My Workspace, The Reveal

After turning our bonus room into a school room last summer it didn’t take me too long to realize I forgot one thing, a place for me. The space was perfect and functional in every way but I seriously underestimated the amount of time I would spend sitting in there. After one year of getting by I knew things needed to change. So I did what any girl would do, I turned to Pinterest. My goal was to find a cheap desk option that didn’t look too cheap. After I thought I had a good plan I drew some sketches and went to Russ. First he laughed at my sketches, clearly I am not a carpenter, then he built me a desk that was 10 times better than anything I had envisioned and he did it for less than $50!

After talking about my work space and dropping hints for a few weeks now, I am finally going to share my space with you today!

There it is. It isn’t super big, fancy, and it doesn’t have an amazing view, but it is mine. I can’t even tell you how nice it is to finally have my very own corner of the home to play, teach, and work from. 

The desk was made from a filing cabinet we already had, a sheet of wood, and some 2×2’s that Russ picked up. He built a pedestal for the filing cabinet, a frame for the top, legs, and added some support that also happens to look pretty too. 

The wall decor came from Hobby Lobby. All of it was bought with coupons and/ or on clearanced really cheap.

I wanted the mirror for one reason, to keep an eye on the girls. After finding the perfect place we hung it up and I can easily glance up to make sure they are working without having to turn around. Genius? I think so. 

When you can’t find the lamp you want on the budget you have, you make one. I bought a simple lamp from Wal-Mart and used acrylic paint to turn it into what I was looking for.

Add in some simple office supplies that I picked up from Wal-Mart and Target and tada, my space is all done.

Since my desk being finished about a month ago, not a single day has gone by that I haven’t use and loved this space. I have a feeling that won’t be changing any time soon. 

Where do you work?
Do you have a space to call your own?

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52 thoughts on “My Workspace, The Reveal

  1. This is the perfect little space! I’m embarrassed to say that I work from the floor or the couch. We have an office / play room, but it is the last on our list to get worked on, so I hang in the living room. haha!

  2. Love it!! I was worried I had missed the big reveal. 😉 It looks great! My desk is the kitchen table. Which I hate since it gets allllll cluttered up. It’s always were I do my sewing, and getting out my machine and then putting it away can be a pain. I dream of having an office or a craft room.

  3. That is amazing! Chris is mister fix it but not mister build it lol. I’m like psh I bet you could do it if you put your mind to it! Haven’t talked him into anything yet though, I have high hopes though. haha the mirror, that is what I thought it was for when I saw it. Gotta make sure those girls are getting their work done. It looks great, I’m glad you have a space all your own now!

    1. I think he could TOTALLY pull off building things. Start with something simple with good plans to build confidence and before you know it he’ll just make random whatever work :D! Me too friend, me too!

  4. Nice! I have to wait for my dog to pass before I get my own….she is taking up my space! I like your pictures on the wall and the way you grouped it all together.

  5. I love your “mom cave” and it’s even more special that it was made by your sweetie! The mirror was a genius idea, too!

  6. That is so cool he built you that desk! I wish I knew handy people! And the placement of the mirror is genius!!

    1. So cool. He has amazed me over the years with his carpenter skills. I didn’t even know he was this handy when I married him. I thought that was pretty clever of me.

  7. I love it!! My desk is one of my favorite spots in the house. And I’m impressed that you found a way to have eyes in the back of your head… every teacher’s dream 🙂

  8. It’s adorable! Every little detail (the mirror – genius) is perfect.
    And, how great that you’ve found a spot to call your own. I’m a wee bit envious, as I’d love a little nook to call mine!

    1. It wasn’t until the girls had a space to do their work that I realized I seriously shafted myself. Hopefully you’ll find a little corner just for you soon!

  9. Your space is beautiful and perfect! Friend! I’ve been working from home almost three years now and my work space is so blah! I think I kept holding out hope that this would only be a temporary office and then a nursery so I didn’t really do much with it. But, now I want to spruce it up a bit. I think it would make me more productive!

    1. Oh goodness does it ever! Having a space that you love means you don’t dread spending time in there. You should totally give it a little makeover!

  10. It’s PERFECT. Not only is it beautiful and unique but it’s super functional also! I love your mirror trick! Russ did an amazing job on it and I love all your decor!

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