$10 At Target (September 2016)

With vacation just around the corner I knew that I was wanting to work ahead on writing blog posts. So when an opportunity popped up to make a Target run with Anna, (a couple of weeks earlier than I usually shop for this post) I took it. We went with one thing in mind, lip color, but we obviously had to do some extra browsing around too.


Here is what we found.

I was surprised to see the dollar section already had some Halloween items sprinkled around. There were several cute things that I may wish I had grabbed by the time this posts, but nothing seemed like a “must have” at the time.

There was also a new stash of pencils, stationary and look at that adorable trash can. I am LOVING the note pad/mouse pads they have had for a while now. I always want something to write on at my the desk and these have been perfect. I liked this tablet stand too but I think it would look weird in my kitchen.

I browsed the large section of clearance jewelry but everything was over $10 or left me feeling, meh. Chocolate on the other hand? That is always a good idea. But that s’mores bar was a whopping $5! I could make A LOT of s’mores with $5.

I found a few pumpkin spice treats and these adorable stickers, although I have no clue what I would do with them. Finally we hit up the make up department. Did you know selfies in those well-lit make up aisles are a blast?! I look like a tired, hot mess but every Target outing with Anna requires a selfie or two. 

st9 st8
Plus I had to play with the features of my new phone so we took a normal and a wide selfie. It is like panorama meets selfie and it is amazing. I see a selfie stick somewhere in my very near future.

Back to make-up. I had recently made a goal to wear more lipstick and Anna is wanting something a little more than chapstick, but not a lip stick or a sticky gloss. The main problem we have with purchasing these products is not wanting spending a lot of money on something then end up hating it. For that reason only I have been sticking with ELF products, but I know there has to be something better out there and samples freak me out #germaphobe. So if you have any recommendations, be a dear and leave them in the comments please.

What did I end up picking?

Sept Target Haul

I honestly just chose things I wanted. The Cheerios were going to end up in my cart one way or another and if I am going to wear more lipstick, I need more options. 

This months total was?

Which was actually 4.35 when I used a $5 gift card!
Under budget again!
I think I have finally figured out how to stay under budget.

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What have you found at Target lately?

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  • Jessica

    What do you think of the Pumpkin Spice Cherrios? Are they good? Love what you picked. I love the notepads I’ve seen at Target recently. Adorable!

    • I don’t love them, but I don’t hate them either… make sense? They have the best stationary items EVER!

  • Amy Smith

    I’ll be looking for that mouse/note pad next time I’m at Target! Great haul!

    • Do it! They have had them frequently at mine for quite some time now!

  • Way to go being under budget! That panorama mode on your camera is pretty sweet! Also, you all have two different taxes?!

    • Tax on food and tax on stuff is different in Missouri. Food tax is always cheaper which is kinda nice. Probably just another reason why the cost of living around here is hard to beat.

  • bahhaha- the Cheerios.

  • Great haul! I need to hunt down those Cheerios!!

  • chall1018

    Wow, your Target had some cute things in the Dollar Spot! Our Target is the only one in the county so cute things go fast. It’s pure luck when you go. Ha! Your new phone seems so cool and it takes great photos!! Okay, now I want to see that lip color on you. I am sure it looks fabulous!

    • Meh. I am gonna disagree. Ours is pretty isolated too so often it gets picked over CRAZY fast and that just sucks. I ran in there today looking for your banner, no luck. It is pretty cool. I’ll send you a snap soon :).

  • chall1018

    Oh and I totally had to get those Cheerios, too! SO good!

  • I’m having mixed feelings about the pumpkin spice cherrios…how did they taste? I totally forgot to post what I spent, darn! Oh well, it was under $10…so that’s good. And how do you do panorama? So cool.

    • I think they are actually pretty good but it took me a while to decide. You should have the mr. try them. Baha ha! It is a super fun selfie feature.

  • Well of course you had to get the Cheerios! My mom found some for me and they are heaven! I had them on Saturday morning… such a perfect and easy fall breakfast!

    • Of course! They are a pretty great fall breakfast. I am loving the pumpkin spice oatmeal too!

  • Looks like you did great and had fun!

  • Meghan Flinn

    You crack me up with your pumpkin spice Cheerios! And I love elf products!!!

    • Hehe they are SO good. I ended up picking up that pumpkin spice oatmeal at Wal-Mart too!

  • I looked for those pumpkin spice Cheerios after you posted them & couldn’t find them! I’m on the lookout though!
    My favorite budget lipgloss is Wet n’ Wild in Bronze Berry. I can’t remember the cost, but I’m pretty sure it around $3. Has Anna tried the Burts Bees products? That’s my favorite. My daughter likes the Babyliss, though. She might check that out.
    Hope you’re having a great Monday…back in the real world.

    • I hope you find some soon friend. I think she may have gotten the baby lips. I’ll pass on the Burts Bees and it though! Thank you!

  • I’ve got 2 boxes of those sweet Cheerios and I have to be honest… they are pretty dang tasty.

    • They are pretty dang tasty. I ate some as a reward after choking down my egg whites this morning.

  • No joke, but I always think of your posts when I hit the Target budget bins! It looks like you found some fab items as usual 🙂

    • Lol! Aaaawww that makes me so happy. Thank you so much.

  • Lizzie Simantz

    I was just there and their dollar spot has the cutest Halloween stuff! I controlled myself and only grabbed a couple of things. And $5 for a chocolate bar? That better be the best damn chocolate bar ever ha! Great finds, friend!

    • Baha ha! My feelings exactly. Thank you so much.

  • So how are the pumpkin Cheerios?! We just got pumpkin Puffins which are really good but you know me, you can never have too much pumpkin 😉

    • I think they are pretty darn good. What are puffins?!?! Probably something we don’t have around here. Amen, it is just impossible.

      • Ill have to send you a picture of the Puffin box- basically theyre pillow-shaped natural cereal but our Target, TJs and Whole Foods carry them.

  • You got some great stuff! I love everything elf! How were the Cheerios?

    • I think they are pretty great. I wasn’t sure how I felt about them at first but I’d buy another box. Thank you!

  • I love love the notepad! And I’ve discovered that mixing the pumpkin with the honey nut makes them tastier for me. Aria refuses to try them. Eye roll.

    • Oooohhh!!! That is a fantastic idea. I may just try that today. We always have honey nut on time. It is Emily’s go to.

      • Yeah I tried just the pumpkin and they just were missing something. And Aria likes the honey nut, so there we go!

  • Desiree @ Macke Monologues

    I have to know, how are those Cheerios? I’m a lover of all PS everything, but I just can’t pull the trigger and throw a box into my cart. Are they worth it??
    And that notepad is SO cute!!

    • I think they are pretty good actually. I wasn’t sure how I felt about them at first. I never disliked them but I didn’t love them at first either. I think it is totally worth trying a box. I LOVE those note pad/ mouse pads. I need to stock up on them.

  • I absolutely love these posts. Someday I will join in! I already tackled the Halloween and Thanksgiving items in the Dollar Spot (and spent a fortune). I bought that mousepad and those pencils, too!

    • Lol it is SO easy to do. I went back in there yesterday hoping to grab a few things but mine is already super picked over :(. I guess that is what happens when the closest other targets are over an hour away. They are SO cute. I love having pencils that I can claim as mine :).

  • Whitney Jordan

    I’ve been wanting to try some pumpkin spice cereal! I think I might go for the PS Life or that PS Oatmeal 🙂 Love that lip color for Fall!! Way to go on staying WAY under budget and getting to shop with a friend. So fun!

    • I had no idea that Pumpkin Spice Life was even a thing…. now I have to look for that one too. I did end up buying some of the oatmeal and I really am enjoying it. Thank you!

  • Woahhh definitely trying that cereal! When will the October linkup go live??

    • I tried the Pumkin Spice Life recently and I love it even more! The next one is October 17th! We’d love to have you join us.