Picture Perfect Project V7: June 2016

It’s time again for my ‘Picture Perfect Project’ post.
That was a lot of p’s! Go ahead and try to say that five times fast.

I love these posts! I love seeing how the girls have grown and changed. I love seeing all the cute clothes they wear. I love that it documents them, together, side by side. I started taking weekly photos 1.5 years ago and my only regret is that I didn’t start it sooner. Mama’s of littles, taking the time to snap one photo a week is a choice you will never regret.

This month my plan derailed. Up until this month I had taken all of my 2016 photos in the same spot (except the one week we were out-of-town). I just couldn’t do it any more friends. I think finding the best possible lighting inside is a great idea for the winter months. But with perfect picture taking weather outside, I was done. So I scrapped the idea of one location.

Here is a look at weeks 23-26

June 2016

Week 23
VBS week! We came home from church on Sunday and I intended to snap a photo, but didn’t remember until that evening. Ooooppps! Knowing VBS week was here, I decided to put it off. I thought it would be a fun way to mark a summer highlight. 

IMG_8483e IMG_8478e
Week 24
The week we moved the photos back outside. I have always been a fan of Marissa’s “Cinderella” dress and I love that she chose to wear a flowered headband with it. She is so much cooler than I am. I also love that Emily actually looked and smiled at me, for once. 

IMG_8838e IMG_8825e

Week 25
We played hookie from church this week and caught up on some much needed rest. So here they are in their normal summer attire. After a comment on last months post, I wondered if people think we are always dressed up or if they realize I take most of these photos on Sunday mornings before church? Trust me when I say we are far from everyday fancy around here. 

IMG_0164e IMG_0151e
Week 26
Such a fun and summery photo with bright and colorful sundresses. Plus those sandals, so cute. Have I ever mentioned how much fun it is to dress a little girl? It’s pretty stinking awesome. 

IMG_8596e IMG_8587e

Four more weeks done, just 6 more months left in year number two!

I usually review the year as a whole but I thought it would be fun to do something different.
Let’s take a look ALL the way back to the beginning with the first weekly photo I took. 

Week 1
Oh how quickly they grow.

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Now it’s your turn to link up what you have been taking photos of. 

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  • Amy Smith

    Your girls are just darling! I love Marissa’s Cinderella dress, too!

    • It is so perfect. Aren’t same gender kids fun? Now I can look forward to Emily wearing it some day too :).

  • Jessica

    I know I say it every month but I love that you take a weekly photo! I need to do that too because they grow and change so quickly. Your girls are such beauties (inside and out!)

    • Thank you so much friend. Please, please, PLEASE start. I really wish I had done this when my girls were your kiddos age.

  • I really need to start taking a weekly photo. Such a great idea. And yeah dressing girls… The best!

    • THE best for sure! You totally should. You won’t regret it!

  • I love this project. You know I started following because of you taking your weekly photos, I just thought it was such a cute idea πŸ™‚ Weird that I remember that? Only in a blogging world can you say that and come off not being totally creepy, hehe.

    • WHAT?! That is so fun friend. Man am I glad you did and yes ONLY in the blogging world for sure. I wish I knew how more of my connections formed. Its just one day you feel like you’ve been forever friends and your not even sure how you met :P.

  • Marissa is cooler than me too! I love her flowered dress in the last picture!

    • I do too! She has been giving me solid fashion advice for years now. I hope some day to be able to squeeze into the clothes in her closet :P.

  • Cutie Pies! I love Marissa’s floral dress!

    • Thanks Becky! Me too. That was a fun clearance find.

  • Love the throw back, wow. So much bigger. And, dressing girls is the best! I really hate cartoony things, so I think that might be a challenge dressing a boy. Like dinos all over everything, not my fave.

    • So much bigger, right?! I know what you mean on the boy thing. Just go for lots of plaid πŸ˜› You’ll catch on in no time I bet!

  • I want that Cinderella dress too. It’s so sparkly! Watching the progression over even just a year reminds you just how fast it all goes. Doesn’t it?

    • So sparkly and princess like but still simple too :). It makes my stomach hurt Jen. WAY to fast.

  • Meghan Flinn

    Oh yeah, get outside while the weather and lighting are good! Good decision!

    • Thank you. I should have given up months ago.

  • They’re so cute!! I totally figured out Marissa’s future occupation; she’s going to work for Stitch Fix!! She’s got an eye for fashion! Love those camo shorts!

    • Baha ha! Only if she can do that from Joplin…. or maybe I should just follow her. She has the best clothes. Can’t wait to squeeze into them when she’s older :P.

  • When I was working on my throwback post, I thought to myself “how can we allow them to grow while keeping them little?”. IMPOSSIBLE!

    • UGH!!!! It sucks so bad. Even if I could just slow time a bit. I think I’d be happier if things just went by a little (or a lot) more slowly.

  • Desiree @ Macke Monologues

    I love the pics outside!! Summer months are entirely too nice to be stuck in one location!
    The bright colors are so fun. And WOOHOO for dressing girls!!
    Lastly. Oh my gosh, how the girls have grown since the first weekly pic!

    • I mostly notice Marissa looking much older. Emily looks older but the same in some ways too. I knew you’d nod your head to dressing a girl. It’s SO fun!

  • Outside photos are the way to go! Less editing haha. I love girl clothes! If only mine would care to acessorize πŸ˜‰

    • Someday… or maybe not and that is okay too :). WAY less editing for sure.

      • I love you Beth! You’re just so sweet!!! πŸ˜€

  • chall1018

    I love their VBS shirts! So fun. What are the pins for? I am swooning over that Cinderella dress. Does it come in big people sizes? Ha! They are just too sweet! I love the bright colors and the sandals. I think girls are more fun to dress than boys because of accessories and cute shoes! Love the throwback photo.