Halloween 2016


Halloween 2016 did not disappoint. Marissa opted to dress up as her current “what I want to be when I grow up” and Emily was Minnie Mouse… for the 4th year in a row. Spoiler alert: She’s already talking about what kind of Minnie Mouse she is going to be next year.

Our Halloween was spent doing school work, painting pumpkins, bobbing for apples, and trick-or-treating in Russ’ parents neighborhood. They seriously have the best neighborhood ever to trick-or-treat in. It’s two streets and by the time we finish we have overflowing buckets of goodies, every year. Minimal walking, lots of chocolate. It doesn’t get any better than that!

Enough of my rambling though. I know what you really want to see is the photos and goodness did I take a lot. #sorrynotsorry.

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I used to think that Halloween at this age wouldn’t be as fun as it was in those early years. I was wrong, it’s even better. The excitement they have now is 10 times what it was, plus they are still little enough to be super cute. Our day started with excited girls who were giddy to dress up and ended with tired girls that were sad it was all over.

It was another great Halloween with countless more memories made.
What did your kids dress up as?

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  • Jessica

    I love their costumes. Marissa is the coolest vet I’ve ever seen. I’d bring my dog to her. πŸ˜‰ And Tinker Minnie? Love it!! Emily’s dress is adorable.

    • Hehe! She would happily let you! Thank you! I made that dress a few years ago when Marissa was Tinkerbell. It was fun to use it again!

  • Amy Smith

    Such sweet girls! I love the picture of the girls with their superhero buddies! It seems to capture everyone’s personalities.

    • Yes! So glad we were able to meet up with our best guy pals and get that photo before it was too dark!

  • Love it!! πŸ™‚

  • Love!! Such beautiful pictures, friend!

  • Lizzie Simantz

    The girls look so great!! I love that Emily was Minnie for the 4th year, girl knows what she likes!

    • So true! She definitely has focus and knows what she wants!

  • They both look adorable!!! I love that Emily has been Minnie for that many years! Great choice in my book =) And Marissa as a vet, I love it!
    Glad you guys had a great evening!!!

    • Thank you so much. I need to put together a little photo collage of all the mini cuteness! We did have a great night.

  • Awesome costumes…I should have suggested vet for Lucia, she would have loved that!

    • Ther is always next year! I am so glad Marissa suggested it herself!

  • So cute!! I love the Tinker Minnie idea! Can’t wait to see what version of Minnie Emily decides on next year.

    • Thank you! I hear rumors of cowgirl Minnie, baker Minnie and butterfly Minnie. Time will tell πŸ˜‚.

  • I love their costumes!!

  • Desiree @ Macke Monologues

    The girls costumes are perfect!!! I laughed when I read that Emily is already conjuring up Minnie ideas for next year. HA!!

    • Oh my goodness she is out of control! I am going to be so sad when she is over it.

  • Your pictures made me smile. Tinker Minnie is awesome! And so cute that Marissa wants to be a vet.

  • I LOVE that Marissa wanted to be a vet and I love that Emily was Minnie… again. She is such a hoot! Sweet girls!

    • That girl! She is such a mess and I adore her because of it! Thank you!

  • Oh their costumes are just the best! I love how Emily can reinvent Minnie!

    • Year after year πŸ˜†. Minnie is a timeless look to pull off, HA!

  • So adorable! I feel like their costumes were perfectly suited for their personalities!

  • Not so spooky, but completely adorable! Did you make the Minnie headband, because she just matched so perfectly. Even the doll! I am glad Halloween is over. Now onto Thanksgiving!!

    • I did! I actually have reused that headband for all 4 years of her being Minnie, I just switch out the bow :P. The doll is just a hilarious coincidence. We have had her for about 3-4 years now too. Me too friend, me too!

  • chall1018

    I love both of their costume picks! So cool that Marissa stuck with her career aspiration and Minnie Mouse is just so Emily! I love that she’s already thinking about what kind of Minnie she wants to be next year. Your Halloween sounds like it was pretty perfect. And whoa, that’s my kind of trick or treating. Looking at these pictures I can totally picture Marissa as a vet. She would be the best and sweetest vet around. Tinker Minnie!!! Adorable. Who knew there were so many different ways to dress as Minnie?!

    • Thank you so much Crystal. I love that Marissa chose to be a vet all on her own. It was a really fun idea and turned out to be so cute. As for Emily, that girl. She is so hilarious and predictable. We definitely had a great Halloween.

  • Meghan Flinn

    I love how Halloween costumes can really represent such different personalities and interests!

    • Me too! I love that Marissa chose to dress up as what she wants to be (very literal) and Em is hopelessly in love with Minnie.

  • Emily’s love of Minnie is like none other. I like that Marissa picked her future career. Such a fun way to personalize a costume.

    • I have never met a child so dedicated. I LOVED their costume choices this year.

  • Eeee!! What cute girls. Glad you had a great Halloween!

  • Whitney Jordan

    Precious girls! I love that they both know exactly what they want to be AND that Emily is already making plans for Minnie next year. Your pictures make me realize that one day my kids will be old enough to stand, pose and smile for pictures. Thanks for always giving me things to look forward to in this mothering journey πŸ™‚

    • Lol oh Whitney you make me smile. To tell you the truth I kind of miss where you are somedays. Seems like yesterday.

  • They both looked so adorable! Love the pictures you captured of them!