Christmas Bucket List 2016

With Thanksgiving officially over, I am MORE than ready to move into Christmas mode (not that I wasn’t already there). The month of December is my favorite! Within one week there is Christmas Eve (my favorite day of the year), Christmas, my birthday, and a whole new year. Christmas week is also vacation time at our house. We don’t have school (obviously) and we always plan for Russ to take the week off with us. We have far too much partying to have to worry about things like school and work. 

Today I want to share our Holiday Bucket List with you. This years list has 20 things and we have just over 25 days to mark them all off. It’s pretty much impossible, but goodness do we have fun trying.


*Bake Christmas cookies
*Buy toys & food to donate
*Drink hot cocoa
*Polar Express movie night
*Mail Christmas cards
*Christmas date night
*Write letters to Santa
*Attend a Christmas Party
*See Santa Claus
*Ride on the Polar Express
*Make an ornament
*Make a gingerbread house
*Attend a Christmas parade
*Celebrate Advent
*Journey to Bethlehem
*Christmas themed breakfast
*Read the Christmas Story
*Visit Silver Dollar City
*Christmas dance party
*Light scavenger hunt

Our list is a mix of family traditions, favorites from previous years, and a few new things too. I am so excited to see how much we actually get done.

Did you make a Christmas bucket list?
What are you the most excited about?


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  • Heather Bramlett

    What a great list! Lots of fun planned!

  • Amy Smith

    So, so many fun things to accomplish in the next 25 days! Can’t wait to follow along!

    • I guess we’re technically cheating, the fun actually starts tonight!

  • Jessica

    Love your holiday list. You can totally cross everything off. I can’t wait to see it all happen.

    • Oh girl you have so much confidence in us :P.

  • I haven’t made a bucket list…but someday I will!

    • I want to make a big one. Like things to do before I am 50… or something more than seasonal.

  • Lizzie Simantz

    Love the list! Have you done the polar express before? We were thinking about doing one this year but have heard mixed things on them

    • We never have but this one is pretty laid back. Tickets were only $1 and its a Trolley :P. There is a legit one in Branson (a couple hours away) But it is REALLY expensive.

      • Lizzie Simantz

        $1!! Id so be there!! Around here it’s so pricey

        • I’m kind of expecting to get what we paid for :P. But maybe I will be surprised.

  • The Polar Express, how fun is that! What a great list. You guys are going to have fun!

  • It sounds like you guys are in store for an awfully fun December!! Can’t wait to hear all about your adventures!

    • Thanks Liz! The fun actually starts tonight. We head to a Christmas tree lighting in just a few minutes!

  • You always have such great ideas. What day is your birthday? My anniversary is December 26! We may go to Silver Dollar City this summer – haven’t been there yet!

    • Thanks Dara. My birthday is the 28th half way between Christmas and New Years. I HATE my December Christmasy birthday. You totally should. Y’all would have a blast!

  • I LOVE your list! I want to hear all about the Polar Express ride! I’ve seen people doing that and I think there’s one that comes about an hour away from us. I’ve always wondered if it would be worth it to go do it!

    • Well…we’ve never done one before, but this one is pretty laid back. Tickets were only $1 and its a Trolley :P. There is a legit one in Branson (a couple hours away) But it is REALLY expensive.

  • Desiree @ Macke Monologues

    Lots of fun things on your list! I’m hoping we can sneak away for a Christmas date night once while we’re back in the Midwest for family Christmases.

    • Oooohhhhh that sounds exciting! Y’all should totally be sure to make that happen.

  • Meghan Flinn

    Look very similar to our list! Though a Christmas parade does sound pretty cool, and we don’t have that! I’m so excited to start all the Christmas activities!!!

    • WHAT?!?! That is absolutely crazy to me! Every town has their own around here, although we usually just go to one. Our list pretty much stays the same from year to year. I generally only switch out 2 or 3 things. We are creatures of habit plus you HAVE to do all the classic Christmas things.

  • Whitney Jordan

    What a pretty and fun Christmas to do list! I love your idea for a Christmas date night and might need to steal that 🙂 We’re also hoping to see Santa, write him a letter, bake, make ornaments and work on our Christmas cards. I bet your girls will LOVE a Christmas light scavenger hunt. Did you bring any sand/shells back from the ocean? You should do a beach ornament if you did. Can’t wait to hear about all the fun you’re having this month.

    • I did and I already did! Haha ha! I made sure t get lots of smaller shells to add to one. It kind of just made me miss the beach though :P. Thanks friend. It is going to be a great month!

  • You girls (and Russ, too!) are going to have a blast this holiday. I can’t wait to see your bucket list in action.

    • We’ve already crossed a few things off our list!

  • Such a great list! I love visiting theme parks at Christmas–wish we were closer to one!

    • How far are y’all from SDC? It’s about a 2 hour trip both way for us. That is just far enough that we don’t go all the time, but close enough that we will make the trip.

      • We’re about 5 hours from SDC and 4 from Six Flags in Dallas. Will definitely be worth the drive, and easier, once the kids are a bit older. 🙂

        • Oh wow that is a bit further than I thought you’d be. Fun to be so close to Dallas though!

  • Such a great list! I think the thing I miss most about growing up in a small town was the annual Christmas parade. It was always such a fun time! We have parades here but I have never taken the kids.

    • Joplin is just big enough that they have a decent parade, but its not too big to feel like a hassle either. I hope it isn’t too cold on Tuesday so we can go!