.

img_6467eplaid-scarf plaid-scarf2

Look #1: Casual with pattern mixing

I am fairly new to the idea of pattern mixing. I’ve been admiring others for months and I wanted to join the fun, but I didn’t have any patterns to mix. I started buying them slowly and now I am finally being able to start doing a little bit of mixing. It wasn’t until picking out clothes for this post that I thought to pair the striped shirt with the plaid scarf. Add in my quilted vest & Converse and it’s the perfect on the go outfit. I need to grab a long sleeve striped shirt soon!

img_6700e plaid-dress4 img_6608e

Look #2: Dressy & Simple

I grabbed this dress at and ON Outlet a couple of years ago and this is honestly the first time I have put it on without leggings! I love being able to layer it, but this is a really cute look as well. When I got home and started photo editing I realized it was missing one thing, a mustard scarf. How cute would that look?!?! I would have been tempted to go back and retake these photos if only I owned one, HA!

plaid-shirt plaid-shirt3 plaid-shirt2

Look #3: Graphic-tee layering

This, this is the look I could wear EVERY single day. Skinny jeans, graphic tee and a flannel to keep me warm. Flannel shirts are the PERFECT layering piece for fall and winter. Plus they are SO comfortable too. I’d love to add a few more to my collection. And that coffee shirt?! All the heart eye emojis. I might wear it every single day with no shame. 

plaid-vest-3 plaid-vest2 plaid-vest

Look #4: Utility vest & riding boots

Y’all I was <> this close to sharing this outfit in our last collaboration, but I didn’t. At the time I was trying to decide if I was going to keep this shirt or not. I obviously decided I should keep it and I am so happy I did. I LOVE that it is long enough to wear with leggings and I LOVE that it fits me really well since it is a tall size. The sleeves are actually almost too long which is any 5’10.5″ girls dream. I was hoping to wear this to the pumpkin patch or corn maze since it just feels so perfectly fall, but fall didn’t come to Missouri until November so, that didn’t work out.

Here is my black legging tip: Buy workout compression leggings from ON. They keep everything contained 😉 and they are a bit thicker & slicker than typical cotton ones. They are far more comfy, dressy, and warm. You are welcome.

A few final thoughts

My clothing allowance is pretty really slim so I usually find myself stretching out any birthday or Christmas money I am given to get me through. Add that to shopping with coupons, sales, and clearance racks (stacking all of the above when possible) and it works out well. In just over a year I have totally transformed my closet and I did it without breaking the bank (or the husband taking notice). I love being able to make things work and show others that you don’t have to spend a fortune to have a fun wardrobe, you just need to make wise purchases.

What is your favorite way to wear plaid?


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  • Amy Smith

    I’m so proud of you for going out of your comfort zone. I always say that I’m going to & I’m not really sure if I do. haha! Thanks for the inspiration. As far as layering goes with plaid, which I have a ton of in my closet, I’ve never thought to do that. Outfit tomorrow…check!

    • Amy Smith

      I actually have a graphic tee on today already that I could pop a plaid shirt over it. Thanks!

    • Thank you so much Amy, I can totally relate. This was the first big step for me. I love that you added a flannel to your outfit yesterday AND that you emailed me to tell me you did. That definitely made me smile.

  • Meghan Flinn

    I love that you agreed to do that first fashion post with us, you are such a natural! And now I’m convinced I need a plaid dress and more graphic tees! And I need something mustard too!

    • You totally do! I need some more open flannels because I would wear them all the time if I could. Thank you so much. Come January, we should do another one.

  • Love that plaid scarf. And good to know about the on leggings. Not that you have anything to ‘ compress’ anyways 🙂

    • Haha! You are too sweet. I am totally a fan of the compression leggings.

  • I love the graphic tee with the plaid shirt look- definitely something I would wear everyday too if I could. Great picks!

    • Thanks Deena. I have been rocking that look on repeat. I need to grab another plaid shirt or two soon.

  • You’re so cute. I love the scarf! I have some issues with button down shirts, but I could do a scarf!

  • Lizzie Simantz

    Oh my goodness, you rocked every outfit girl!! I so want that coffee tee, and thanks for the leggings tip from ON, I am on it!

    • I am telling you I MUCH prefer those compression leggings over the thin ones. Thank you so much for your sweet words.

  • I love these posts! You inspired me to buy my first pair of jeggings! Now I need to find a cute top, maybe I’ll look for plaid. Also, who takes your pictures??

    • You are to sweet! Definitely add some plaid to your wardrobe, you’ll be hooked in no time.

      As for the photos, I do…😂.

  • I love these looks! All of them! You’ve stretched your little wardrobe wings and flown!

  • All of these looks are perfection, Beth!! My favorite is the shirtdress! It’s GORG and so are you!

    • You are too stinking sweet. I knew you’d like the shirt dress! Now to get that pop of color to go with it.

  • Beth — you are killin’ these fashion posts. You are blessed with such long legs. I sorta hate you a bit for it really.

    • Aaaahhhh :*. Blessing and a curse I tell you, blessing and a curse.

  • chall1018

    You go girl! These photos are awesome. I love all of the outfits you created. I think the first one is my favorite, but the other three are very close seconds! 🙂 If that even make sense. It does in my head, so lets just go with it. mmmkay? ha!

    • I really love that first one too. I’ll definitely repeat that one with a long sleeved shirt. Totally makes sense. No worries friend, I get you.

  • Very cute! I would definitely wear all of those looks. I love that they are trendy, mom-friendly, and comfortable. My favorite is probably the last, because if I could wear leggings all winter long, I would! Thanks for passing the ideas along. 🙂

    • My favorite is probably the last too #noshame. The best part is nowadays you pretty much CAN wear leggings all winter long #winning.

  • YES to wise purchases!! Loving an item versus buying just ok stuff really makes a difference. Girl, Im going to get you a mustard scarf. You cant NOT have one. I love that you did another utility vest outfit 🙂

    • It makes a HUGE difference. I always really think about what I am buying now days. Haha! It was just so funny when editing photos I realized that outfit was missing the perfect pop of color.

  • Desiree @ Macke Monologues

    So many cute styles!! I’m a lover of all the plaid things, too! That scarf with the striped tee is such a cute casual outfit. And that last outfit is totally something I’d put on for a night out!

    • I love the tee and the scarf. I have worn that outfit since I put it together for this post. I really need to grab a long sleeved striped top soon.

  • You nailed these looks! Loving the dress and you pattern mixed like a boss. Clothes are my weakness and I spend way too much in that area. I honestly think now that I’ve learned to put outfits together a little better I could ditch a lot and still have plenty of outfits to wear. I do have to dress up a little for my job which definitely causes me to think I need work wear and casual wear.

    • Capsule wardrobes always impress me but I don’t think I would want one either. If I was in your shoes I would totally spend more on clothes than I do. On a normal day I don’t even put on nice clothes, because my kids could care less :P.

  • Whitney Jordan

    Perfect plaid outfits!! I love the strips and plaid and love the utility vest and plaid. So many cute options for Fall now that it’s finally COLD 🙂

    • It took it long enough, eh? I just wish it hadn’t gone straight from summer to winter :P.