Summer Bucket List: Update #3

It has been almost a month since our last bucket list update. I must confess, we pretty much lost all momentum once we went back to school. Thankfully we somehow managed to make some progress and I think we still have a chance to finish things up before summer is over!

Here is a look at our list.

BL update 3
We marked 6 more things off since our first and second bucket list posts.
That leaves us with only 6 things left to finish! 

Make ice cream sandwiches

The day before school started we celebrated ‘Back to School Eve’ It’s a made up Newman Family holiday that we celebrate every year. This years festivities included skating, dinner out, and ice cream sandwiches so big you can hardly eat them. I guess I should have made them a little bit smaller. 

BL ICSandMake a fairy house

I have wanted to make a fairy house with the girls for YEARS now. I am so glad we finally did it. We recycled a protein powder container that I had lying around and glued on loads of rocks, moss and jewels on. It turned out super cute and is now inhabited by all of the little fairies that Marissa has made. 

BL FairyDate night

The official summer date night this year was for anniversary #9 and we never even had a sit down meal. However, despite the formality of the evenings activities we had a great time. 

BL DateVisit MoKan drag strip

MoKan is always a summer highlight. We thought the rain was going to ruin our fun this year but it turned out to be a beautiful, warm day. I love that the girls don’t complain about our time spent there. They love watching the cars “burn their tires”. 

BL DSPlay in the sprinklers

The sprinkler play ended up being a form of bribery. School was starting to drag out, the day was HOT, and I wanted to be done. So I promised playing in the sprinklers if they could wrap things up fast. It was just the motivation we needed and we had ice cream sandwiches too.

BL spriFarmers Market

Every time I would plan to go to the market, it rained. We finally had a chance to go check things out and they had peaches too. Store bought peaches don’t even come close to comparing to these. We hung out in a very quiet market and listened to the bluegrass band. It was the perfect afternoon activity. 

BL FarmersM
The end of summer is 3 weeks away and we are starting to feel “the pressure”. We are going to try to wrap up this list and share the rest of our adventures on the last day of summer.

Will our list be completed?!
Only time will tell.

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Are you still working on your summer bucket list?

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  • Jessica

    Those ice cream sandwiches look amazing!! You did a lot this month to mark things off your list.

    • We really did AND we actually have marked off 3 more things since I scheduled this. So now we only have 3 left and two of those will be done on vacation!

  • Amy Smith

    I’m starting to feel the pressure, too! ha! I need to get cracking. haha! Those ice cream sandwiches look delicious!

    • How much do y’all have left? You still have 3 weeks until the first day of fall. You can do it! They were SO good.

  • Making your own ice cream sandwiches sounds great! We’re done with summer and we’re not going to finish our list. There were like 3 -4 things we couldn’t get to. Oh well.

    • There is always next year! We have 3 left now and 2 of those will be done on vacation. We can totally finish.

  • The ice cream sandwichs look so yum! You guys are squeezing lots of summer fun out of the tail end of August!

    • We are doing our best! SO close to wrapping this list up Sarita. I am determined. PLUS we still have our summer vacation to look forward to too!

  • Jennifer Valentine Burchfield

    The bluegrass trio are good friends of Elisha and I . Leanne( on violin) dyes her own wool with natural dyes and knits and weaves on a loom. She’s pretty much awesome!

    • What, that is awesome! We literally stayed until they packed up. After that hanging around was pretty pointless :P. We sure do miss y’all.

  • Y’all are on fire! Only a few things left to do! And girl, those ice cream sandwiches are making me drool. Those look awesome!

    • AND we totally crossed off 3 more things. We only have 3 left and two of those involve vacation. We CAN totally do this! They were so stinking good.

  • How cute is your sweet family?! Those ice cream sandwiches look divine, and I think a summer bucket list is just fantastic. When our boys are a little older, I hope to do something like that, too!

    • Thank you so much Melissa! We started doing bucket lists a couple summers ago but this was the first year the girls really got into it and we have had the best time.

  • Desiree @ Macke Monologues

    Summer bucket list – crushing it!
    WOAH, those ice cream sandwiches look divine!!
    We have no farmer’s markets close to us and it makes me SO sad!

    • They were amazing. Who would have thought two huge cookies and ice cream could make such a tasty little sandwich?! Okay I guess I kinda knew that but I never bothered to make them. That makes me so sad for you lady.

  • You are killin this list! I love the ice cream sandwiches, yum! And the sprinklers, so much fun, I remember loving that as a kid. Can’t wait to see how you do with the rest πŸ™‚

    • We are SO close Sarah. Since this was scheduled we crossed off 3 more things. I THINK we can totally do this.

  • chall1018

    Those ice cream sandwiches look all kinds of amazing!!! The girls did so well on their fairy house. It’s so cute! I adore all of these pictures, friend. And I am majorly impressed with how much you all have done!

    • They were SO good. Thank you, thank you. We may or may not have crossed off 3 more things since I scheduled this too :P. 3 to go!

  • You guys have squeezed in so much fun this summer! I love the fairy houses! So cute! I’m still wanting to go to the Farmers Market, but we’ve had the same issue with rain! Maybe we can squeeze that in this weekend.

    • It was seriously ticking me off. EVERY time I wanted to go on a Saturday it poured. Finally we just hit up the market on a Thursday afternoon. I hope you get to go soon lady.

  • You are almost completely finished with your list. I can’t wait to see what fun you all have at the beach. The girls are going to LOVE their time at the ocean.

    • OMG friend I CAN’T wait. Like seriously, I am going insane over here and it still seems SO far away.

  • Meghan Flinn

    I definitely think you’ll finish! But how have you not done the ice cream one yet!?! That would have been the first one crossed off for us πŸ˜‰

    • Well it involves a pretty long bike ride and then it got SO stinking hot I pushed it to the back of the list. I am hoping we can cross that off this weekend. Then the only 2 we’ll have left will be done on vacation!

  • You are rocking it! Those ice cream sandwiches look ah-mazing!

    • They were SO good. I wish I had another right now…. well maybe not right now but you get what I mean :P.

  • Whitney Jordan

    You’re awesome!! I’m so excited for you to go on vacation and finishing crossing things off your list. Your girls are going to be in heaven sand castle building, shell collecting and flashlight tag. You should take those flashlights and look for crabs on the beach at night. All the big kids do it with their families when we go to the beach so you’ll have to give it a try.

    • Oh my goodness that is such a good idea Whitney. Thanks you so much. I have never vacationed at the beach so honestly I have no idea what to expect at all :P.

  • All that ice cream makes me wish I ate more this summer

    • I probably ate enough for the both of us :P.

  • I have NO doubt that you will complete this list. I can’t wait to see your vacation pictures. You are going to have so much fun!

    • OH my word the anticipation is killing me. It still feels So far away :(.

  • We have one more thing to do and its proving difficult to complete haha. Your ice cream sandwiches look divine!

    • Yes! We are now done to one more to do at home, the rest will be done on vacation and I am just not sure we are going to mark it off. I feel like today is pretty much our last chance. Wish us luck.