Monthly Goals, August 2016

Bum, bum, bum, another one bites the dust!
Just like that, July is over!

July GoalsJuly’s goals were so close to being an epic failure. But some how during the last week I found motivation to cross a few more things off. Let’s take a look. 


* Keep posting 4-5 days a week.
* Grow Pinterest to 1300 followers.  
* Reformat 25 blog posts since my WordPress transition.*Take two*

I never seem to have a problem filling this space. I am at a point in my life where computer time comes easy and I feel like I have more posts to share than weekdays in a month. The other two were total failures though. To grow your Pinterest you must engage on Pinterest and I just didn’t this month. I did get 5 posts reformatted… but that still puts me 20 shy of my goal.

* Go swimming as a family
* Have a movie night with the girls
* Go on a family bike ride

Family swimming actually happened twice, in one weekend! That was a lot of fun. We had two movie nights too. So I think doing those two things twice totally cancels out not going on that bike ride?!

* Register for an event to train for this fall
* 4-5 workouts a week
* Eat a healthier breakfast 6 days a week

I was THIS <> close to not registering but finally decided to commit to an event. Not to the du-athalon though. I opted to do the Pumpkin Run for the second year in a row. It is in town, doable with just a little extra training, and affordable.

As for gym visits I came up a bit short this month and healthier breakfasts laughed in my face. I’ll try this one again. The start of the school year always helps me keep a routine which means I am a lot less likely to go grab a donut with the girls.

* Continue summer morning devotions with the girls
* Read a book of the Bible
* Attend VBS round 2 *Marissa only*

Devotions have been a lot of fun, and Marissa LOVED her second round of VBS even more than she loved her first. I didn’t read a book of the Bible but I have been reading a book I borrowed from my MIL, Changes That Heal.

goals5Home School-
* Finish lesson planning for 2016/2017
* Finish a language book we’ve been wrapping up from last year
* Get lesson plans for co-op finalized

Lesson plans for home are finished but lesson plans for co-op… not so much. The good news is co-op doesn’t start for about a month so we still have plenty of time. Language was wrapped up this weekend! Thank God! I was beginning to think that we weren’t going to finish before the new school year started.

* Work on our summer bucket list
* Mom-cation with Anna
* Go to a car show
* Try a new recipe
* Build a desk for me in the school room

The bucket list is going well. I posted update #1 already and expect to see update #2 this week. Mom-cation was so much fun, I know we tried at least one new recipe and the desk is amazing. I can’t wait to share my new work space with you soon. As for a car show we totally flopped. I think the rain and the heat left us feeling unmotivated.

Overall July went pretty well. I could have done better, but I could have done so much worse too.

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Now for new goals!
August is always a fun and busy time for us. It is the month that Russ and I said I do, the month we head back to school, and our favorite car event of the year happens as well.

* Keep posting 4-5 days a week.
* Grow Pinterest to 1300 followers. *Take two*
* Reformat 20 blog posts since my WordPress transition. *This IS the month*

* Celebrate “Back to School Eve”
* Family movie or game night
* Go on a family bike ride
* Trip to Mo-Kan drag strip

* 4-5 workouts a week
* Eat a healthier breakfast 6 days a week
* Run 4 miles twice

*Start a prayer journal with the girls 
*Make an effort to plug into church more
*Devote part of my morning to focusing my heart on what matters

Home School-
* Get lesson plans for co-op finalized.
* Start the school year with a smile
* Take time to prep for the school week on Sunday nights. 

* Work on our summer bucket list
* Plan some things to do on our vacation
* Go to a car show
* Try a new recipe
* Get my hair cut for the first time in over a year, ACK!
* Celebrate our 9th anniversary

What goals have you made for August?

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  • I like how you have areas to focus on. It makes slow, boring days (not that you have many of those) fun since you can fill them with a Summer Bucket item or a monthly goal task.

    • Lol. Well slow and boring days are abundant really, we just fill them up by playing around and going to the pool or whatever.

  • Jessica

    I think you are a total rockstar when it comes to your goals. You are always so good about staying accountable. Way to go!

    • You are such a motivator and an encourager, I adore that about you. Thank you so much Jess.

  • I have been trying to do the Pinterest thing and just can’t get motivated either.

    • Girl we need to come up with a game plan @foxysdomesticside:disqus and I have been wanting to up our game for a while but are floundering to do so. I think it just feels like one more thing to do and I can’t find a rhythm.

  • Back to school Eve sounds like a fun celebration!

    • It is the best ever. More people should celebrate it :D!

  • I’ve been working on the pinterest thing…it’s slow going…but I have seen some results in my efforts, just need to start following more people!

    • I am the same exact way. I am going to try and devote 15 minutes to one day a week for following and checking my follows and at least 10 minutes to pinning every day… starting next week!

      • So how you doing with this goal?

        • Terrible… but I knew I wasn’t even going to plan to start until after school started. Thanks for checking in on me. It was EXACTLY what I needed to remember. Off to pin a few things in between playing teacher.

  • Meghan Flinn

    Summer is so hard with goals! I feel so behind with my day to day stuff, forget about extra goals!

    • That is SO true Meghan. I guess next week I will regain focus and get back to being more disciplined…. I don’t want to grow up :P.

  • It is so hard to get motivated to do any kind of computer work during the summer, so I don’t blame you for not meeting those goals… the important thing is that you accomplished all of the fun things like the summer bucket list and your momcation!!

    • Amen! I totally agree. We really need to get working on that bucket list again too. We still have a lot to cross off.

  • I love the Back to School Eve celebration! That’s a great idea to kick off the school year! I can’t wait to see your haircut, too!!! Exciting! What book of the Bible are you thinking about reading?

    • It is a family favorite for sure. I don’t think I am going crazy with the hair this time but I do need to say goodbye to some dead ends and add some layers. I don’t know. Have a suggestion?

  • I’m with you on the Pinterest thing… I need to get on there more! Back to School Eve sounds like a great tradition!!

    • It is the best tradition ever :). It is just so hard, especially during the summer months.

  • Desiree @ Macke Monologues

    For being summer, I think you’ve knocked your goals out of the park!
    We’ve been doing family night swims after dinner, and I absolutely live for that little bit of time with my people. We all have such a good time, and the kids are SO ready for bed when we’re done. Wins all around!
    So excited for your fall race! I’ve yet to find/sign up for anything, and it’s killing me. The motivation to run farther than 3-4 miles is pretty non-existent at this point. I need to follow your suit and sign up for something already!

  • You are the most motivated person, its amazing! And I wish it would rub off on me 🙂

  • Summertime can make it hard to get goals done ( I know that). I’d say between spirtual and homeschool you did good. Lesson planning is no joke.

  • chall1018

    I have been in complete denial that it is August! I want to get in the fetal position and cry like a baby because I don’t want school to start yet! I have a notebook full of blog post ideas, but just not enough time to take and edit photos and draft up the posts! I suppose once school starts I will have a little more time on my hands. I think you did great at your July goals and know that August will be just as great! I can’t wait to read all about your trip to Mo-Kan drag strip!

    • Oh friend I can totally imagine how that would feel. I’ll be praying for peace as you settle into your new routine. Just soak up every last bit of summer you have. I have totally been there too. I worked really hard and scheduled out 9.5 posts this weekend. So I had the last bit of summer free and the beginning of our school year too. I know when school starts finding blog time may be the opposite for me. It may be much harder than in the past since now I have two in school. Happy Hump Day!

  • Devote part of my morning to focusing my heart on what matters…love it!

    • I just hope I can make that one happen consistently.

  • Love the picture of the girls! You are such an inspiration!!