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Hello Friday!

Happy Fri-Yay friends!

A typical Friday post around here consists of little things that didn’t end up with a blog post of their own, blog highlights, announcements, and random thoughts from the weird corners of my mind. But today I am breaking away from the normal to share five things that I’m loving right now. 

Five things I love


Floral baseball tee’s

Floral shirt

I recently purchased this shirt with a gift card I won and I am in love. The colors and style are so perfect for fall. I might end up living in this shirt so if you see it on me a lot, don’t be surprised. 


Amazon Prime

Every time I have a free trial of Amazon Prime I can’t get enough of the convenience. Confession: every single email address I use has an amazon account just so I could have a Prime trial. However, when it comes to paying the $99 for the year, I just don’t want to do it. Anyone else?! 


We have yet to really figure out the Prime movies and Prime music. Maybe if I did I would be convinced to go for it. I have a love hate relationship with Netflix and Prime might be a better choice?

Thoughts? Opinions?
I am pretty much begging to be convinced. 


My work space


I know I already wrote an entire post on my work space but when thinking of things that I love, it still was high on my list. I can’t even tell you how much having this little area has meant to me and my productivity. Spending time there is the great and my girls love having me so close during our school days. If you have been thinking about creating a work space to call your own here is some encouragement to do it! Whether it’s a full office or just a little corner like I have, go for it!


Children’s Place Jeans

Having very tall, very skinny girls has proved to be problematic in the shopping department. They need one size for length but an entirely different size for the waist. Thank God for Children’s Place! Their jeans have the pull tabs that I have loved for year, plus they carry slims online making jeans for my girls a reality. Without them I fear we may be stuck in leggings forever. Which really wouldn’t be such a bad thing I suppose.


It’s also my favorite place to buy headbands too.


My diffuser


With fall upon us and the return of germs everywhere I plan to keep thieves in the diffuser for the next 6 months #kiddingnotkidding. I picked up this diffuser last fall after debating on getting one for months and I am still happy I did. It is affordable and perfect for the part of the house that we spend the most time in.

Do you use essential oils?

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Have a great weekend!
We’ll see you back here on Monday!

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  • Jessica

    Amazon Prime is the BEST!! We have had it for a few years now and it has paid for itself within months. We are constantly getting packages from Prime. Drew orders a lot of bicycle parts from Amazon. I need to get more into the movies, etc. Research Jess! Children’s Place jeans are great! I’ve also had success with Gymboree Outlet Jeans. I have really gotten into oil recently. I have a diffuser from Young Living that came in my kit, but I want one for each of the kids rooms. Not paying their prices though. I found one on Amazon as well that I will get next time I order.

    • Y’all posted some pretty compelling arguments. Id love to have another diffuser or two, too.

  • Amy Smith

    We love Prime, too! I have to ask about the shirt from Amazon. How does it fit? Does it run small? I’m always so hesitant to order clothes from Amazon.

    • I bought this shirt amd a kimono from Amazon and love both of them. I did read and follow the sizing reviews. I think I sized up in it.

  • Meghan Flinn

    That shirt is so cute! I have a two floral shirts that I’m so excited to wear this fall. While we don’t utilize all the streaming on Amazon, we find prime is worth it simply for the shipping. Before I felt we over ordered just to get the minimum total. Now we order one thing when we need it and don’t care 🙂

    • That makes perfect sense. I’ve totally done that too.

  • Love that top! Have a great weekend!

  • I love that top! We are Amazon Prime addicts! I think part of it is that we don’t have a Walmart or Target right close. I have to drive 10-15 min to get to either place, and many nights after work it’s just too much, so ordering online and it being here in two days is much easier.

    • That makes total sense. We are literally 2 minutes from Wal-Mart and I totally take it for granted.

  • I love that shirt. I love amazon prime too! I am lucky enough that I was added to someone’s account before they stopped allowing people to do that. So she lets me use it for free. I keep saying I’ll give her some money for it but I keep forgetting. I did get her 3 months more for free when I complained something came late though! Also I totally bought Zachary slims from Children’s Place, but now they are too small on him. So Simon is wearing them!

    • That is super lucky. I may have to take the plunge soon and go for it. Hand me downs are the best!

  • Girl, we couldn’t live without our Amazon Prime. I cannot tell you how many times it has saved our butts from having to go out and buy a gift, something for school, or something that we need at home at the last minute. We have been paying the annual fee to have our Prime for several years now and it is worth every single penny. I will also tell you that we have probably made that money back and then some from the money that we have saved buying on Amazon instead of Walmart, Target, etc. Every time that I’m in a store and see a toy, book, or other miscellaneous product I immediately search for it on Amazon and it is always cheaper. Even cheaper than Walmart!! And with that two-day free shipping you don’t even have to wait long for it! I will say that Amazon Prime is not that great for movies as they don’t have near as much to offer as Netflix, but there are a couple of Amazon shows that the kids love!

    • You made a very compelling argument girl. I am totally going to take a closer look.

  • Amazon Prime is my life. Seriously. I order EVERYTHING from Amazon Prime. For me it’s worth it alone for the free shipping, but all the other stuff is just perks. It’s totally a necessary expense for us!

    And I have the same problem as you with the girls with Abbie – tall and skinny (does not get that from me!). I’ve always heard great things about Children’s Place jeans for tall girls!

    • They are! I usually have to size up for length so getting slims makes a huge difference. We do lots of leggings too.

      I should just go for Prime.

  • We literally use Amazon prime everyday–whether we’re buying something or listening to the music (works like Pandora but no ads)!! We love the free shipping and if you’re in a real bind you can pay and get next day shipping or Saturday shipping. I love the subscribe and save too–I couldn’t tell you the last time I had to go buy deodorant or razors, they just show up on our doorstep!

    • Ooooohhhh see the like Pandora but no ads is a huge sellimg point for me. I need to check these features out closer.

      • Yes! And they have mixed stations or, if the artist is on Amazon, then you can listen to full CDs. Really nice!

  • Ashley

    First: that baseball tee is on point. I might need one.

    Second: thank you so much for the tip on jeans at The Children’s Place, I have a feeling that Finnley is going to be needing those in the very near future.

    • Thanks dear!

      Yes she will she is already so long and skinny :).

  • What Lindsay said below!!! I rarely buy anything at Target anymore unless I need it that day. And I DO NOT buy books at any bookstore without checking online first. Amazon has some wacky prices on toys sometimes but other than that, almost everything is cheaper. Definitely go for it! Or get it for yourself as a Christmas present 🙂

    • That is a great idea…. maybe I could even make it one of those yearly purchases after we get our income tax return back. I’ll definitely look into it more.

  • Desiree @ Macke Monologues

    Lady, the $99 literally pays for itself in a year. I swear! I cannot tell you the number of times I skipped a trip to the store because I knew I could just Prime it and get it at my door in two days. Almost all of my shampoo, conditioner, diapers, and dry shampoo is Prime’d to me. It it THE best! Take the plunge. Make the splurge. It is so worth it! Plus, with Prime you get PrimeTV which is an added bonus of great shows and movies!
    And, let’s talk about the floral tee. SO CUTE!

    • Totally looking in to it pronto. Y’all made some VERY compelling cases.

  • Lizzie Simantz

    I also am loving baseball tees!! They are my favorite especially for Fall! I should really check out the jeans at Chidren’s place for Ella, she is so skinny and tall and her waist is non existent!

    • YES! Sounds just like my Emily. That girls is legs for days and you can’t tell where they start or stop, lol. Definitely check them out!

  • Whitney Jordan

    That floral baseball shirt is amazing!! It’s perfect and makes me want to look for one of my own. Your amazon prime joke cracked me up! It’s so convenient. I have started doing all birthday shopping there so I can shop and then have the item shipped directly to the person to avoid pay shipping. It works like a charm. I love the convenience of prime service!

    • That is another great idea! Direct shipping is amazing because shipping costs are INSANE!