My Month In Numbers, September 2016

Another month of being way late to the party. October is over half way over and I am just now getting around to sharing our September. I should be embarrassed and I probably should have skipped this post. But I have no shame. Plus, when a month was as fantastic as last month was, it just needs to be shared. Better late than never seems to be a running theme song for us.

Let’s take a look at how September added up.


12 // Trips to the gym
8 // Days Spent away from home
22 // Blog posts wrote
115 // Blog posts read in one day
2 // Stuffed dolphins purchased
16 // School days completed
20 // Jelly fish seen
1 // Dr. Appointment
13:50 // How long it took us to get to vacation
12 // Donuts consumed
// Sunrises & Sunsets watched on the beach
149’ish // Sea shells collected
// Co-op days attended
$38.75// The amount we spent on gas to get to Alabama
1755 // Miles drove on vacation
1 // Pumpkin Spice Latte
2059 // Photos in my September file
5 // Dinners ate out in one week.
16 // Attraction tickets purchased
2 // Chalkboards doodled
3 // Hours of sleep the night before we left for vacation
115 // Pound reps on the pec fly
14:30 // The number of hours it took us to get home
Countless // Memories made

September was crammed full of fun and memories. I’ll never forget it. I know that October doesn’t stand a chance to beat it, but I know it will be great in its own way too. 

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  • Jessica

    You guys had the best September ever! Having your beach vacation later in the summer really helps extend and I love it! What a great month. And it’s never too late to share.

    • It really did. Plus the crowds were small and the weather was perfect. I’m glad you agree that its never too late.

  • What a wonderful recap.. you are a blog reading machine!!

    • Oh my word friend. NEVER again… never, ever, ever.

  • Lizzie Simantz

    Your September sure was memorable! I love this post, so fun to look back!

    • These posts are SO much fun to pull together… and so easy too ;). It was a great month.

  • Wait, you can life 115 pounds??

    • Hehe, I did 120 on that machine today. Do you know which one it is? Its really not that impressive, but I used to struggle with 80 lb’s :P.

  • Yay- I will leave the link up open longer next time for ya 😉 Also…are donuts the new ice cream ? Because I will eat those.

    • Haha! Thanks dear. I am clearly on the struggle bus, but love these posts. I’m going to go with yes. Eat all the donuts!

  • 115 posts?! Wow!

  • How did it cost you less than $40?? I am all kinds of confused.

    • Well the tank was almost full when we picked it up and the Malibu got CRAY CRAY MPG. We barely spent over $100 on gas the whole trip.

  • 115 blog posts read in one day?! Holy cow girl. Marathon reading!

    • When your in a car for 14+ hours…. UGH!!!! lol

  • I’m like $38 for gas to drive 14 hours.. holy cow, that is good gas mileage. Love looking at your post in numbers and 115 posts read in one day! Wow!

    • We rented an 2015 Malibu that got KILLER MPG plus the tank was almost full when we picked it up. We barely spent over $100 for gas for the whole trip. I never want to read that many posts in one day EVER again.

  • How in the world did you read 115 blog posts in one day?! Holy moly! That has to be a record!

    • It was a flipping long car drive. I was feeling a little twitchy by the end of it. But being all caught up when I got home felt amazing.

  • Desiree @ Macke Monologues

    ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTEEN? Holy moly that is a lot!!
    And only one PSL?! I hope more were consumed in October. 🙂

    • Well, y’all posted a lot :P. Baha ha! As for that PSL you’ll just have to check out tomorrows post ;).

  • I’m stuck on the 20 jelly fish! I don’t think I’ve seen 20 jelly fish in my whole life!

    • I had never seen any until that trip. So creepy those jelly fish.

  • Meghan Flinn

    I’m stuck on how many blog posts you read in a day! I was just thinking how there are days I feel like I’ll never catch up!

    • It was crazy. I didn’t read at all on my vacation, which was kind of lovely, and I was stuck in a car for over 14 hours. Getting home and being all caught up on “blog work” felt AMAZING. I never would have caught up once I actually got back.

  • I’m with Meghan! 115 posts read in a day. Phew!

    • Haha! That was insane. I hope to never do that again for sure.

  • So now I feel like I have been skimping on my doughnut eating. I think I had 3 this month. Obviously, that is totally not enough!

    • Haha! I didn’t eat all 12 of them myself :P!

  • chall1018

    115 blog posts read in one day? That has to be some kind of record! Wow! Love all the numbers involving vacation. Such a memorable trip for you all. I love how many photos you have in your September folder!

    • I surprised my photos weren’t even more :P. Reading that many posts was nuts. NEVER again.