Jay Cruise Night 2016

This past weekend we headed to Jay, Oklahoma. I honesty can’t remember if I have ever been to Jay before. It’s a very small town and the huckleberry capital of the world. Prior to our visit I didn’t know that, but they proudly had it printed on a sign as you entered town so I figured it must be a big deal.

Every August for the past 18 years the city of Jay has held a cruise night. It’s a night the town comes alive with around 500 cars cruising and the smell of burnt rubber filling the air. The only place I have seen more burnouts is at the drag strip. This was our first year to attend the event, but I doubt it will be our last.

We piled in the 37 and left town around 11:00. This is Russ and I trying to look cool… We may be getting a little too old to pull of cool though?!

The girls were all smiles in the back seat and ready to ride.

IMG_1406 m read IMG_1419
When we arrived we set up camp under a big shade tree. We ate, read books, watched cars, played with toys, and more to pass the time. The weather was perfect for sitting in the shade. 

If I had a dime for every time some old man has told me “you’ll get there some day”, referring to painting this car. When will someone understand I DON’T want my car painted?!?!

Russ E
I love seeing Russ bend down like this to talk to Emily. I think about 6 hours into our adventure she was starting to feel done and needed a daddy pep talk.

IMG_1526 Russ girlsIMG_1496
We stayed until just before sunset and decided to head home. 

This might be the best selfie Russ and I have ever taken.

And I snapped this gem of the girls before they climbed in the car too.

IMG_1544 IMG_1556
On the ride home we passed over grand lake several times and watched the sunset from our windshield. We arrived home just before 10:00 with two VERY sleepy little girls who we quietly tucked into bed.

These are the days I hope they always remember.
Long rides, old cars, and being together as a family.

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  • Jessica

    What a fun trip. I think it’s something the girls will definitely remember. Looks like a blast.

    • I sure hope so! It was definitely a fun day.

  • Amy Smith

    What a fun day trip! Such special memories!

    • It was a lot of fun and the memories are priceless!

  • Meghan Flinn

    Oh yes, that is a long day for Emily… But still fun! And too funny that everyone assumes you’ll be painting your car eventually! Is there a reason you don’t want it (I’m not a car person lol)?

    • I like what is technically referred to as a rat rod. It’s an old car that is left in its pretty original state. They do some pretty crazy things to them sometimes others they just kind of leave them as they are. I think painting her would just take away her personality. I know it sounds weird.

  • So much fun!! What a great memory for all of you. For the record…I think you guys still look super cool.

  • I am glad you were able to enjoy yourselves and not have Mother Nature ruin your plans. I love the 37 just the way she is. Painting would take away from her charm.

  • Great pictures! I love your selfie, and Russ giving Emily a pep talk is adorable! I definitely don’t think you’re too old to be cool. I mean, come on, you have a Build-a-Bear in your backseat. That just screams cool! 😉
    But seriously, you guys look awesome!

    • Baha ha! I know, right?! Thank you so much friend.

  • I kinda love that last picture from inside the car…it makes me imagine the scratchy jazz music that would come from the radio. Sometimes I wish I was born in a different era.

    • Oh my goodness, YES! I feel like I was born in the wrong era ALL the time.

  • Love it! How far do you live from there?

    • Ummmmmm honestly I am not entirely sure. I wasn’t paying much attention :P. I am thinking it was in the neighborhood of an hour, maybe add 15 minutes to that.

  • That picture of you and Russ is perfect!

    I love that you guys are into old cars! My dad has always loved old cars and he had an old Ford Falcon when I was little (among others) and I have the best memories of just cruising around with him. I’m sure your girls will cherish these memories one day.

    • Thank you! We finally nailed a selfie!

      That is just the best. We ALMOST bough a falcon once or twice :P.

  • What a fun little adventure! I can’t wait until we can go for drives again. Sean and I used to spend afternoons just driving around and finding new hidden gems. That’s a little harder to do now, but we’ll get there… 😉

  • Sarah Coiner

    As a travel agent, when I saw you were writing about a cruise night, I thought that meant that you were interested in taking a cruise.. To me, a cruise night is where people gather to hear about a cruise.

    • Hehe, well that must have been disappointing then. Who would have thought there was more than one type of cruise night!

      • Sarah Coiner

        Yeah, it was a little disappointing.. There might be a way to do a virtual cruise night if you would be at all interested in that. Are you part of any groups. I’m thinking a small group from church, a book club or something like that. Please let me know.

        • I sadly am not. Our social life is realistically pretty pitiful, lol. I wish I wasn’t making that up.

          • Sarah Coiner

            Okay, I’m sorry.. But what about your larger family? Your parents and siblings, or your husband’s family?

  • Family time is the best! You guys are so cute doing car shows together. Also, never had a huckleberry before but they grow wild around here!

    • I have never had one before either! Clearly I should have gone down there when they were in season.

  • chall1018

    I’ve never heard of Jay OK. I am going to have to look it up. What a fun event. I know without a doubt you guys had one of the coolest cars there. I’m with you – I wouldn’t paint it either. I think it looks awesome like that. Loving all of these pictures sweet friend. Family time is so special!

    • Jay is a SUPER duper small town that is south of Grove. Although I doubt you have heard of grove either :P. Thank you so much, it really is special!

  • Desiree @ Macke Monologues

    Talk about a FUN day trip!!
    The girls are such troopers.
    And the sunset on the way home? Perfect ending to a great day!

    • It was a lot of fun and the totally are troopers. But, they have seriously been around this stuff their entire lives. The sunset left me swooning and wishing we could stop but we really needed to get home and there weren’t any good places to pull over by the water.