Friday Highlights 11.4

Hello Friday, Hello November! 

It’s November 4th and I have one question burning in the back of my head. Okay, two actually. 

#1) Is listening to Christmas music now socially appropriate? Or privately for that matter.
#2) When is the soonest I can put up my trees without being stoned? #butreally

Think about those while you read this weeks highlights and let me know your thoughts in the comments.


On The Blog

This week on the blog I shared SO much!
To my dear, sweet, faithful readers who didn’t miss a post, I love you! 


An uncommon place to find uncommon gifts
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A busy moms guide to an active lifestyle
All about Simply Earth and how you can get a free diffuser.
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Brownie Bottom Pumpkin Dream Bars

More Pumpkin Love

The end of October meant the end of the ‘All Things Pumpkin’ link-up. Today I wanted to share a few more posts that I loved.

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Four of my all time favorite pumpkin recipes. All things pumpkin weeks 1-4

You can find all of my posts here:
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Ornament Exchange

I also talked about my slight tree addiction this week and announced a Holiday Ornament Exchange.


You only have until November 7th, so go sign up now!!!

Oh Minnie!

This Halloween Emily was Minnie Mouse for the 4th year in a row.


After scrolling through time hop on Halloween (oh the memories that stirred up) I saved each of the previous three years so I could put this little collage together for today.

Fun facts:
I have reused the same ears I originally made every year, I just change the bow.
She cries when I take the black nose off, every single year.
She likes to take off the costume over her all black “skin” and run around shrieking “Eeekkk, I’m naked!”
She’s already talking about what kind of Minnie she is going to be next year. So far I’ve heard: Cow Girl, Butterfly and Baker Minnie thrown out there.

When that girl is over this Minnie thing my heart may literally break in two. Other wise I guess Minnie ears on a wedding veil, a groom named Mickey, and a honey moon to Disney World aren’t completely out of the question. 

New booties

After weeks months of talking about grabbing a new pair of booties, I finally did it thanks to an amazing sale and some Kohls cash.

Originally I planned to order them in brown but they were out of my size (I guess other giants do exist). So, I decided why not try the gray. I am so glad it happened like that. I think I love them in gray WAY more than I would have in brown. Patience paid off again!

Have a great weekend friends!
We’ll see you back here on Monday!

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Friday Link-Up Parties

  • Jessica

    I am definitely on board with listening to Christmas music. Wanna listen together? 😉 My hubby won’t let me decorate until the day after thanksgiving. Scrooge!! Love love Emily as Minnie. I think that’s how Emmy is going to be. She walks around and says “Emmy Ninnie” and when she can actually say Minnie I’m gonna be sad.

    • OMG, yes I do. That would be the best ever. I think my hubby wants to be that way too. But he knows that I take it down on the 26th and really want to enjoy all the hard work so he humors me. Either that or I broke him :P.

      It IS so sad when they correct their words. The last one Marissa had was stirfy instead of thirsty. I was SO sad when she stopped saying “Mama I’m so stirfy” Emily never really had very many…either that or I never paid attention. HA!

  • Christmas music is finally on the radio, and yep, I listen! #nevertooearly You totally did rock it this week with you posts! Girls, you amaze me! How you find time to blog, and homeschool, and workout… but really how?!
    And I’ve totally seen a Minnie wedding veil… just promise you’ll use the same ears!

    • OMG! Last week almost killed me. One way is I literally sit at a desk for hours a day. When the girls do school so I “work” between helping them. The working out is me waking up insanely early. It’s less than ideal but again, it works. I am no super woman friend. Just a crazy lady who does the best she can and stresses out when she bites off too much… Like last week. Baha ha!

      I pinky promise.

      I hope y’all are having an awesome weekend.

  • Lizzie Simantz

    I have never been able to listen to Christmas music this early but also pass no judgement to those who do!! I love all the different Minnies Emily has been, that is so fun! And those booties, so adorable and you can’t beat that price (especially with a coupon on top of it!) Have a great weekend Beth!

    • I never have before but I tried it yesterday and I really liked it. I usually turn it on for the first time when I am decorating but hey, change works I suppose!

      I love that you are my fellow bargain hunter. We would have so much fun shopping together :D!

  • Kristi

    I started listening to Christmas music a week ago… whoops! I just love it! And think I’ll put up a lot of my decorations next week – we get a real tree so we’ll wait another week or two 🙂

    • That would be a really fun way to space it out! I totally tuned into some Christmas music on Friday and today. Pandora popped a Christmas station and I took it as a sign that it was okay :P.

  • Yay for lots of blog posts and new booties!

    • I am LOVING the new booties. All those posts… not so much 😛 ;).

  • I totally missed your UncommonGoods post!! I’m heading over now to check it out! And that’s exactly why I love these Friday recaps!!!!

    And oh Emily… that made me so sad when I read that she cries every year when you take off her nose. Bless her little heart.

    I hope you guys have the best weekend, Beth!

    • Isn’t that just the sweetest. I should totally paint one on her one day just for the heck of it.

      You too friend!

  • hahaha! I laughed at a groom names mickey! And I do the music and tree after November 11th 🙂

    • I keep hearing that it is fair game after Veterans Day. I might just have to join that trend.

  • The Christmas station is back on the radio, and I’ve been teasing my family that we’re going to listen to it now, but even the kids aren’t ready. As for my tree I’m putting it up the week before Thanksgiving. We’ll be gone for the whole week of Thanksgiving, so I want everything up and decorated when we get back home. And I love those booties… super cute!

    • Funny story… The day I posted this Pandora totally popped a Christmas station up on my phone. I took it as a sign and went for it, lol!

      I usually decorate the week before too. I think I might bump it up just a little bit this year though and see if the husband notices :P.

  • The whole Minnie thing is about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!!! LOVE IT!!!!

    • Lol! Thank you so much. That girl LOVES her Minnie Mouse.

  • Whitney Jordan

    LOVE those new booties!! I have a gray pair that I wore ALL the time last season so I’m on the hunt for a brown pair for my birthday. Thanks for the pumpkin foot print shout out 🙂 You had lots of good things going on this week, but my favorite part of your round up might be the fun facts about Minnie… I mean Emily 🙂 The naked comment made me LOL, how sweet that she loves her Minnie nose so much and I can’t wait to see how Minnie reinvents herself for next year.

    • Sometimes I call Emily Minnie too :D! I am hoping that since the weather has FINALLY cooled off, I will be wearing those booties all the time. I hope you are having a great weekend!

  • Amy Smith

    LOVE the booties. I bought my first pair of booties this year too. I got mine from TJ Maxx. I think a lot of our hearts will break when Emily grows out of Minnie Mouse. 🙁

    • I think so too. I really need to write a blog post about the obsession before its over.

      I never even thought to look at TJ! I forget about that place far to often.

  • Desiree @ Macke Monologues

    You are crushing it in the baking department!
    It’s so funny Emily has been Minnie for four years, yet all of her costumes are so different! I can’t wait to see what she comes up with for next year (pending she wants to be Minnie for a fifth year in a row).
    And AWESOME choice on the gray booties! SO CUTE!

    • Look like you are too. OMG, that cake!
      Isn’t that crazy? We definitely have to make each year feel different.
      Thanks, I really like them.

  • Your daughter’s Minnie costumes are SO cute! And I haven’t been very into Christmas the past few years, but I’m actually kind of excited for it this year?? So I say go for the Christmas music! 🙂

    • Funny story… The day I posted this Pandora totally popped a Christmas station up on my phone. I took it as a sign and went for it, lol!

      Thank you!

  • Christmas music is 24/7/365.
    November 12 is the date. Join me?

    • Baha ha! I really don’t think Russ will go for that, but I have the next weekend penciled in. Although Anna is decorating next weekend too so maybe I should go for it :P.

  • Meghan Flinn

    Thanks for including my pumpkin painting party! I totally want to check out those Halloween eggs! And I totally didn’t realize Emily has been Minnie Mouse for the last 4 years! So funny because Noah and I have already been brainstorming family costumes for next year and Minnie Mouse has been brought up… And I’d be Minnie!!!

    • You would make an awesome Minnie. If you need any pointer, just ask Emily ;). She is obsessed Meghan. You know how most kids have a phase that lasts 6-12 months? It has always been Minnie for her, ALWAYS. The love runs DEEP!

  • Great new boots…look at you all fashiony!!!