$10 At Target (August 2016)

The $10 at Target link-up has easily became one of my favorite blog posts of the month. I mean think about it, “Oh shucks, I have to go to Target to shop for that monthly link-up I co-host.” It is pretty much the best excuse to go shopping ever. BUT… there is always a but right?! I have also challenged myself to be frugal with my $10. I do this by trying to shop for things that I actually need and ALWAYS looking through every bit of clearance I can find in the store.


This month I went with a plan. The husband recently built me a desk and there were a few “essential” items that I was wanting for my very own space. However I also planned to stick to my typical ‘let’s see what I can find’ routine, so I wasn’t sure if the list would actually get purchased or not. 

Here is what caught my eye.

Target 8-3
I started in the dollar spot where I found file folders, stationary and washi tape. All things that were on my list… but I kept looking.

Target 8-2
Next up I found a stapler (also on the list) and some summer clearance. That pitcher with the stacking glasses was pretty cute, but not really something we need and I am this <> close to having a cabinet full of just plain white dishes. Those were pretty tempting though.  

  Target 8-1
I found a Captain America shirt that would be fun for the gym, but I DO NOT need any more gym shirts. The dress was fun but it was a budget buster by a dollar or two. I REALLY liked these flats but I just bought some new ones and imagined me getting them dirty way too fast. The mason jar salt and pepper shakers are so me, but I didn’t really need them either. 

So I decided to be practical.

August Target
This was the first Target challenge that I didn’t buy anything on clearance. That felt a little weird but at least I knew I purchased things I was wanting to buy.

How did it all add up?

9.99! Say what?! 
I may have left the store with a giddy grin on my face when I saw I came within a penny. 

Maybe staying under budget at Target isn’t impossible!

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  • Jessica

    Way to come in with a penny to spare! πŸ™‚ I love the stapler and as soon as I saw it I thought of Office Space. Ha ha!

    • Oh my goodness I love you! I think of that movie EVERY time I see a colored stapler too.

  • Great finds!! I actually was in a target as I’m in the us but let’s face it, for a cross border visit, there’s no way I could spend $10 πŸ˜‰

  • Meghan Flinn

    I love the stationery you picked out, but I’m even more impressed at your total! It’s hard to get that close to $10!!!

    • I know right?! Either I am sure I am going to bust my budget or I am a dollar or two shy. I was pretty excited to get that close.

  • Cute haul!
    Rachel xo

  • Wow! $9.99 is awesome! I love the things you found on clearance – that plate is great! But you stuck with your list, so good job!

    • I was pretty darn proud of that $9.99! Thank you!

  • I look forward to this post every month! All of the items you got are so beautiful. I swear that dollar spot sucks me in every time. It’s horrible!

    And those flats!! I want to go see if they have them at my Target now. Lol.

    • It is so much fun, right?!

      They were super pretty had I not just bought 3 new pairs, I would have seriously thought about them.

  • Amy Smith

    Love that Cap shirt. Cash would think I was so cool! πŸ˜‰ I have some of the file folders from the dollar spot. I looooove them!

    • He totally would. If I was a boy mom, I totally would have bought it!

  • SUPER cute and perfect for your desk! I love it!

  • The colors of the floral file folders snd the stapler are gorgeous! Such pretty essentials to get you in the working mood lol

    • Exactly. If I am going to have to work I want to do it with pretty things :P.

  • Sara McCarty

    $1 washi tape?!! I need to start shopping at your Target! Love all your purchases!

    • Lol! IKR?! It was even pretty picked over. Thanks Sara.

  • Whitney Jordan

    Love that fun stapler!!

    • Me too! It definitely cheers up the desk!

  • Desiree @ Macke Monologues

    I think this is the closest I’ve ever seen anyone get to $10 without going over. Well played!!
    I LOVE when washie tape is out in the One Spot. I snag that up as fast as I can. And the notecards are always a must-have, too!

    • They didn’t have much there but I loved the gold stripes on this one. PLUS it looks pretty awesome with my new note cards too :P. Thank you, thank you! I will now take a bow.

  • Looks like my kind of purchase. Give me ALL the office supplies.

  • Wow, that’s impressive!! A lot of goodies for under $10…score!

    • I think I did pretty good too! Thanks Ashley.

  • I love those file folders! Right now I have two different patterns at my desk at work, and they are so fun! And I picked up (and put down) that same clearance plate just last night. πŸ™‚

    Whitney @ Come Home For Comfort

    • They are so much fun, right?! Great minds think a like too. That plate was super pretty but they had STACKS of them and I couldn’t help to think they might get cheaper… but still I need to say no.

  • 9.99?! Great job!! Your desk is going to be on fleek (that’s totally a saying right…??).

  • This is one of my favorite posts of the month! Someday I will remember to join in. I’m impressed with your finds!

    • I totally know exactly how that goes. Glad you like it friend.

  • Oh I would have had to buy that top/dress! See this is why I can never go to Target πŸ™‚ Nah! Cute things. I love the Washi tape. What project have you got in mind?

    • I am actually just building a stash…. Would you believe that is the first roll of washi tape I have ever bought?! I didn’t even own any until just a couple of weeks ago when a friend sent me some.

  • chall1018

    You did great! New office supplies make my heart so happy. That turquoise stapler is awesomesauce.

    • Thanks friend. I KNEW you would love my stapler :).