H.A.M.B. Drag Nationals 2016

Last weekend was the 2016 H.A.M.B Drag Nationals, an event that holds holiday status in the Newman household. It is a weekend packed full of so many of our favorite things old cars, fast cars, loud cars (sometimes all-in-one) and time together as a family and with our friends.

This years festivities were a bit different from years past, but we spent more time just hanging out than we ever have before. We met so many interesting people from all over the states.

IMG_1832 IMG_1811 IMG_1812 IMG_1816
IMG_1815 Festivities started on Thursday night. After dinner we decided to go up to the host hotel to see if anyone had made it into town yet and if people were hanging out. The weather was perfect, the sky was beautiful, and the girls had fun being their typical silly selves.

IMG_1844 Emily Fry
We went back on Friday morning just before 10:00. We didn’t plan to stay long but ended up spending the next 4 hours hanging out, keeping cool in the shade, watching the cars roll in, and talking to out-of-towners about everything and nothing.

IMG_1850 IMG_1880
IMG_1864 IMG_1889After a few hours at home we headed back. The girls came with us for a while but Russ’ parents picked them up so we could have some time to enjoy the car show without them and celebrate our anniversary. We ended up having a great time walking parking lot after parking lot, but we never made it to dinner. Finally we gave up and grabbed a quick burger at Sonic. We were having way too much fun to want to leave for a sit down meal. 

IMG_1898 When we arrived to the drag strip around 10:.30 Saturday morning, it looked like this. It was cool, cloudy, and looked like it could storm any second.

We settled in and pretended like rain wasn’t going to happen. Guess what?! It didn’t! Within a couple of hours the sky was clear and the sun was shining.

I feel this photo needs an explanation. I sarcastically said “Okay kids, who wants a photo with the big ugly monster?!” I assumed they would all say no, the joke was clearly on me.

I also should mention that the husband let me drive the 37, while he drove the Honda. We decided to just take one of the old cars out there this year and he handed me the keys. I got to drive the car all by myself for about 20 minutes and it was amazing.


IMG_1995 IMG_2030 IMG_2056 IMG_2038 IMG_2064 IMG_2073
The rest of the day was burn outs, drag racing, blue skies, sunburns, my phone falling in a toilet (oh yes it did), and memories. 

And then we made the quiet drive home realizing that it was all over… until next year. 

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  • Jessica

    What a fun time! I love all of the photos, but the ones of the girls are my fav. So much to do and see, but still relaxing. Glad you had such a great time.

    • Me too. We are already excited about next year!

  • Meghan Flinn

    How fun! I love your bandana headband too! Sorry to hear about your phone 🙁

    • Thanks. It ended up working out okay. I did have to get a new phone but it is AMAZING so having a reason to upgrade wasn’t so awful :P.

  • Lizzie Simantz

    What a fun event! I love all your pictures and your outfit with the red and white polka dots and bandanna is adorable!!

    • Thank you so much. I always try to have fun and add some vintage flare to my outfits that weekend.

  • I love that you do this stuff, it is so much fun! Love the pictures. The kids sitting in a circle in their chairs is so cute!

  • Hot diggity! We’re going racing tonight! ow fun. Your family is the cutest 🙂

  • Love your outfit with “the big ugly monster”…looking super cute with a retro vibe.

    • That is a style I should tap into a lot more often than I do. Seriously, born in the WRONG era :).

  • That is so fun and you look so retro! My father and father in law would dig that place!

    • I should try and pull of the retro look more often. I wore some fantastic outfits this weekend. I need to try and do another outfit post again sometime :).

  • So awesome that you got to drive the old car!! What fun! And ew ew ew to your phone falling in the toilet. I hope you were able to salvage it!! And sanitize it, of course! Haha.

    • OMG it was seriously the worst. It ended up “dying” but that just gave me a reason to upgrade ;). I am LOVING my new phone though.

  • chall1018

    What a fun weekend! I am loving the toothless Emily smiles. So precious! Your car is so freakin’ awesome and has so much character. It’s like it has an awesome story to tell. If that makes sense! So glad the rain held off for you all on Saturday! You got some really great pictures!! And, can I just say that your outfit for Saturday was just PERFECT! You and that car…pure perfection!

    • Isn’t she the cutest. I am so glad the gummy grins have stuck around for so long. Thank you SO much friend. We just had the best time and YES. I totally get what you mean about the car. I wonder about the stories it would tell if only it could talk.

  • You have been looking forward to this weekend for so long. I am so glad you got to enjoy it. Plus the extra one on one with Russ must have been nice.

    • It was fantastic. Now let the count down to 2017 begin!

  • Of course they wanted the random pic haha. Kids. Always happens that way. You suggest something you think nobody will actually go for, jokingly. And everybody is in! It’ll be interesting to see how your girls feel about cars and these things when they get older. Maybe they will bring their family to the car shows and such too! Make it a lifetime tradition.

    • Oh man I can certainly hope so. I think knowing your way around a car might be mandatory before we’ll let a guy marry one of our girls :P.

  • It was SO much fun!

  • Sounds like such a fun event. I love doing things like this together as a family. I believe our husbands would get along great being the car enthusiasts that they are. So glad you all had a wonderful time.


    • Thanks Della. I didn’t know your hubby was a big car guy. They would TOTALLY get along . These kinds of things are always family favorites. I just hope the girls keep loving it.

  • Desiree @ Macke Monologues

    The whole weekend sounds like it was just the best time ever.
    Let’s also talk about the sunsets!!!! Praise hands for those!
    I had to laugh about the big ugly monster. I mean, why wouldn’t the kids want in on that?!

    • Sunsets in the fall are just amazing. It has to be one of my favorite things about the season. Those stinkin’ kids. I think they did it just to make me roll my eyes :P.

  • I’m telling you… you HAVE to come to CA one time and come to my work! You would LOVE it! We get about 2,500 classic cars every event. There’s also vendors that sell car stuff, but I don’t know if you’d like that as much, but the cars! I don’t even like cars but some of the cars are just too gorgeous not to ohhhh and ahhh over!

    • It would only be the best thing ever. #bucketlist I am a HUGE Roadkill fan and they have gone there before and/or talk about it and I always swoon a little. Someday.

  • Whitney Jordan

    What a fun weekend! I love that your whole family enjoys this hobby and you look so cute in every picture! What a special thing to look forward to every year. I bet the girls are already dreaming of cars of their own one day 🙂

    • I love it so much too and thank you! Lol oh I bet they are. They can keep dreaming too :P.