How I Styled It: Utility Vest

Today I am teaming up with Becky, Meghan, and Whitney to show you some fall fashion. Specifically how we’ve been wearing our utility vests lately.

Before I say anything else I want to take a second to tell y’all how much I stepped out of my comfort zone to do this post. When Meghan reached out to me with the idea I quickly agreed without much thought. It wasn’t until the day I went to take photographs that I had the “what in the world were you thinking” thoughts pop into my head. I can’t even tell you how awkward and uncomfortable I felt standing there… in a random alley… with a tripod, my girls, and a camera remote. I totally have a new-found respect for fashion bloggers who do this all the time.

Okay, moving on now.

A long, long time ago (aka 6 months) there was a girl who wanted a utility vest. She searched high and she searched low with no luck. She had almost lost all hope until one day, by a random chance, she stumbled across the perfect vest at Sam’s Club. It was a happy, happy ending indeed.

In an attempt to make me feel less awkward about this post I am trying to make light of it. But seriously, I still can’t believe I found the perfect vest for under $20 at Sam’s. I had almost settled for another vest when I finally found exactly what I wanted in a very unexpected place.


I chose to style my vest in three different ways. All three ways are wearing the same jeans (there was no way I was changing pants in that creepy alley) but each look is unique in its own way. 

fashion1-4 fashion-3-2
Jeans / Vest *Sams Club*/ Top / Shoes *Walmart*

Look #1

I kind of just want to point out a couple of things that are HUGE for me #1 I am wearing mustard #2 Hello baby step into pattern mixing. Both of these are really big fashion moments for a girl who only wore gray not even a year ago. 

fashion1-2 fashion1-3 fashion1-1
Shirt / Boots

Look #2

My girls were both insistent that I took this shirt along. I have shared it on the blog before and I still love it just as much. The floral pattern and baseball style scream fall and look perfect with the vest. I see myself wearing this outfit A LOT this fall. 

Shirt / Booties

Look #3

I think of all the looks this was my favorite. I had meant to bring a scarf along to show another layer, but I totally forgot to grab one. This shirt is amazing, the fit, price, and softness are unbeatable. This is also the first pair of booties I ever purchased and now I am convinced I need more.

So there you have it, 3 ways I plan to live (yes live) in my vest this fall and these are just a few ways I can wear it with jeans. I haven’t even got around to leggings, dresses or skirts yet?!

Make sure you check out how Becky, Meghan and Whitney styled theirs.
They are bound to be more inspirational than myself :P.

Thanks for letting me play fashion blogger today friends.

Have you hopped on the utility vest bandwagon yet?

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  • Jessica

    OMG! I love all of your styles. I want a utility vest so badly. I actually commented on a Pearl and Monroe post to get one and was the 3rd people to comment, but the computer somehow missed me and I didn’t get it. 🙁 She says she’s getting more so I’m holding out hope I still can.

    • Thank you so much Jessica. I hope you get one soon. It would look amazing on you!

  • Amy Smith

    You are the cutest! So, I was all against a utility vest, so I went the coat route because of living in WI, but girl, I will be adding it to my wishlist. I can’t even pick a favorite outfit because I love them all!

    • Thank you so much Amy. I really love having a vest and totally get what you mean about the weather. I think I may layer it with a nice sweat jacket when it gets super cold :P.

  • You look beautiful. I love that floral top and mustard totally suits you. I don’t even own a utility vest!

    • Thank you so much friend. I have ALWAYS steered clear of mustard but I am in love with that top. You should definitely pick one up. I hear that Gap has an amazing one.

  • Meghan Flinn

    Ok so first off, you did amazing! You are such a model! Now onto the outfits… I love them all but I think I like the last one the best too! I love how you cuffed the jeans, that top is perfect, and I totally want those booties!!! And finally, while it may have felt weird changing in an alley, I’m so jealous of your alley! I want to find one to take photos of Noah in his superhero costumes and can’t find one nearby 🙁

    • Oh goodness Meghan you are too sweet. Thank you for stretching me out of my zone. I wish I could show you my secret, scary alley and chauffeur you as a body guard while you took amazing photos. Would you even believe that that barn door is ON the brick wall. It’s fantastic.

  • Lizzie Simantz

    Girl, you rocked these photos!! Seriously! And I love the way you styled each outfit! I am still needing to find a utility vest, I need to ask my MIL to look at Sams when she is there because I didn’t see any at Costco! Oh and ps. your hair is amazing!!

    • Thank you so very, very much Lizzie. So many kind words. Y’all sure know how to make a girl feel better. Definitely take a look at Sams for sure.

  • Justine Leshikar

    Love love love every single one of your “looks!” You are gorgeous!!! 🙂 and now I need to go get a utility vest so I can try and be as cute as you! 🙂

    • Oh my goodness, I think I am blushing. Y’all are just being way too sweet to me. Thank you so much. Totally grab a vest too, you won’t regret it.

  • Great looks! I love that flowered shirt the most.

    • The girls were big fans of that look too. Thank you.

  • You rocked it!!! Love it! I think I love the third one the best, but I love them all! You’ve come so far with your fashion!!

    • Thanks Becky. My changes that I’ve made are mostly due to inspiration from you. Thank you so much!

  • chall1018

    I am so excited for these posts! I am getting so many great ideas from you ladies on how to wear my utility vest. It’s such a fun and versatile piece. And it spruces up any outfit. LOVE it! And you can’t even tell that you are out of your comfort zone in these pictures. You look like a natural. Like a beautiful model. I adore these photos of you and love all of these looks. I adore your booties!! Okay, that made me giggle. I’m so mature!

    • Yay! That was totally what we hoped to do. It is an insanely versatile piece. Which is why I plan to live in mine every day, all the time. Thank you so much sweet friend. I think my girls running around distracted me just enough. Hehe! I am also mature like that too. Let’s be “mature” together :).

  • You are SO STINKING CUTE!!!! And you completely rocked being a fashion model for a day! And I adore all three ways that you wore your vest. You totally need to do more posts like these!

    • Blushing… thank you so much. I think… THINK, I might start trying to do one fashion post a month. #babysteps. I just wish you could have seen my wardrobe a year ago. I’m not even the same girl anymore :P. Like wine we just get better with age, right?! Baha ha!

  • You nailed it!! You look like a natural! Beautiful on the inside and out!
    My favorite thing about a utility vest/jacket…lots of pockets…which means no purse!!

    • Thank you so very, very much friend. Baha ha I hadn’t even thought about all the pockets yet!

  • Okay..seriously? You look gorgeous and perfectly styled in every single one of these pictures!! I need to happen upon a deal like this vest in my life!!

    • Getting your approval feels so good lady. That vest is amazing and I can’t even believe the price. It was one of my best finds EVER!

      • Girl!! I found the vest at Sams tonight…but only in an XXL….I was so bummed!!

        • UGH! Such a bummer have you looked online? They were out of stock on there but maybe they’ll get some more in?!

  • Yay for you, Beth!!! How far have you come in the fashion department?! Also, you found the worlds most fashionable alley lol- that brick and wood walls are just amazing. I really like your yellow top!

    • I don’t even know the girl I used to be… like for reals. My closet has half the amount of clothes as it used to and I am 10 times happier about what I do have. It’s GREAT!

      That alley is my hidden gem. But it is kind of sketchy so I always pack a little something extra when I go ;).

  • Ok, girl, I have to be honest, I think you would make a great fashion blogger!!! I’m totally digging your poses and your fashion! I love that you found the perfect utility vest at Sam’s and I’m totally loving those booties and the red shirt! I may need to pick up some of those myself. I’ve never worn booties before, mainly because I don’t wear anything with a heel that makes me taller since I am already almost as tall as Seth, but you might have me convinced!

    • Ok so legit, I totally just clicked over to buy that tunic, but am afraid of what size to get because it’s juniors sizing. I normally wear a medium in regular shirts, do you think a large would fit? I feel like I should go try it on in the store, but it’s SO hard to find specific things there and so much easier to buy online… #onlineshoppingaddict

    • Oh goodness thank you, thank you. I think, THINK I might start trying to do one post a month. I definitely don’t want it to become a frequent thing but y’all have been so nice to me when I do post them it makes me want to do more. Girl I was nodding my head in agreement. Russ doesn’t love it when I wear the heels either some make me taller than him. If I don’t do it all the time he is totally fine with it and I LOVE having them around for when I do go out. I usually don’t spend a ton on them though. Since they don’t get worn much it would be crazy too. That shirt is so dang comfy and soft I actually ordered another myself too btw :P.

  • Desiree @ Macke Monologues

    That vest!!! And, a Sam’s Club find?! WOAH! Well played!!
    You look so awesome in each outfit. I loved them all! That last one though? The burgundy, the olive, the booties – YES!!!

    • I KNOW right?! It was like winning the fashion lotto! Thank you so much.

  • I love all three looks! I keep grabbing one when I’m at TJ Maxx then putting it back on the rack. You inspired me to just buy it! But can we talk about your gorgeous eyes?!?

    • Do it, you could totally rock a vest friend.Thank you so much friend, y’all are too kind.

  • You are runway ready lady! I have never owned a utility vest, but now I think I need one 🙂

    • You totally need one. I think it’s like mom code this year.

  • NAILED IT! Glad to see you out of your zone of comfort cause you look awesome there.

    • Gah! Your approval makes me smile. Thank you!

  • Whitney Jordan

    I love every look and I really love that you had a little styling team to go on the photo shoot with you. The floral looks great with the vest, the mustard does and the burgundy. You definitely hit it out of the park and now I’m inspired to style my Sam’s utility vest! Thanks to you I now own the perfect vest, too!! Keep these fashion posts coming 🙂

    • Thank you so much friend. I had a blast doing that post. I definitely see more fashion posts in my future 😊. You can file that under things I thought I’d never say. I’m so glad we’re vest twinkies too!

  • I love you in each of this outfits but like you I think number three is my favorite. It screams Fall. I’m so happy you were able to snag a vest. Patience paid off friend!

    • It totally paid off, right?! I feel like I found the perfect vest for me!

  • Look how cute you are! LOVE that vest and all three styles–so much my style!

    • Thank you so much Ashley. Fashion posts feel a little out of my element, but I really enjoyed doing this one. There will be more in the future for sure!