$10 At Target (November 2016)

Dear Target,
You’re kind of being a pain. I mean that in the best, nicest way possible.
Love, Beth

This, this has been the story of my life the past couple weeks. I’ll admit it, I don’t hit up Target on a regular basis. I am guaranteed a once a month visit (thanks to this blog series) but I sometimes go a whole month in between visits. However, lately visits have been up to 3 & 4 a week. This is a problem! Both for the sake of the budget and my sanity. Every trip I make to Target, the dollar spot is half stocked. I find myself going back again and again just to see if they put out something new, something I need, something we can’t live without. #GiveMeAllTheChristmas I haven’t been dropping $20’s on every trip but $2 here, $5 there can add up fast. 


So long story short, it took me two Trips to get my $10 post and some of the photos from this post might even be from a 3rd trip. Goodness, I’m a mess.

Let’s take a peek at what I found…
I started in the Dollar spot looking at all things Christmas. After all, that was my whole reason for going each and every time. 


  • Christmas stickers $1
  • Christmas countdown $3
  • Peanuts mug $3
  • Chalk ornaments $3


  • Coloring book $1
  • Reindeer sewing kit $5
  • Brush trees $3
  • Christmas stationary $1


  • Tart pan $5
  • Rudolph pencils $1
  • Santa mug $4.99
  • Bakery box $1
  • Plaid socks $3

And a few non Christmas things…


  • Swell bottle 12.48 (budget buster)
  • Coffee t-shirt 4.48
  • Highlighters 1.48
  • Lavender conditioner 5.58

So what did I pick?


I simply couldn’t let that t-shirt go for that price. I also grabbed the Christmasy thank you notes for the girls to send after Christmas.  The last thing I grabbed was the countdown. I know they are going to love it so much, maybe even too much. I plan to hang it up in the school room, but for now I have it hidden away.

How did it add up?

T-shirt $4.48
Stationary $1.00
Countdown $3.00
Total $8.48
Discount -5%
Tax +8.0750
Grand Total $8.71

Another month under budget. I think I’ll take that extra 1.29 and apply it towards next months budget. That seems like a totally legit idea, right?

I’m hoping to snag more Christmas stuff for next months post, maybe even some stocking stuffers for the girls. Plan now to join us on December 19th!

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What have you found at Target lately?

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  • Jessica

    That tshirt is so you!! I love it! I saw that snowman in our Dollar Spot, but a lady was holding it and it was the last one. Bummer! I bought some of those thank you cards too. πŸ™‚

    • You should have ripped it out of her arms and ran. Baha ha! JK… or am I ;). Hopefully they get some more in soon! Those cards are PERFECT!

  • Amy Smith

    Girl, I totally relate to you on this. I’m pretty sure my Target staff will know me by name. I’m on the hunt for those Christmas plates from the dollar spot. The one {& only} time they had all of them in was when Cash was with me & I want them for our Elf to bring. I’ve found ONE since the beginning of November. Our Elf comes Sunday & I need four, but would gladly be happy with only one more. I even went to a bigger Target & they didn’t have any either. So, I realize that’s a really long rant on those holiday plates. πŸ˜‰ Love what you purchased! I knew it was that shirt right away. πŸ™‚

    • Baha ha! Oh Amy I really hope that you find those plates soon. I only saw them once and the ones that were left were all scratched up. So I feel ya.

  • Another awesome haul. I bought that sip swell bottle for full price in august!! Arghhhhh

    • Haha! Well you get a pass since you can’t stalk the clearance like the rest of us can :P.

  • So many fun things at Target! The dollar spot was awesome this time around!

    • It really has been fun. It’s always the best at Christmas.

  • Meghan Flinn

    I wish I had more restraint than you at target! I feel like it’s our place we go every 3 weeks to stock up on everything! I wish I could just spend even $20 when I go… And I’m sure my husband feels the same way! Their holiday section is amazing and gets me every time!!!

    • Haha! I have never been one to go to crazy at once and if I do watch out. Something crazy is about to go down :P.

  • Lizzie Simantz

    So, I’m always at Target and think I need to join in this series! I love it every time I read it. I so want that coffee shirt, did you find it near the dollar spot or regular clothes section? I’m sure it’s gone but I’m actually heading out to Target later this morning to pick up an order so I’m going to check! I love that peanuts mug so much too! xo

    • Oh man so sorry I didn’t read this sooner. I found mine on a clearance rack in the regular section. I hope you found some really great stuff!

  • Oh how I need that coffee tee, how cute!
    Rachel xo

  • Same thing happened to me – when I went shopping for the challenge there wasn’t much in the dollar section. I went back and bought a bunch of things!

    • Such a bummer. I have yet to see a bunch of things in my dollar spot, UGH!

  • chall1018

    I came so close to getting those chalk ornaments! But I didn’t trust my handwriting skills enough! I did grab those little brush trees, though. I love your haul. The shirt is perfect and that snowman countdown is precious!

    • I bet they would be SUPER hard to write on. But the idea is super fun. Thank you. I need to go back again soon…. and I was just there today too. #oooppps!

  • I scored some notecards too but I didn’t have those at either store I shop. I love all things snowmen so those would have been perfect.

    • Just another reason to love you. I’ve always had a thing for snowmen too.

  • I am RIGHT there with you! I usually just grab everything I see that I might possibly want, load up my cart and then move to quiet part of the store to decide what I need to put back. You can imagine that most of it stays in my cart. πŸ™‚

    Whitney @ Come Home For Comfort

    • Haha! It’s the only way to go about the whole process, right?!

  • I LOVE these posts. And girl, I swear your Target is 1,000,000 times better than mine… I NEVER find those cute graphic tees that cute! Ours are always full priced and sell out before they have time to go on clearance! I love that tee so much!

    • They still have the pumpkin spice one in store but I am just keeping my eye on it waiting to see if it gets any cheaper :P. I always feel like my Target sucks, maybe it isnt so bad.

  • Whitney Jordan

    Great finds!! Sorry that it took so many trips to find your things, but really too many visits to Target is a problem I can get on board with. Love that t-shirt and the snowman countdown is so cute. I’ve been on the hunt for a good one so I’ll have to look for that. I always love $1 note cards. And I’m impressed with your many trips that you are under budget πŸ™‚ I can’t wait to check out the Christmas selection at my closest Target later on this week!!

    • Lol! I may or may not have went in there again today :P. But would you believe I left empty handed, because I did! Hopefully you find a well stocked Dollar Spot!

  • I found the cutest Merry Christmas sign in the dollar spot yesterday! I was so excited to not have to make one! πŸ˜‰ It’s probably really (like, really) good that I live over an hour from a Target, or I’d be broke. #truth

    • Don’t you love it when that happens. It probably would have cost at least twice as much to make anyways :P. Baha ha!

  • I actually bought those bottle brush trees and cant wait to use them to decorate!!

  • I’m totally with you on applying the previous month’s overages to next month! I’ve been under the past two months! Love your haul!

    • I’m pretty sure it should be a rule… I should totally make rules :P. HA!

  • Oh my stinking goodness, what cute stuff!!!! I wish I lived closer to Target!!!

    • Haha! I can’t imagine not being close to Target. It would be better as far as not spending all the money though :P.

  • Dang! You found some good stuff! I need to go back to my Target and start searching! I usually browse quickly and then go.
    Also, I do NOT know how you can go a whole month in between Target visits! Goodness you have way more self control than I do!

    • I almost always make my Target trips solo…. which explains why I browse around so much ;). I think I just avoid the temptation Because we all know what happens if you go often, HA! Target nickel and dimes me to death then.

  • I need the Frosty countdown thing! Super cute. I totally knew you were going to get that shirt πŸ™‚

    • Isnt it adorable?! I have been wearing that shirt non stop since I bought it. Its the best!