Styling Hair With Lilla Rose + A Giveaway

I was given this product to share with you my full and honest review, all opinions are my own.

As a girl mom of 8+ years now I have learned a few valuable lessons. #1 pink is a neutral color #2 Any girl past the age of 3 looks awkward in leggings and a shirt that doesn’t cover her bottom (unless she is at the gym), and #3 the more girls you have, the more time you will spend fixing (and sweeping up) hair. 

We are a house full of different hair types. Emily has amazing curls, Marissa has thick blonde locks with highlights some women pay big bucks for, and I have long, dark, boring hair with no time to fuss over it. We all have our own routines, products, and go to hair styles that vary but recently I found something that works for all of us, the Lilla Rose Flexi Clip


When I was asked to review the flexi clip my first thought was what in the world is it? After a little browsing through Lizzie’s online store and some video watching it didn’t take long to convince me I needed to add a clip to my accessories. Lilla Rose offers a clip for every occasion in several sizes meaning you are sure to find the perfect clip for you. The hardest part was narrowing my choices down and choosing a favorite.

And trust me when I say they are every bit as beautiful in person as they are online, because they are.

My next big question was how did they work? Were they easy to put in? And most importantly would it slip? It seems like every product I try slips! After watching the sizing video online It was easy to see how simple these clips are to put in. And even better news is they don’t move. I wore my clip for hours the first day before I even realized that I hadn’t adjusted it once. I was sold!


Since receiving my Lilla Rose Clip it has been worn constantly. Marissa and I love wearing our hair half up with it. It is the perfect way to get our hair out of our faces, and still wear our hair down. My size small clip is also perfect for giving Emily a tails up style that looks amazing with her curls and makes her feel just like a princess. 

img_4039So now the newest hair dilemma at our home is who gets to wear the clip each day.
I definitely see some more Lilla Rose Clips in our future.

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Have you heard of Lilla Rose?
If not here is your chance to win a flexi clip (up to a $16 value) for free!

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Terms and Conditions:
This giveaway is open to readers who are not currently registered as Lilla Rose Customers since the goal is to spread the Lilla Rose love and give someone the chance to try the flexi-clips who has not yet had the opportunity.

The winner will need to register on Lizzie’s site as a new customer and she will send the free flexi to them.
*Offer valid in the US only. Offer is for one free item $16 or less available on the Lilla Rose website. Offer good for new online customers only, one per household. No cash value or exchanges. Must be 16 years of age. Registering on the Lilla Rose website with a valid personal email address is required to take advantage of this offer.

Lizzie is offering this giveaway as an independent Lilla Rose Stylist.

Thank you so much to Lizzie for offering this giveaway. If y’all have any questions at all just reach out to her. She is so quick to get back to you and help answer questions.

Good luck!

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  • Jessica

    Okay, your three things you’ve learned about being a girl mom cracked me up. I love both of your girls hair with that clip. It’s so pretty and I love that it works for both girls in different ways. Great find.

    • Thank you! It is so pretty and simple to use, which I LOVE. Glad I could make you laugh.

  • Lizzie Simantz

    Ok – first the thing about not wearing leggings with a shirt above the butt after the age of 3 had me cracking up! That’s so true! Avery can still pull it off but Ella can not!

    And these clips are gorgeous! If I had to pick one, I think the Tawny would be it!

    • It’s so true, right?!?! I remember the first time I looked at Marissa and just told her “Oh sweetie, you have to change :P.”

      They are so pretty. I need to keep the clip page open all day to see what other people like! Good luck!

  • Leggings and girls!! You hit that perfect! Emma came out of her room the other day with a pair on and I felt bad but immediately told her to change, haha
    Those clips are adorable!! They would look really cute on Alyx =)

    • Baha ha! So glad it’s not just me. We really are just trying to spare them :D!

  • Gabbie would love these!

  • I would be so impressed if this clip stayed in my hair. I have heavy “slick” hair so thing like clips and bobby pins don’t last all day. It’s a totally pain.

    • Yup I have totally been there too friend. Your hair sounds a lot like Marissa’s :).

  • Oh my goodness Emily’s curls up in that clip, adorable! There are so many to chose from I don’t know how to pick! Currently my girls hair is WAY too thin for this, but I could definitely see myself wearing this. I really like the tree of life, and the cross ones oh and the scroll heart. So cute.

    • Curly hair is SO easy to put into up do’s #jealous. You could totally rock this. I actually thought of you and how perfect this would be for you already. Good luck!

  • These are so cute!! I wish Olivia had enough hair to get one in hers! The Winter Wonder would be perfect for her… she’d feel like Elsa. ;o)

    • Aaaawwww and that would be the cutest, ever!

  • Jenni Laplow

    How cute! Your daughters both have beautiful hair, and the clip looks great!

  • Whitney Jordan

    Fun! Your girls have such pretty hair!! I need to figure out how to braid because I know the day is coming where Olive asks me to braid 🙂

    • Girl I still need to figure it out. I have done some before but almost always end up watching youtube videos to help. The good thing is it is SO much easier on someone else.

  • These are just perfect for your girls! What a fun product!

    • They really are perfect and so fun to wear.

  • How cute are those?! They look perfect in both Emily and Marissa’s hair. I love how versatile they are!

    • Me too! I love that it adds a bit of fancy but is really simple to use too!

  • Dana Matthews

    I love the Etched Cross piece. I think I’d need the XL. These are all beautiful!

  • Oh now I like this. A lot. I think there are about million uses for that handy and cute little clip!

    • It IS so cute and so handy. We love ours so much.

  • Stephanie Scales Campbell

    i love the rainbow cluster

  • latanya t

    I love seascape.

  • Tammy Woodall

    My favorite clip is “Elegance” – simply beautiful.

  • Sarah Sobocinski

    I love the mariposa!

  • courtney hennagir

    The night owl is awesome but honestly,they are all beautiful!

  • DeAnna Branigan Keller

    I would have to say that Kaleidoscope is my favorite, but I also like Rainbow Cluster!

    • I think the kaleidoscope is what I got! Can’t remember the name now :P.

  • Laura

    I love the ELEGANT FLOWER clips. They have so many gorgeous ones though. It’s so hard to choose!

    • I completely agree there ARE so many pretty ones.

  • margaretporter

    Love Anchors Away!

  • Angela saver

    My favorite is the small #2709 PEARL DROP! Thanks for an AWESOME giveaway!