Picture Perfect Project V10: September 2016

Nearly two years ago I started snapping weekly photos of my girls. Typically these photos are always taken on Sunday morning because hello, we’re homeschoolers. Some stereotypes like doing school in your pjs are just true. Others like my kids are socially deprived and awkward, not so true…for the most part ;).

This post marks month number 21 and goodness I have learned SO many lessons along the way. Like: edit your photos, some weeks your photos just aren’t going to be picture perfect (keep trying), and organizing photos into folders is always worth the time it takes. I repeat organizing your photos is ALWAYS worth the mere seconds it takes.

Today we are taking a look at weeks 36-39

September 2016

Week 36

Emily is wearing Minnie mouse (you’re surprised aren’t you, HA) Marissa chose to wear her plaid dress. I love that dress and I hate it too. It is one of those items that I probably wouldn’t have purchased if I really thought through the ironing it would need in the store. We all have those items, right?

9-1e 9-1b

Week 37

Aaaahhh, vacation week. I snapped these photos of the girls the day we were at the fort and thought they’d work as good as any. And look, Minnie Mouse again. Never has a little girl been so obsessed.


Week 38

This was a very, very sad day. Day #1 back home post vacation. Do to our late arrival the night before, we decided to be lazy and hang out at home for the day. We pretty much did nothing except mope. It was pathetic. Also, I spy Minnie Mouse. This kid, I swear she owns other clothing.

9-3 9-3h

Week 39

Our first week back at church was ‘The Great Day of Prayer’. We all wore matching t-shirts and participated in prayer walks through the streets of our city. Afterwards we wrapped things up with a service project followed by pizza with our small group. This day was LONG but full of so much togetherness. I loved it. 

9-4e 9-4h

Here is a Flash back to September 2015…

Sometimes it feels like they are finally starting to slow down a bit then I realize I am completely wrong. I simply can not imagine how much more they will mature with another year.

New Signature

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Now it’s your turn to link up what you have been taking photos of one last time. Yup, that’s right this link-up has officially came to an end. It has been so much fun taking pictures with you for the past several months, but we felt it was time to call things a wrap. To those of you who have faithfully linked up we want to say a HUGE thank you. You were what kept this going for so long. 

Happy picture taking!


Beth // Our Pretty Little Girls
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  • What beautiful pics of your girls as usual!!

  • Meghan Flinn

    I always love seeing your cute girls and their outfits! I especially love the first one where you can tell the difference in age. Marissa in the cutest gray plaid and Emily in Minnie Mouse, so perfect!

    • I adore that plaid dress and kind of wish I had a matching one in my size :P. Thank you so much.

  • They are getting so big!! I feel you on the Minnie Mouse! Your Minnie Mouse is our cats. I only hope Autumn likes cats as much as Annabelle…

    • Don’t remind me :P. Baha ha! Good luck with that. I bet she totally will.

  • They are so photogenic! Love the minnie stuff!

    • Thank you so much. My house is just FULL of it.

  • Lizzie Simantz

    Great pictures of your gorgeous gals!!

  • chall1018

    The day Emily doesn’t want to wear Minnie Mouse will be a sad day for me! It’s her signature now! And she wears it so incredibly well. And that plaid dress on Marissa is so precious. I love love love those “I said YES” shirts. Such a special day for you guys and for your church. My heart is so full to think about you guys walking the streets of your town and praying along the way. That’s that community is all about! As always, I adore these pictures of your darling girls.

    • Oh friend me too! As of now she won’t even let me get rid of anything she has grown out of. So no worries for now. I love that plaid dress too. Aren’t those shirts great?! It was a really fun day for the whole family… and I totally failed at a getting a photo of us all matchy matching. Thank you so much.

  • I love it!!! Minnie Mouse is her Sunday outfit of choice 🙂
    Random question… does she have two pairs of glasses that she can choose from? It looks like one pair is red and one pair is black?

    • She has two! I love her having two, too. Just in case a pair ever breaks, I love knowing we have a spare!

  • chall1018

    Wait! This is the last PPP? I’m so sad!

    • Yeah, sorry friend. It isn’t that we don’t love doing the link-up there just isn’t enough participation to keep it going. I will still be taking my photos and sharing them though. I just might switch to doing it quarterly instead.

  • I love these pictures. I hope you’ll keep taking them every week!

    • I will definitely keep taking them. I think I might just start sharing them on a quarterly basis after the first of the year… or maybe even sooner.

  • Queenmomjen

    Seriously your girls really are picture perfect! I understand the sad face back from vacation. Today is our first day back 🙁

    • Oh friend, hang in there… and drink lots of coffee :P.

      Thank you!

  • I’m sad this is the last PPP and that I totally dropped the ball on it! I may make up for it next week! Love all the Minnie!

    • Lol. It is a little sad, but was time for it to go. Oh the changes that a new year coming and the holidays bring.

  • I love their sweet shirts for week 39! And I love these posts. It’s so fun watching them grow!

    • Thanks Lindsay. It is fun and so hard too. I love documenting all I can.

  • Awww, sad that it’s ending! I fell off the wagon last month and this
    month, but excited to see what comes next! 🙂 Mostly because when taking
    pictures for that month, it’s hard to post something the second week
    when there are two other weeks in the month 🙂 Love your girls, I hope
    you keep posting their weekly pictures! OH Minnie, our love for Minnie over at our house is deep too. Although Ariel is moving up the ranks!

    • I am excited too. My schedule has REALLY freed up! I used to co-host 6 linkups, now I’m down to 3! I will definitely keep taking and posting these photos, they might just be done quarterly next year. I honestly dont know yet. We love Ariel around here too 😊.

  • Whitney Jordan

    Emily is the president of Minnie’s Fan Club!! I love when kids have favorite things 🙂 Such sweet pictures! Emily has really sprouted up this year. And Marissa gets points for all the cute hair accessories. Do you do their hair or are they at an age where they’re wanting to do it themselves??

    • She totally is, right?! Its funny that even though Emily has grown a lot, they havr grown at such an even speed you really can’t tell much difference by photos other than them looking bigger. Emily does not, but her hair is CRAZY! Marissa does sometimes. She’ll finally put ponytails and such in by herself.

  • Your girls are so darling! I swear every time I see them smiling, it makes me smile. I love that.

  • Great pictures & tips!! I’ve got to be better at organizing my pictures. Ugh!! Can I just mail you my laptop and you can do that for me?? 😉

    • If all else fails, just buy a new laptop. Baha ha! Happy almost Friday.

  • Emily’s eye looks 100% better. It amazes me what a few changes made and her therapy. God is good!

    • Yes he is. We dont even do therapy! Its all the hand of God. He uses an NP to get us to the right Dr., to get her in the right glasses. We are praying for a GOOD report come November.

  • Desiree @ Macke Monologues

    Full confession. I have zero organization with my photos. Like, none. How do you organize them? By month? Season? Do tell.
    Also. THAT BRICK WALL!!!!

    • I think a good spot to start would be by month. I used to break down subfolders within my month folders but yeah, not anymore. Isn’t it amazing?!?!

  • They are so adorable! I love how you do a shot of them together so regularly. I need to do the same but gathering up four kids for a picture is a bit of an undertaking!

    • I feel that way about these two some days so I can only imagine doubling that. You do an amazing job with all the photos you take.

  • Rosie’s Cottage

    Hi Beth, I just wanted to thank you all for letting me join the fun in this fabulous link up. I’ve loved documenting a year in the life of our much loved gardens. I know there won’t be a link up any more but I’m going to write two more posts anyway to finish the year. It feels right somehow. Thank you again for letting me be part of the fun, hugs always x

    • Thank you so much for joining us. I am beyond thrilled to hear you will continue on through this year. I have no plans to stop either 😊.