Grocery Store Scavenger Hunt {printables}

One of the highlights of this years summer bucket list was our grocery store scavenger hunt. The girls LOVED being able to call the shots on where to go while at the store and I have to admit, I had a pretty great time too. I didn’t think taking the girls to the grocery store could ever be fun, but I was proved completely incorrect.

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The biggest problem we ran into was the major lack of printable options available. I think the odds are something like 1,000/1 For every 1,000 nature hunts, you might find one grocery. So with a wild idea and some encouragement from y’all, I got to work. Today I want to share with you not just one, but three different printables.

Free printable grocery store scavenger hunts, three different designs to choose from. Free printable grocery store scavenger hunts, three different designs to choose from. Free printable grocery store scavenger hunts, three different designs to choose from.

Download your FREE Printable copies here!

I tried to stick with main stream brands that I am hoping are available nationwide. I also tried to avoid putting tons of goodies on there that your kids will insist on putting in the cart too. I am hoping that this is just the beginning of a collection and that I will be making more in the near future. So far I have had ideas of a Holiday list, a couple lists for Aldi, and I bet I could even crank out an all things pumpkin list too.

If you have any ideas or special requests, let me know!
In the mean time I hope you love and enjoy these.

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  • Not one, not two but three!!?? You really do love your printables friend. And yes, please send that pumpkin my way.

    • Hehe! I’ll get right on that #butfirstvacation.

  • This is such a cute idea! I’ve made little shopping lists for Henry before, but this would be a fun spin on it!

    • It is so much fun. Especially on a cold or rainy day when the kids want to get out of the house!

  • Meghan Flinn

    This is so fun! I think Noah would love doing this!!! Wonder if I could make a sheet of the items we have on our list… Make him do the shopping 😉

    • That could be so much fun too. I thought about that one but my lists are just so darn inconsistent to keep pulling that off.

  • Jessica

    This is so awesome!! I’m totally printing it for us to use!!

  • What a great idea for shopping fun and it gets rid of the need for bribery through sweet treats. Love it!

    • Thanks Jen. It’s a great boredom buster on a yucky day too.

  • So fun! Great job on the printables.

  • This is such a fun idea!!

    Whitney @ Come Home For Comfort

    • Thanks Whitney. I hope they get used a lot and that other kiddos love them as much as my girls do.

  • What a fun idea! Thanks for sharing!

  • Desiree @ Macke Monologues

    This is such a fun idea! Marcus has really been big into helping when we go grocery shopping thanks in part to him discovering the mini carts our store has. This would be perfect way to add to his shopping duties!

    • Or a boredom buster on a super hot or rainy day. Yes, we were so lame we went to the store just to do our scavenger hunt :P.

  • chall1018

    This is great, friend! I know Mason would have a blast doing this. Thank you for sharing!

  • This is so much fun!! I will have to do this when our babies get a little bit older!

    • It is SO much fun! Definitely remember this.

  • Oh my gosh…..this makes me so wish I still have little kids who would love this!! Scavenger hunts are always my favorites.

    • Haha! Oh that makes me sad… I know my days really are numbered with Marissa.

  • Whitney Jordan

    So fun!! I’d like to go on this scavenger hunt 🙂 You included so many of our favorite things. I’ve just started having Olive pick out things for me at the store so we will have to work up to doing your scavenger hunt! She loves helping me so I know this game would be so much fun for her

    • Hehe! It was so much fun for the girls. I really had a great time and I didn’t think it was possible to do that at Walmart :P. Except for those random days I find something I love there that is. I bet she is a great helper :).

  • What a fun idea!!! I’ve never thought of doing a scavenger hunt at the grocery store but you could totally make one of these for the groceries you need and make the shopping fun instead of a chore!

    • Yes! It would be a little bit of extra work, but so much fun.

  • Ashley

    I love this!! What a great idea and I’m all for the pumpkin one!!